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Joan Jett Ruined Thanksgiving For PETA-Hating Cattle Ranchers In South Dakota & We Love It!!!

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joan jett thanksgiving parade float south dakota peta pissed off cattle ranchers

Poor South Dakota!

It's bad enough they're perpetually forced to play power bottom to North Dakota, a.k.a. our country's other most uninteresting state, but now they're suffering through this!!

Joan Jett signed a contract with state officials to rock out with her lady-c**K out atop SD's Mount Rushmore float at this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but some residents think she's bringing shame upon their great state!!!

Believe it or not, the I Love Rock 'n' Roll singer has the gall to be a card-carrying member of PETA! Joan actually supports animal rights!?!

Oh, the indignity! Oh, the horror! Oh, the… what?!

What's wrong with that? Isn't everyone against animal cruelty in this day and age?

Apparently not the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association!

Their president, Cory Eich, is vehemently opposed to a pretty PETA rocker chick representing South Dakota in the NYC parade!

He thinks hiring an '80s guitar Goddess who supports a vegetarian lifestyle is a BAD move. Cory admitted:

"To me, it seems like a huge blunder. I guess I couldn't disapprove more. I don't understand what they were thinking."

Wow, that sounds like a serious overreaction to us! Isn't Thanksgiving about bringing people together?

Why can't two parties with diametrically opposed philosophies use this holiday to civilly discuss their differences over a heaping mound of Aunt Flo's mashed potatoes while Uncle "Drunkle" plows through four bottles of wine in the corner and falls asleep in a puddle of his own pee?

Isn't that how everyone is supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Joan hasn't yet commented on the scandal, but we're betting she don't give a damn ’bout her bad reputation!

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28 comments to “Joan Jett Ruined Thanksgiving For PETA-Hating Cattle Ranchers In South Dakota & We Love It!!!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Over reaction? This from the turd who calls someone a f*g and blasts anyone else who does? From the bully who can't leave Gaga alone?

  2. Sarah says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is an idiot, never mind calling down 2 states those cattle farmers and "unkle drunkle" probably supported his fat ass in the past with delicious hamburgers. His ignorance outshines him everyday.

  3. LetsBeLogical says – reply to this


    everyone is "pro animal rights" until they eat a cheeseburger or chicken or steak or fish or bacon or sausage or jerkey, ETC… this article is not logical. The 2nd most uninteresting state?! Really? Clearly you have never visited.

  4. 4

    Joan Jett, Perez Hilton and all the other PETA fans should read just how much PETA "loves" animals. They have euthanized over 29,000 animals brought to their shelter, the majority within 24 hours. How anyone could ever read the above expose on PETA and not be outraged is beyond me. And to any PETA supporters, if you ignore the FACTS presented then you are just as bad as they are by keeping your head in the sand. There are other organizations out there that actually DO love animals instead of money and they deserve your support. And BTW, I have no affiliation with Winogard and have donated to PETA in the past.

  5. Cat says – reply to this


    PETA do not support animal rights. They support PETA's right to be famous. Do a little research, Perez. You should talk a lot less, it makes you seem smarter.

  6. 6

    Re: Anyone2u – Link from above post was disabled. Google "Winograd" and "PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies" and "Huffington Post"

  7. 7

    Animals don't have rights. But since she's a lesbo, you'll stand up for her.

  8. 8

    I personally don't care if someone is a vegetarian or a vegan or whatever, but once I hear that someone is a PETA supporter, I lose respect for them.

    In my eyes PETA is nothing more that a bunch of hypocritical bullies.

  9. 9

    Oh who gives a shit people… I love Joan Jett and if any of you rat bastards met her in person you'd realize she is amazing. I met her when she was working on the Rocky Horror Picture show on Broadway and she is soooooo nice. Very down to earth. I had no idea whom she was until the rehearsals stopped and hit the theater but I am so happy I didn't as it would have been a tween loving a celebrity. Perez called North Dakota lame because he is from a big city not a small town. Doesn't understand farm life. Plain and simple.

  10. IcantevensingMetal says – reply to this


    She was in the first cool all girl american rock band. Now she is one of the last white americans females into rock and roll. The rest have all gone urban and rap and boy band. (in my age group and younger at least). She was the first of a new breed and now the last of a dying breed. Nevermind animals. Its rock and roll that is an endangered species.

  11. SD is for Lovers says – reply to this


    It is bad timing since SD had a huge blizzard 2 months ago (that received basically ZERO media coverage) and many cattle ranches lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in cattle. There are so many things worse in this world than a state that prides themselves on modesty, honesty, and values. I am sorry you think my home state is so uninteresting, but not everyone wants to lives in California. I thought that was the whole point of living in America - I might have preconceived notions about what it is like to live in CA but I don't judge people that make their home there, or think they are how the media portrays a "typical" California lifestyle. I think this is less about Joan Jett holding a PETA card and a little bit more about her putting her old body on a national landmark that should be respected.

  12. Suzanne Carlson says – reply to this


    Joan Jett is the real deal! Colossally talented, committed and ethical. She spoke out on behalf of Lucy, a sick and aging elephant who is housed all by herself at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. She doesn't have to spend her time making a difference, but that's exactly what she does. South Dakota should be PROUD!!

  13. Rose says – reply to this


    love her but maybe not enough to forgive her for being a PETA supporter. They're total shit and anyone who does research about it would realize that fact. They help no one but themselves.

  14. 14

    Re: Anyone2u – PETA operates a shelter of last resort where the dying, ill, aggressive, and other "unadoptable" animals are often dumped when other shelters won't take them in. They also are frequently called upon to help animals who are snared in fur traps, have been shot, poisoned, or tortured, feral cats with terminal injuries, etc. And PETA helps them all, even though that usually means the best that they can offer is a peaceful release from the pain. They also frequently take adoptable animals that are surrendered to them straight to the Virginia Beach SPCA or other open-admission shelter where they will have much more visibility. It doesn't make the "numbers" look good, but PETA could give a crap about the numbers, as long as they do the best they can for each individual animal. Further, if you have issues with euthanasia, you should point your finger at breeders, puppy mills, pet stores, and irresponsible owners who don't spay and neuter and who treat their animals as disposable, not at PETA and the other shelters who have to do society's dirty work.

  15. 15

    Re: Anyone2u – Or if you want to know the truth about Nathan Winograd, go to PETA's site and search for his name.

  16. 16

    Re: Mr. Strat – Animals don't have rights? So you think anyone should be able to torture, abuse, kill, and do whatever else they please to every other living being on Earth just because they are not homo sapiens? I really hope you don't have a dog.

  17. 17

    Re: Rose – Um, on what exactly are you basing that? The fact that they got car companies to stop doing crash tests on animals? Or that they have convinced numerous designers to stop using fur? Or that they have gotten numerous companies to stop testing on animals? Or that their undercover investigations have resulted in cruelty to animals charges for abusers, laboratories being shut down, hoarders having their abused animals confiscated, and numerous citations by the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act? Yeah, all of that plus hundreds of other victories really sounds like they're only helping themselves…

  18. 18

    Re: Lady Amalthea – Right, because the people who are trying to convince others to live a more kind, compassionate lifestyle and think about the far-reaching consequences of their actions are SUCH bullies. Please.

  19. Stepy67 says – reply to this


    Re: FashionFan – They also just euthanize animals to get rid of them. They are just a bunch of hypocrites and liars. I totally support the fight against animal cruelty, but after finding out the truth about PETA and most of its administration, etc I will never support them again.

  20. Black Hills Lady says – reply to this


    Re: SD is for Lovers – Thank you! We need to spin this stupid story to shame the likes of Perez and others that feel this issue is worthy of a write up, but never probably even acknowledged Storm Atlas and the devastation it caused for fellow Americans. That storm won't just effect South Dakota.

  21. Catgrrrl63 says – reply to this


    Re: Stepy67 – Well, congratulations for falling right into the cattle ranchers', fur farmers', and vivisectors' hands. These industries viciously kill billions of healthy young animals every year, simply because they want to make money, but by all means, let's demonize the open-admission animal shelters that are simply trying to clean up after cruel and irresponsible people.

  22. MCPants says – reply to this


    To hell with South Dakota meat eating scum. They have no right to criticize anyone, being morally bankrupt murderers.

  23. 23

    Re: FashionFan – I try and read both sides of a story before making a judgement. I read Winograd's expose complete with pictures, documents from PETA and the records from inspectors. I then read PETAs defense against Winograds expose on PETAs website that they were forced to post due to the publicity of Winograd's article. If you truly love animals, and not just an organization that collects 35 million dollars a year based on an assumption of good will, you should read his expose. If you are open to actual facts you WILL change your opinion of PETA. It changed mine.

  24. 24

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  25. Ellen Macklin says – reply to this


    Do any of you know the great benefits of eating organic? I am a kidney transplant patient and deer meat or any other wild game is great because it has no hormones in it. God gave us wonderful food to eat, be bless, eat it! Ever had a real wild turkey? The best! Then have an after dinner shot of Wild Turkey!

  26. LISA CLARK-KAHN says – reply to this



  27. sunshine63 says – reply to this


    Why is this a story? got nothing else, perez?

  28. 28

    I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY FUCK PETA. they support euthanizing thousands of animals every year if they were truly about animals rights they would do something to help them get to rescues or adopted out. They are too concerned with getting celebrities naked to pose with fur. idiots. fuck peta