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Ariana Grande Defends Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber!!! See The SHOCKING Vid HERE!

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ariana grande defends justin bieber miiley cyrus insight video watch here


Wait, aren't we the press?


Ariana Grande recently dished out huge heaps of cold, hard Miley Cyrus truth (again) and we love it!

Srsly, her AH-Mazingly articulate and perceptive point of view will blow your mind!!

Ariana talks about the Biebs, too! She thinks Justin Bieber is being unfairly criticized for banging South American hookers and peeing in buckets and whatnot, so she's suggesting everyone back the eff off!!

Ch-ch-check out her AMAZEBALLZ interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Whoa!!!! Can you believe this girl is only twenty?

She has the wisdom of Socrates, the voice of an angel, and the dimples Mario Lopez!!!

What a delightful combination!

[Image via WENN.]

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50 comments to “Ariana Grande Defends Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber!!! See The SHOCKING Vid HERE!”

  1. 1

    "Because, like, ugh, nevermind", yeah that sounds like Socrates.

  2. Double Standard Mario says – reply to this


    So you agree with her saying if you don't like someone or what they represent move on? At the same time you are doing the exact opposite with Gaga,Amanda Bynes etc etc. Pracitce what you preach Double Standard Mario

  3. Kennedy says – reply to this


    I agree! It's not your life so why does it matter? If you don't like what they're doing then just make sure you don't do it! It's not like they care about your opinion anyways! They don't even know you're alive!

  4. Whitney says – reply to this


    Thank god I wasn't drinking anything when I read wisdom.

    What a dumb bitch. First off, the reason nobody talked about her album being number 1 is because she constantly brought up her desperate attempt to start a rumor that she was dating the trash that is Beiber, and flaunting her relationship with some B-list boybander. This girl is just another Hollywood slut, willing to screw and kiss ass at any corner to get fame. Miley is trash and so is Beiber.

  5. 5

    I'm sorry… Did you say Justin Bieber is doing what every boy out there is doing?
    You mean boys regularly go to brothels, where women in property stricken countries are forced to work, and pay for sex… I don't know about that…

  6. Jane Ryan says – reply to this


    Holy crap…my respect for Ariana Grande just SHOT UP! Seriously, so much honesty it's refreshing and incredible. Props to her!

  7. whatsername says – reply to this


    Ariana who?

  8. lulu says – reply to this


    wow i never new she is brave

  9. kelly says – reply to this


    i agree with her they can do anything they want its not your life deep down these people or like you growing up doings think experimenting every one makes mistakes, why judge them

  10. 10

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  11. annieG says – reply to this


    Yea… right, "K um yea, like," VERY ARTICULATE. Miley and bieber are the embarrassments of this generation.
    I wonder who is paying you perez… If they aren't, then you're really just as moronic as you sound!!

  12. kat says – reply to this


    Re: AlyssaRamone
    I know and he acts like high school boys

  13. raymnd says – reply to this


    Re: AlyssaRamone – not all are coced to do what they do some of them yeah problaby but there's a lot of boys that doing that, a lot of then don't do that at the end of the they she is saying maybe you can concern about their health, but what i think is worng is throwing things he is not forcing anyone, we don't know what happens the women that hooked up with him talk about and tape a video i don't she is been forced to do that

  14. 14

    Oh my goodness her facial expressions are just so bitchy that I honestly don't understand why people think she is so nice. She is a bitch behind the scenes, it's so obvious.

  15. bizzle says – reply to this


    Ariana is right. Right about everything. You people can judge her for sticking up for them, but she's also in the industry. she knows what they're going through. A celebrities life shouldn't affect our lives. But instead people are sitting on their asses constantly judging them. For what? what satisfaction do you get out of it? You don't, because that celebrity is still having a better life than you. And btw that wasn't a brothel, Justin didn't pay to have sex with some women, and miley cyrus is the most outstanding celebrity out there.

  16. 16

    I agree with everything she says, but that was in no way articulate. I love Ariana, but I would not compare her to Socrates.

  17. Destinie says – reply to this


    Re: Double Standard MarioRe: Double Standard Mario – She's saying "You can do you and I can do me." When you an adult you have to make YOUR OWN decisions. Ariana doesn't have to be exactly like Miley or Justin to support them as friends. My dad has made several bad decisions (still does) but he is a adult and I can't force him to conform. It's his life. I may not agree with everything but it won't matter.

  18. Destinie says – reply to this


    Re: kdlp1322 – Please don't be the dumb as that thinks nice people can't have a mean face. That is the most unfair thing a person can do. You believe something strong enough or get mad enough, hell yeah you'll show a mean face. That doesn't make you a bitch, that makes you real.

  19. 19

    she sounds like a teenager.. uninformed and ignorant tbh

  20. 20

    Ariana, girl you are cute and I liked your song for one hot minute but please take a seat and shut your pie. JB and slutty Miley don't need your opinion or your help.

  21. gfdjkvfadhk says – reply to this


    hey what she's doing is smart. as long as she kisses the asses of the most talked about idiots right now their fans will think she's cool and buy her album thus giving her the attention she desires. It's all a business after all.

  22. FRANCIS says – reply to this



  23. thetruthhurts says – reply to this


    Girl sounded exactly like her age…

    You think ever other boy is banging a bunch of Brazilian hookers?

    Listen it is all fine and good that these celebs try to life it up but they cannot do whatever they want because they do have some responsibility towards their fans.They do not have to be saint but they can try to be role models up to a certain level considering pre teens girls are they people they are influencing with their behavior.

    Apart from that,if you want to go down the road with the statement ”they can do whatever they want" then they should except the criticism of people. If you want to live outside the group values and norms that is fine but you cannot expect everybody to bend their behaviour to accommadate yours.

  24. bieber kid says – reply to this


    I hat Ariana!She is a bitch and a slut!She cheated on idk but she cheated her bf!Thats uncool bro!She just doing this for society,she just jealous bec she not so famous and a lot of people hate her bec she dumb.I hate ARIANA her songs is not good,its a bad songs.So what im trying to say is she just another bitch and slut ;) )

  25. Courtiger says – reply to this


    WOW! I had no idea Miley and Justin were the same person! Thank you so much for posting these illuminating photos side by side! Stay strong Justin! Someday you will be recognized for who you truly are… Miley Cyrus. Don't let anyone call you Corey ! Ever!

  26. 26

    she sounds so stupid…i think the socrates´ comparison is just to mock her i want to think thar or other way Mario is just as stupid as this wanna be selena gomez

  27. ilovejustin says – reply to this


    arianna grande is soooooo right i mean like seriously there is alot more to a person than you think there is and yes justin bieber is like every other boy and even better we all go through shittt and we dont like it so dont just go talking about celebs like justin saying this or that when is was just a big fake rumor

  28. ok_then says – reply to this


    Ariana Grande actually knows Justin Bieber and knows him better than his idiotic haters who don't know him at all but judge him for the tabloid headlines. Glad to see someone his own age who is in the business standing up for him. I have a lot more respect for Ariana now for getting angry at Justin's critics and haters who don't even know him.

  29. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Whitney – If you want to look at trash Whitney take a long hard look in the mirror. But to show your contempt for others who are more successful in life than you just shows your true colors. Ariana knows Justin Bieber personally unlike you or I for that matter. And it is twits like yourself who contribute to the hysteria surrounding Justin Bieber's every breath and his every move, and not only over exaggerate everything he does but have lost touch with reality.

  30. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: AlyssaRamone – Partying, having sex, generally those are things that teenage boys are doing. Not on the grand scale that Justin Bieber does it mind you. Since she is 20 and knows what young guys his age are doing, Ariana is a better expert than yourself I would say. Not all young guys do crazy things, but a lot of them do. Allysa you need to get out more! And find out for yourself what teenagers are doing.

  31. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: kdlp1322 – She is pissed off at the attacks on Justin Bieber, someone she knows personally. And she is in a better position than most to state what she knows. But you can't reason with haters who have other issues deeper than Justin Bieber, yet somehow justify taking out their stress or failures out on someone they see as having everything in the world.

  32. MB says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – people are just sick and tired of the shit these children are pumping out. Open your eyes. The music industry is basically the fucking Mickey Mouse Club.

    Not cool. These girls, these teenage girls all need to fuck off and take fucking Katy Perry with you. Go crawl onto a cave somewhere, or karayokee night at the hop, and let the professionals handle the music you dimwits.

  33. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: charliechaplin@ – As compared to what? A so called "adult" like yourself who is uniformed and ignorant? I agree with what she says, she knows Justin Bieber is a good guy deep down and he doesn't deserve these attacks from people who don't know him. Get a life of your own haters and stop worrying about what Miley is doing as well. Like Ariana said if you don't like it, don't look and better your own life.

  34. Canada Guy says – reply to this


    Whatever. Whoever this chick is her "people" probably figured out if you name drop the biggies it will get you some face time. Next teen sensation, please. This one is "fetch".

  35. JC says – reply to this


    Of course these young stars have a "live and let live" attitude. They live in a bubble, completely different than how the rest of us live. Sure, a lot of people their ages are doing the same things, but they don't get away shit as easily when they get caught or in trouble.

  36. 36

    You're NOT the press, you're the GOSSIP! Don't even try to get it twisted.

  37. 37

    I totally agree 100% with Ariana they are all adults. They can do whatever they want. They are just like all of us only because they have chosen to do their dream jobs they are under a microscope. It's not fair how everyone judges them. But that's my opinion so.

  38. B says – reply to this


    If you look at Ariana's comments on the previous blogs, she has like 2 comments each. But one this post, where she mentions Beib and Miley, there's 38 comments. It's so obvious she's riding their dicks for more attention and fame.

  39. K says – reply to this


    Socrates? Surely you're being facetious! Articulate? More like ghetto!

  40. 40

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  41. NoMorePlease says – reply to this


    I wouldn't expect this ariana grande and I would've thought in all honesty that she would be against them, her being on the more calmer side of things. With each rumor and even, I hate her even more, and yes, it does matter as to what they do because teens everywhere are following her and copying EVERY SINGLE thing that she does. This goes along the lines of smoking, putting everything out there, in a disgusting way and being idiotic, same goes for Justin bieber. It's an absolute disgrace that they're even famous anymore. I hate all 3 and for everybody who says it doesn't matter, think about it with logic and maybe then it'll make more sense!!

  42. Justine says – reply to this


    Wow, my respect for Ariana just totally went down the drain. Stick to recording songs.

  43. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: NoMorePlease – There lies your problem. You are so filled with hate for people you don't even know that it has affected your common sense and judgement. Why not take Ariana's advice and work on bettering your own life and stop worrying about what Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are doing! It's not like they are personally affecting your own life are they? Then again you probably don't have a life of your own!

  44. 44

    LOL! Wow, what a dumb bitch. Yes, a 20-year-old girl telling me to "shut up… just shut up" is SO insightful. You're right Ariana, they can do whatever they want. And as adult, I too can do whatever I want, and that includes criticizing talentless sluts like Miley Cyrus. Don't you tell ME what to do, Ariana Grande!

  45. loco73 says – reply to this


    Good for her…she is definitely not Socrates, but she hits the nail on the head with her comment…

    And judging by the number of mentally challenged comments here, she is plenty right…Man there really are a lot of fucktards outhere!

  46. Sam says – reply to this


    She is actually alienating some of her fans who may not be a fan of Mileys by telling them to "shut up" just because they have an opinion that differs from hers.. Sounds more childish than mature. As for Justin Beiber they share the same manager, too bias to take seriously.

  47. 47

    Miley don't want people to stop talking about her, so its uncalled for Ariana to tell people to shut up just because they have an opinion about a girl who purposely worked hard to get people to talk about her so she can sell her album… I dont find her comments to be "mature" or "real", looks like she's just trying to get talked about as well…

  48. 48

    People who are telling others to get a life and stop judging people (Miley,Beiber) you dont know (even though they want people to talk about them so they can sell their albums) umm take a look at yourself, your judging comments on a gossip site of complete strangers….

  49. B says – reply to this


    Re: flowercase – SO TRUE! Best comment ever. Miley is such a slut.

  50. alisya says – reply to this


    the fact you bother to watch this video and comment pretty much shows you care enough. everybody needs to relax