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Every Glee-Tail: Tattoos & Tantrums & Twerking… Everybody Get Up!

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Twerking is here to stay. Anyone who says otherwise … well, they probably can’t shake their booty with all the power and finesse that is required of this majestic movement of the behind.

Last night’s Glee had a lot to do with Miley Cyrus’ signature move, but the true fans were treated to more than just the smooth movin’ booties of the New Directions. There was also a touching moment dedicated to Finn and a sub-plot that reminded all Gleeks why they fell in love with this show to begin with.

Oh, and did we mention a friggin INCREDIBLE Beyonce cover? Yeah, the kind that would leave even the queen herself in tears!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to some business…

The End of the Twerk? Not So Much

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Shake that ass, Darren Criss! Watch yourself? No need! We'll keep an eye on ya! ;)

As you probably ascertained from the title of this week's episode, the Glee kids try their hand, or rather their cheeks, at a bit of twerking, hoping that it will give them the edge that they need to win at Nationals. Now, no one loves a good twerk more than us, but there was something really lacking in this storyline. Let's see if we could put our finger on it… OH YEAH! Two things actually: Mike Chang and Brittany S. Pierce. The new class is good, but no one can move quite like Glee's former dancing duo. Jacob Artist has some moves, but we didn't get to see them nearly as much. We did get to see some of this though…

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Ultimately, the twerking craze came and went at McKinely faster than Molly Shannon's cameo in season 3. Sue Sylvester wasn't having any of it and spent the majority of the episode (and one really great Sue's Corner segment) rallying against the dance craze. She and Will finally come to an understanding on the matter (more on that later), but it didn't really matter anyway. In the end, the group released that they were more hipster than hip and would be better equipped to win the big title if they stayed true to who they are.

Now, a bit more on how they go to that revelation…

Great McKinley Gender Bathroom Riot

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We'll be honest - sometimes, we feel like Glee has gotten away from what it was supposed to be about. Too much drama, too much pulling from pop culture and not enough speaking to a generation of kids that, in a word, are completely unique. Glee's audience lives in a time when things are constantly changing and teens are becoming more in-tuned with who they are at an even younger age. Enter the most important storyline of the night — Unique and the Great McKinley Gender Bathroom Riot of 2013. Poor girl, being the only transgender student in the school, finds herself in the predicament of which restroom to use. In the Ladies room, she's shunned and teased; in the Men's room, things are a lot worse. After a poignant and heartbreaking rendition of a Beyonce classic, Mr. Schue steps in to help by agreeing to end the twerking craze in exchange for Unique to have a key to the faculty bathroom, a single stall that knows no gender and yields no judgement.

If you didn't want to just jump into the TV and give Unique a hug, you've never known what it's like to feel on the outside. In which case, why are you watching Glee again?

Jarley's Hitting Hard & Low

gleetumblr mwaiuyp3mg1si31owo1 250

Oh yes. Their love? It's being hit with a wrecking ball! Marley finally got word that Jake did the deed with newbie Cheerio badass, Bree. She did not take the news well, resulting in a freak out in the hallway (see above) and then moving into a sub-par rendition of Wrecking Ball. After all the parodies and all the mocking that video's gotten in the past few weeks, it would've served Melissa Benoit better to have her voice be the focus rather than all the homage antics to Miley. Actually, it would've been cool to see her have a Sue Sylvester sized tantrum instead of Will, how trashes Sues office at one point when she tries to bring twerking to an end.

So, we'll find out next week if they're in any way savable.. but we're gonna guess no.

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Rachel & Kurt Get Tattoos… For Finn

tumblr mwaey8dr0a1qk08n1o1 250
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Back in New York, Rachel and Kurt are both in a rut that neither is ready to admit stems from grieving Finn. Rachel decides that the best way to speed up the grieving process is diving right into life…hard. In an act of rebellion, the pair go to a tattoo parlor for some ink. Kurt decides on a message of hope to be inked on his porcelain skin, but it becomes a muddled mess on his back as he was too drunk off Lemoncello to write down the right phrase. He returns to the tattoo shop the next day to have it fixed, which he does (It's get better turns into It's got Bette Midler!) but he also realizes just how low he's been since Finn's death. But being stabbed with ink, and also pierced in the tongue (gross!) give him some new perspective, or so he says. As for Rachel, she lies to Kurt and fibs that she didn't go through with getting a tattoo, saying that there is nothing that she loves enough to have permanently put on her body for 50 years. And then she reveals it: one word, small though it may be, etched forever where few will ever see. It's a touching tribute to a fallen friend who will obviously never be forgotten.

Oh, side note… Rachel dons a wig at the top of the episode: GORGEOUS!!!

tumblr mwaftcj3dd1qza47do1 250

Linger Questions…

So, we should give up on getting our Catfish question answered?

Yep. Since one of Ryder's 3 lines in the episode pertained to kicking ass to defend Unique's honor, we're thinking they are on the up and up.

Is Sue Sylvester still on public access in Ohio?

Damn straight! The world would be nothing without Sue's Corner! And you should really watch what she had to say this week…

Where are Joe and Sugar?

Umm…… we'll get back to you on that!

Next week, YOU MAY BE RIGHT… WE MAY BE CRAZY! It's a Billy Joel love fest!!

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    I'm so disappointed that a show about high school chose to promote the rape song.

  2. Keith M says – reply to this


    Check this out for some chilled music:

  3. Marissa says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I totally agree with you. That song is despicable. It's such a shame that they are promoting that. It makes me angry just thinking about it.