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11 comments to “Alec Baldwin Denied One Gay Slur He "Used," But Claims Ignorance Over That Other Word After Being Called Out By GLAAD!”

  1. De says – reply to this


    Technically, anyone who likes to suck co*k could be called a co*k sucker. I didn't know that only gay men can be called co*k suckers. Wat about ladies who also enjoy sucking co*k? Why is it suddenly a gay slur?

  2. 2

    My Dad refers to a lot of women as "c*cksuckers", too…
    I didn't realize it was an anti-gay term, either.
    My gay friend loves to call people (including women) that. :/

    Is "carpet muncher" an anti-gay term, too? That's the only opposite comparison for name-calling that I could think of.

  3. JT says – reply to this


    Re: De – Cause it was directed at a man. Duh!

  4. MB says – reply to this


    I think everybody should just shut the fuck up about who they're fucking. I don't give a fuck if you're a fucking homo, but if you need to have a parade or two announcing it, then you're getting annoying. That goes for straight people too. Please shut the fuck up about the hot woman every 30 seconds. I see her. She IS pretty hot, but calm the fuck down you horny fucking prick! She's looking at me and you ruined it!

    And ladies, I don't care how you were raised, or how open you are about sex, I do not want to hear about your passion parties, or see you carry around shit in the dildo case of your purse! I know you're late 30's and horny as fuck, but you're also married, with 6 kids, loud, obnoxious, not my type, and lets face it, annoying…

  5. 5

    Oh GOD - people can't say anything these days without pissing off the blacks or the gays. (And Im gay) #LAME

  6. Sylvain Gagne says – reply to this


    I think Alec Baldwin should "shut the …. up" and disappear for a while.. i'm sick and tired hearing about him.

    And paparazzis, just an advise …. just find aonther person to track… it would be so much more interesting.

    Don't you see that guy is a total D… head !!

  7. 7

    who cares about him or his pig wife and pig baby. I'm sick of these self-important jerks. stop taking their picture and see what happens. He'd be out of the streets posing in a week,.

  8. melancholia says – reply to this


    I don't see how cocksucker would be considered a gay slur since women also suck cock… is GLAAD really going to be that sensitive? There have been many occasions where I've heard gay people refer to themselves, or their friends, as the F-Word, so I really don't get it. Is the F-word the new N-word? Has GLAAD become the new PETA with incessant sensitivity?

  9. Vreeland says – reply to this


    Who runs GLAAD, a group of old aunties ?
    I have always considered the term CO*KSUCKER, while having my head between a guys thighs, a term of endearment

  10. Devvie says – reply to this


    I had no idea that was a gay slur either. It's a term that's been around long time. I've never heard it used as a gay slur because people use it against everyone, not just gays. I have heard people use it against women too. No, I don't approve of the word, but I think it's pushing it a bit far saying it's a gay slur.

  11. 11

    co@ksu@cker a gay slur? In a lot of parts in the world gays are being killed, in others they are being beat up. But someone calling some that is what outrages GLAAD and gets the most attention? I don't think morons realize when you throw a hissy fit over that, especially when it's random words you decided to add to the offensive anti-gay slur list it completely undermines real homophobia. At this point whenever GLAAD, PETA,etc flip their sh!t i just instantly roll my eyes and disregard it. Congratulations GLAAD, you actually hurt the LGBT community more than random people calling others f@gs and c0cksuckers