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Justin Bieber Slams Argentinian Beliebers! Watch Him Wipe The Floor With Their National Flag HERE!

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Could South America put an end to Justin Bieber??!

At this beat, it is VERY possible.

Actually, we were starting to feel bad for Justin's misfortune in the Latin land until he decided to mop the sweaty floor with an Argentinian flag in Argentina on Sunday!

Oh, he went there!

Between his icky supposed food poisoning and a Brazilian babe's X-rated tell-all, we'll try to excuse Bieber for his clouded judgement, but there are only so many chances we can give him!!

As much as we'd like to, we can't just forget that he hired prostitutes, got kicked out of a hotel, stole police property, and was charged for vandalism only in the past couple of weeks!

YUP! It may be time for Biebs to boot his booty out of South America!

However, regardless of where he is, boy better clean up his act soon..

..preferably not with a national flag!!! LOLz!

See Justin getting his hands even dirtier (below)!!!

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75 comments to “Justin Bieber Slams Argentinian Beliebers! Watch Him Wipe The Floor With Their National Flag HERE!”

  1. 1

    es un pajero! una vergüenza, realmente algo muy bajo lo que hizo. Ya era una vergüenza que haya suspendido un show de un estadio completo apenas 30 minutos de haberlo empezado por haberse pasado de drogas la noche anterior, con lo cara que salían las entradas! quien hace eso? pero con esto de la bandera se paso! espero que no vuelva nunca más al país!

  2. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    I'm not one to defend Bieber usually. But he clearly did not wipe the flag on the floor, he was simply removing it from the stage so he wouldn't trip on it. And he doesn't know who touched the flag beforehand so he used the mic. I wouldn't touch that thing either.

  3. anonymous says – reply to this


    OHHHH MY GAAAAD , SERIOUSLY ? rumours nowadays are actually so stupid , Justin did NOT wipe the floor , he was moving it so he could walk , he actually in fact gave it back to the fan , oh my gosh , see how quickly something becomes a rumour ? seriously, it's pathetic.

  4. Let says – reply to this


    Just imagine how you would feel if a foreigner did the exact same thing with the US flag.

  5. ivan says – reply to this


    This is so over the top. The usual exaggerations. He and the stadium have warned people about throwing things on stage; what if he tripped over them as he almost did in one show? He has millions of fans in latin America; over 60 thousand filled the stadium to see him in Chili after the disaster that was Argentina where he was treated rudely by the media and the people over his sickness caused not by rumored drugs but food poison believe it or not.

  6. kitykatz says – reply to this


    Re: Let – If you're a performer, you know that anything on the stage that's not supposed to be on the stage is a safety hazard. It doesn't matter what country's flag it is. Artists already fall on stage without there being extra stuff to trip on. And I agree with what NinjaGirl said about not touching the flag. He has a lot of haters, so i wouldn't be surprised if one did something to the flag.

  7. Let says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatz – Look, I like him and his music and I don't blame him for being a teenager growing up. But, I am also an argentinian and I can tell you for sure, the same act with a US flag would really piss off americans. Just try not to be light about it because it's not your flag. He should be more careful, being an artist is a job and it comes with obligations too. Respect to your audience is the minimum.

  8. ivan says – reply to this


    The drug rumor was started by idiots there who assumed drugs because he looked sick, pale and weak before and during his stage performance. This was reported by a dumb journalist there who did not have evidence of actual drug use and spread like wildfire all over. The doctor and associates of Justin indicated it was food poisoning. one of his associates also had a mild case of it. Can't people visiting foreign countries get sick?

  9. 9

    He is a stupid uneducated brat but I don't see that he did anything wrong. It shouldn't have been thrown onto the state and it couldn't stay there or someone could have tripped on it. And frankly, I wouldn't have picked it up with my hands either.

  10. unbelievable says – reply to this


    omg. i reed the comments and makes me sick. this asshole before the show went to partys and of course he was seen with acohol and drugs. i can't believe people don't see that. he destroyed the hotel , in brasil and argentina to the point he has to be quicked out of there.
    he hires prostitutes, consumes marihuana , cancel shows after 8 songs he sang in front of an entire stadium. please, don't be stupid this kid. because he is just a kid , went to far and if his manager doesnt act imediatly he will end badly.
    i hope he never comes back to the country, he doesn't deserved it.

  11. ninia says – reply to this


    Oh my god, I'm so pissed off by this. And I hate how everyone takes it lightly. What he did, was SO disrespectful towards argentinians and his fans who paid a lot of money to go see him.
    If an argentinian would have done that in the US, ha, he'd be in fucking jail right now.
    I hope he never comes back.

  12. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Re: unbelievable – Please get an education before you start to rant. Or at least spell check.

  13. RiRi says – reply to this


    I agree with NinjaGirl he didn't sweep the floor with it, you stupid people! are fuckin blind?? is that it?? he was REMOVING. all of you can't seem to give him a break. And also before you blame him, this may have been all their fault! Justin clearly said before that fans shouldn't throw thing on stage and they didn't listen. so stop trying to find reasons to make him look bad. bad motherfuckers you haters are!

  14. RiRi says – reply to this


    Re: ninia – I agree with NinjaGirl he didn't sweep the floor with it, you stupid people! are fuckin blind?? is that it?? he was REMOVING. all of you can't seem to give him a break. And also before you blame him, this may have been all their fault! Justin clearly said before that fans shouldn't throw thing on stage and they didn't listen. so stop trying to find reasons to make him look bad. bad motherfuckers you haters are!

  15. RiRi says – reply to this



  16. Laila says – reply to this


    And what about he ending the sunday show after 20 minutes because he was feeling "sick" from food poisoning, but the truth is he partied on saturday and sunday and he arrived high as hell coevered in puke and shit. then after de "20 min show" he went to another club and went home with some "girls"… downward spiral.

  17. Laila says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – and how is that he was THE ONLY ONE poisoned… what about the other hundreds of poeple that eat the same thing… come on…

  18. hateyoumorethanyouhat says – reply to this


    First of all, He doesn't wipe the floor with this stupid piece of clothing that people call ”country flag”. Second, the dumbest thing in all this false tragedy is still this ”clusterfuck” relationship people have with their country's flag! Gezus! That's completly idiot! For the sake Christ, it's just a piece of clothing, you morons! The essence of a nation is and will still be his own people, not a symbol without any will nor mind.

  19. ivan says – reply to this


    If justin is accused of disrespecting the flag by getting it out of the way, what about the person who ACTUALLY THREW THE FLAG ON STAGE? Any Brilliant answers?

  20. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Laila – I got blood poison while eating with my aunt; she did not. Also, one of the people on the tour also had a mild case of food poisoning-Mr Godwin. He tweeted about it.

  21. nodoubtI'mrightonit says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – Dunno, but I certainly not give a shit about what some morons will wrongly think!

  22. Dayana says – reply to this


    Well, next time I'm going to "remove" the US flag all around my house's floor.
    Do you think that tripping is worse that being disrespectful to a whole country? Please, grow up.

  23. anonymous says – reply to this


    Oh please all these comments about him simply not wanting to pick it up from the floor cause it was dirty…give me a break!. He sleeps with prostitutes and does graffiti on the streets of Brazil. The kid just has no respect for anything. He is just a stupid punk with too much money and no class or respect. If it was the US flag it would be a different story. By the way I love how he just drags that mic post up the ramp. He looks like a fucking monkey.

  24. pure truth says – reply to this


    pathetic this person, I hope not allowed to play anymore in the country … was drugged and drunk everywhere … no education or maturity for an international tour please … I hope our youth understand that you need help and do not idol is not an example of anything good ….

  25. yo says – reply to this


    pathetic this person, I hope not allowed to play anymore in the country … was drugged and drunk everywhere … no education or maturity for an international tour please … I hope our youth understand that you need help and do not idol is not an example of anything good ….

  26. rocio olmos says – reply to this

  27. rocio olmos says – reply to this


    okay if it was a Canada flag he would be picking it up and putting it around him. its not a thing its a flag okay hunny name it but what its called and don't fucken mess with my country argintina bitch okay thanx

  28. rocio olmos says – reply to this


    okay if it was a Canada flag he would be picking it up and putting it around him. its not a thing its a flag okay hunny name it but what its called and don't fucken mess with my country argintina bitch okay thanx

  29. eric says – reply to this


    kkkkkk very funny
    weed in mind of justin
    kkkkkk very funny
    weed in mind of justin
    someday he will out naked

  30. eric says – reply to this


    if was the flag of EUA he would put fire and lit a marijuana cigarette

  31. andre says – reply to this


    HE NEED GIVE THE ASS FOR settle up

  32. KKK says – reply to this


    I totally agree this is an exaggeration it is clear that the is getting rid of the flags from the stage NOT mopping come on get it together!!

  33. clara says – reply to this


    Re: anonymous – FUCK YOU bet you are a disgusting american i ´d like to see what would u say if someone dis that to YOUR flag. HE´D BETTER NEVER COME BACK here that scumbag piece of shit

  34. clara says – reply to this


    Re: Elizabeth – so true, but this blind americans dont want to see this kid is fucked up and disrespected a WHOLE COUNTRY that payed him big bucks. If hwe comes back we should fucking punch him in his fuackin scumbag disrespecting face

  35. clara says – reply to this


    Re: Let – fuck you, you fucking ¨believer¨ you dont even buy the crapp you´re saying.

  36. Peyton says – reply to this


    Seriously??? Some of you think he did not want to "touch" it because he did not know who handled it first???? He did not seem to care who touched the sheet he covered his head with when he left a prostitution establishment. Stop making up ridiculous excuses for him! He is an uneducated, egotistical, selfish, disrespectful little brat!

  37. Mario says – reply to this


    Removing it from the stage? give me a break ..If you want to remove any flag from any country just do the right thing pick up it with u hands and give back to the public He is an ignorant little shit giving Canada a bad name …

  38. Hugo says – reply to this


    Shame on the Argentinian Government he should had been arrested and deported back to where him come from a little town with non schools or education !

  39. 39

    Re: hateyoumorethanyouhat – I wish I could spell check the shit out of your comment because, Wow. But instead I'll just say, Flags aren't pieces of clothing. They're cloth or usually some sort of poly blend material. Clothing we wear; Flags, we fly. (unless you're one of those people who likes to fly peoples underwear on flagpoles)

  40. Dumbass says – reply to this


    Re: RiRi – How about removing US flag with fire? Is that good enough for you?

  41. meme says – reply to this


    You can see the video in youtube, he went clubbing the day before the show.

  42. Anne says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatzRe: anonymous
    Well he actually touch a flag from Chile the day after so that´s not an excuse.

  43. nocomment says – reply to this


    Re: effyooseekay_you – You, I presume you are that kind of person who tell at foreigners: Speaks white! Here is America, Fuck Yeah! :B

  44. pauline says – reply to this


    pretty sure some fans are making this into a light situation. It is disrespectful even to a fan. If a fan threw something on stage, wouldn't you instinctively pick it up? why take your precious time using your feet/mic stand in disgust to remove it? lucky enough a fan didn't throw a shoe at him.

  45. neutral says – reply to this


    it's a concert tradition for singers when fans throw a flag on stage, you put it over your shoulder or drape it over ur back like a cape. Wiping it off stage was disrespectful, because that's not what someone would usually do

  46. ok_then says – reply to this


    Having watched this clip a few times already to try to figure out why it would be considered controversial. I didn't see what the fuss was about. It looks like to me some one most likely security took the flag after he brushed it off stage. Not a smart move on behalf of the fan who threw it at him, but it was a safety hazard and had to be removed. Slipping on something on stage is one of the reasons that an announcement is made before the concert NOT to do throw things on stage!

  47. anna says – reply to this


    I'm argentinian and eberybody thinks that it's a silly issue because he didn't do the same with the US flag. What will you say or think if any artist does the same with your flag? It's not because is Justin Bieber, argentinians will be pissed off with ANY artist who do that. Please show some respect to our country

  48. Marie says – reply to this


    Okay he did not wipe the flag on the floor… but he clearly removed the flag with the mic and that looks rude, why not just take the flag and give back to the fan?? And he said that he didn't know that that was the flag of Argentina but come' on!! Anyone could have differentiated betweena flag and a shirt!! Just imagine how you would feel if someone did the same thing with YOUR country's flag

  49. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – That response of accusing him of getting sick from booze and drugs was damage control by some in Argentina so that they don't get a reputation of having awful food and poisoning the foreign travelers. Considering Justin Bieber's food poisoning got international coverage some people and the media were not happy at him for making Argentina look bad.

  50. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: ninia – His manager already stated that he will be back to Argentina. Hopefully it is to make up for the concert that was cut short due to Justin getting food poisoning. Funny how you consider it disrespectful for what he supposedly did and didn't mention of course that someone from your own country threw their flag around. Yeah right! His fans would welcome him back and you know it!

  51. 51

    Re: ivan – Yes I have an answer. A lot of people throw flags. What was expected and what most people do is pick it up and hold it open so the fans can get excited seeing their idol holding the symbol of their country. Then hand it over to security off stage. Not push it off the stage with a mic stand. Which by the way, could have been more easily accomplished by picking it up.

  52. Fabian Ruiz says – reply to this


    All you lil bitches defending him and thinking this was ok are stupid. What happened if it were your flag? He was wearing gloves, if you want to get technical. OR he could have just left it there and had someone else pick it up. That defiantly gives the wrong impression. Stop convincing yourselves that everything he does is ok. He's far from being a role model.

  53. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – You should have been taught by your parents not to pick things up from the ground with your bare hands. That rule applies here, did some of your critics would rather he waste time getting gloves, putting them on and then picking up that flag? Wouldn't that act have offended you even more? A lot of you are over reacting on this story. Justin didn't want to pick it up with his bare hands because who knows what was on it? I don't think he has a phobia about germs, but considering how sick he got from food poisoning, why take the chance?

  54. PeopleAreSoUnevolved says – reply to this


    They disrespected THEIR OWN flag first by tossing it up on a dirty stage like it was a bra or something. Justin gets so much stuff thrown on stage, night after night, that he obviously no longer pays it much mind. He did not know they were flags. He is standing under bright lights and his focus is getting stuff off the stage so he can perform safely. Don't throw your flags at people if they're so sacred to you! Respect your flag and don't toss it to a dirty stage. Hypocrites.

  55. melissa says – reply to this


    do something with your life pls. fuck you.

  56. H. says – reply to this


    I'm from Argentina, and many many people here (young and old) are mad with this kid for doing that with, not only one, but two of our flags as he was laughing. He canceled one of his shows and the money was not refunded to any of those girls, their parents are really angry and some of them made great efforts to pay for the show or meet and greet which were actually very expensive. About that "food poisoned" thing, nobody here believes that, we all know he was partying to hard the night before. I'm not a fan or a hater, i'm just a person from the country he disrespect. (sorry for my bad english)

  57. 57

    Re: H. – Please! He goes clubbing in every country he visits. This is the only time he got sick when he went to your Country!!! And he did eat some sushi there also!

  58. Myla says – reply to this


    Re: NinjaGirl – If you want to remove it you can just pick it up from the floor with your hands and that would be respectfull, the way he did it was disrespectfull

  59. H. says – reply to this


    Re: Zoey_Graham – That's possible too! but as I understand his mother had that sushi too and she wasn't ill (or any of the people who ate in that restaurant that day), I don't know and I don't really care what's the true behind all this, I just wish those famillies get their money back from the canceled show and the meet and greet.

  60. 60

    Come on people!!! He is an embarrassment for the US!! I'm Argentinian and I felt outraged when I saw this. He canceled the show because he went out to a disco the night before!!! He is a fucking Asshole!! I love my country and I don't want him to come back never again. He is not welcome here… ARGENTINA (L)

  61. kat says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatz
    They probably wanted him to wave the flag around. A lot of singer's do it.

  62. lola says – reply to this


    Re: Zoey_Graham
    Sometimes people are not used to food from another country. I got sick before too when I went to vacation to another country.

  63. 63

    It doesn't even look like a flag. get mad at the person who threw their own damn flag onto the floor. Biebs just moved something out of his way. He probably thought it was a sheet or tee shirt. Give him a break!! what a set up.

  64. fuck you says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatz – you're retarded. This guy is out of control, OUT OF CONTROL. He believes the world spins around him, and it does not, that is what argentina showed this little prick.

  65. Pffff says – reply to this


    Re: Dumbass – Now that is one "dumbs" statement. He did not light up that fly with fire so what's the fuss with you? You're all making a fuss over nothing. you'll wanted Beiber, you got him. So please. NEXT!

  66. romina says – reply to this


    Re: kitykatzRe: Let – el mejor comentario que lei en toda las publicaciones sobre el tema, aplaudo que puedas ver mas alla de tu fanatismo!!!

  67. AT. says – reply to this


  68. Okay says – reply to this


    I'm in no way a fan of him and I am definitely NOT one to defend him, but he was clearly just trying to get it off the stage and probably didn't want to touch it because he didn't know what it was. (he probably thought it was a clothing item or something).

  69. 69

    Re: fgavelini – Your country dissed itself. Your own people threw their flag onto the stage. Who would do that?

    BIEBER IS CANADIAN YOU LITTLE IDIOTS!!!! All of your Argentinian mentally challenged fools need to get a hold of reality. If you throw something on the floor, then don't expect people to treat it well. He didn't even look down.

  70. Jadey says – reply to this


    Don't be all "You can't throw stuff on stage" or "He has so many haters, who knows what they did to it". I don't care what anyone had done to that flag. IT'S A FLAG. It was probably not dipped in acid or anything. He could not use his feet to throw it into the crowd. I MEAN, WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD BE DONE TO A FLAG that would harm Justin in anyway? If it were that bad, what effects would it have being thrown back into the crowd? USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE.

  71. Jadey says – reply to this


    He's CANADIAN. If he'd done this in America…. well… the fangirls would still kick his ass. BUT AT LEAST THE PEOPLE WITH ANY SENSE would tell him that it's wrong.

  72. Devs says – reply to this


    If you have ever been to a concert than you know people throw their country's flag up on the stage all the time. Most entertainers pick it up and give a shout out to the country they are in. Bieber also abused the Brazilian flag in the begging of November. He's an arrogant little tool and of course his beliebers will okay his bad behavior because they are as stupid as he is. Soon he will mess with wrong country.

  73. beliebnots says – reply to this


    The only people as stupid as Justin are his mean, nasty and ignorant beliebers. He stepped on the Brazilian flag, then the Argentinian. He shows up 2 hours late consistently and now he's missing meet and greets that cost over 1000 bucks. AND he doesn't give the kids their money back. He's a little prick and so are his douche bag fans who constantly make up excuses for this poor excuse for an entertainer. They only like him because they think hr is cute. Well he is an arrogant, drug addicted pervert. Much worse than a Lindsay Lohan or Amanda. He's a no talent egomaniac and his days are numbered. He never had food poisoning either, he had gotten so drunk the night before he had to be carried out foe clubs. POS

  74. Moonstupid says – reply to this


    Re: Mooshoo123 – Oh shut up you azz kissing belieber. You are obviously 11 and have never gone to a real concert. Fans do it all the time to show love and support. REAL performers hold it up or put it on to thanks the fans for coming.

  75. Justinkickspeeps says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – Ivan, you will find anything to excuse Justin's bad behavior. People all over the world through flags on the stage. Most entertainer put it around their shoulders and express their love for the country. Justin also stepped on and pushed a Brazilian flag. Justin was out clubbing all night and got so drunk he could not walk alone. They put him on an I.V. to help him sober up. They have a truck in Vegas that offers this. Justin was too busy drinkinv, doing drugs and out well into the morning. He has been to busy partying to show up sober. He parties EVERY night. Even for someone his age who is not a performer it is going to affect them physically. His an arrogant little jerk. Lindsay Lohan always hurt herself when drunk or stoned. Justin huts others and he always has some lame excuse. This time everyone saw it. First stomping on the flag in Brazil and now Argentina? He is arrogant, a very poor role model and will fer HIV/AIDS. Fans like you enable his bad behavior