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Sylvester Stallone Responds To Allegedly Using The “N Word”

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sylvester stallone defends himself after racial slur rumors

We knew he couldn’t have said anything THAT awful!

Sylvester Stallone stirred up some controversy when he allegedly used a racial slur on Thursday in response to a paparazzo.

Well it turns out he didn’t say that at all.

Frank Pesce, the man who was standing next to Sly at the time of the incident, said:

“I was with Sly the whole time, and he never said the N-word. The statement was made to a large muscular man in a white t-shirt with his hat on backwards who had been stalking him for more than an hour. Sly previously asked the paparazzi in a polite manner, ‘Please cut me a break.’ The paparazzi ignored him and continued to harass him. In response, Sly made the statement: ‘I know… Look at this f*cking idiot here.’”

Sounds reasonable, but of course his friend would say something like that!

Wrong! George Usher, a Sound Engineer and Analyst for two decades, studied the sound and cleaned it up to hear things better. He agreed that Sly said what Pesce said he did! Usher also added:

“I listen to sound professionally day in and day out, and I know what I heard. In my professional opinion, the audio confirms that Mr. Stallone did not use a racial epithet.”

Well, can’t argue with a professional!

The actor’s rep also added that Sly didn’t even hear about the rumors over what he did or didn’t say, otherwise he would have immediately addressed the situation.

Thank goodness this is all cleared up! It would be awful if Rocky turned out to be a racist.

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Sylvester Stallone Responds To Allegedly Using The “N Word””

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    Cut and paste job from yesterdays sources. Let the douchery continue.

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  4. Article name change says – reply to this


    Title should be changed to "Stallone responds to "racist" rumor".

    This matter is most likely due to a member of the paps that got flustered when Sly told him to take a hike after asking him once before to leave him alone. A similar occurrence happened to Pierce Brosnan not too long ago when a member of the paps accused him of assault and battery. That case was dropped when it was proven that Pierce never struck anyone, he just told the paps to leave him alone like Sly did.

  5. Stephanie Clark says – reply to this


    Bulls*&)! I listened to the video. He said the n-word.

  6. 6

    If he was my father I'd want OVERDOSE & DIE TOO!

  7. 7

    who gives a shit. I don't know how the rest of the country works but here in Detroit even the black people will tell you, there are black people then there are N******. there's a Dif and ANYONE can be a N***** not just black people if you're acting ignorant it is what it is.

  8. 8

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  10. 10

    This is BS because I've watched the video and he clearly said what he's being accused of but, like Alec Baldwin, he's in denial, or just outright lying.

  11. Soooooobooooom says – reply to this


    who cares. In the meantime, society has not called attention at all to the black on asian racism that happens in predominantly black schools. Asians trapped in black schools in PA have some horror stories to tell. Immigrants from poor asian countries like cambodia move to america and avoid moving to white communities because they hear rumors of racism. Then they get hear and find themselves bullied and victimized and preyed upon by blacks who are jealous of their much better academic performance. Then those asians look out at white communities from afar and see whites marrying asians by the truckload and then look at their world of blacks preying on them and think "we done messed up. We shoulda moved with the whites". But all society can worry about is the N word (unless its in RAP)

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