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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Wasn't Given All Of His Blood Money From Dracula Because Of Addiction Concerns!

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Dealing with addiction sucks, even if you're Dracula!

That's why NBC apparently created a payment plan for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has struggled with alcohol dependency, that would motivate him to finish filming all 10 episodes of Dracula this summer in Budapest!

According to sources, NBC withheld a sizable portion of Jonathan's salary, an estimated $100,000 for each episode, until the filming had been done in its entirety.

Dracula himself received a per diem and other small payments (hopefully not in blood), but the majority of his entire salary was apparently given to him only if he completed the season!

Despite reportedly having a meltdown onset and being subsequently hospitalized, Jonathan, who was required a sober companion with him during filming, made good on his word and the show finished filming!

Allegedly, he returned to rehab right afterwards and while it drives a stake in our heart to hear that he suffered a meltdown, it's good to hear that he dealt with the problem!

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13 comments to “Jonathan Rhys Meyers Wasn't Given All Of His Blood Money From Dracula Because Of Addiction Concerns!”

  1. texasannie says – reply to this


    he is such an amazing talent. truly fascinating to watch in all he does, but he has so many demons. I hope he can conquer them (a la Robert Downey, Jr.) or at least deal better with them or he'll leave this earth too early. I wish him luck as he really seems like a nice guy, but a deeply troubled one.

  2. 2

    why not just hire an actor without all that baggage? it's not as if he's the best thing going.

  3. 3

    His addiction issues caused you to start talking, an example of career intelligence to jumpstart discussions about Jonathan Rhys Meyers and bring his name to the public eye again. It is no secret that he abuses alcohol from my first hand knowledge of his demons, but he needed a strong lady since his mum passed away. All the publicity he is gaining builds our audience for him being a vo in the short gothic film based on two lovers under a curse where they can only change their approach to the situation to evolve. An amazing insight into our upcoming film, Eternal Return. x

  4. nope and maybe says – reply to this


    Re: eternalreturn

    hmmm i think i know your name….wait is it? hmmm anyhow he has real fans who care for him and will not stand by reporters talking shit about him. there is no need to continue to write about his personal issues. it would be nice if they talked about his great ability to act and sing.

  5. Astrid Carolina says – reply to this


    Re: nope and maybeRe: nope and maybe – excellent comment…that is really true…

    I believed in his talent when he was directed by Woody Allen in Match Point…he was simply Excellent..he will leave this planet, if he does not take care of his addiction…he has to..! well…perhaps its all publicity and he is doing fine!

  6. planet says – reply to this


    Well, i don't know how the media works, who participates, who lies, who manipulates etc….
    But I do know that he must have faith, hope and trust.
    Some people are for us, others not.
    But he has to keep going and find things that make him happy and feel full.
    When you leave an addiction or a bad time in your life you are better.
    it's not a secret.
    But you have to want it, deeply.
    Because when you keep on being destructive it's hard to be around the good people for you.
    It's up to you in life.
    You want to get better or you want to stay in pain and leave it there.
    Is alcohol worth it? NO.
    His life is worth it.
    It would suck if he let go.
    It's not the way to go.
    Good things , better things can come his way.

  7. verty says – reply to this


    He should do two things; stop drinking and stop cheating.
    that's t.
    if he can do that his life will be much better.

  8. JOY says – reply to this


    This is so sad to read….he is truly a GIFTED actor….I watch everything I know he's acting in………….I hope and pray that this "demon" he's fighting leaves….he just needs to be strong enough and think enough of HIMSELF to get rid of it!! GOOD LUCK JONATHAN…YOUR FANS ARE ROOTING FOR YOU ALLLLL THE WAY *-)

  9. bebebebee says – reply to this


    yeah, good is way stronger than evil. it's just not used often.
    you have to make peace with a part of yourself where you felt rejected for no reason and somehow didn't manage to take your place in the world. and then make your own place.
    EMDR would be good for him.
    he could have so many great things. but your surroundings are so important.
    and things that are superficial should not feel important because they take you far away from you.

  10. Karen says – reply to this


    It's good he is getting help. He should just make it all about work and get wasted only on the free day. I use to be an alcoholic and know what he's going through. What helped me quit was limiting and then eventually I just stopped drinking. I only get drunk once a year and it's on New Years Eve. Btw, is it just me or does he look a lot like Joseph Valo, the Gods & Aliens bass player. What a striking resemblance.

  11. 11

    A side from the alleged racist comments that he made in public (because I was not there, and everyone uses racist epithets at one time or another); I truly pray that he gets a group of people who ca elevate ad celebrate him for the gifts that he has. I adore him as an actor. I also know that producers ad writers see that gift in in that I see. He has a sex appeal to him that just makes him breathtaking and easy to watch. So if alcohol is his vice, then ok…pray for him. Praying for him will help him better that all the negative comments that are published about him. I will continue to pray that he gets better and hie will….and just like my boy Rodney Downey Jr., He will make a come back that will prove that God has been with him all the way!!! "If You Don't Believe Me Just Watch!!"

  12. Nicola says – reply to this


    I truly adore him and I do hope he will be able to conquer his demons and get the help he needs. what of his girlfriend isn't she helping with his addition? He needs strong ppl around .

  13. mayra says – reply to this


    i hope he gets better really miss him alot :/