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Taylor Swift Will Forever Choose Country Over Pop!

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If country and pop music got together and had a superstar baby, it would totes be Taylor Swift!


But even though Swifty has been much more prominent in the pop side of things lately, there's no doubt in her mind that she'd choose country radio over everything else.

The country princess revealed:

“Country radio is much more like a family than any other group of people that I’ve met. They just say, ‘Look, we’ve known each other for years. You’ve stood by us, and we’ve stood by you. That’s how this works.’ ”

It sounds like that will forever be how it works!

Besides, country is where she started!

No matter how big of a popstar this gurl is, you can't ever, ever take those country roots out of her!

[Image via Bridow/WENN.]

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21 comments to “Taylor Swift Will Forever Choose Country Over Pop!”

  1. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Sniff needs to leave Country Music because she howls like a dog in heath when trying to sing. Hopefully she gets married and leaves Country Music forever but then again she cannot hang onto any man for long. Wonder why!!! See how friendly she is with Selena.

  2. paula says – reply to this


    Taylor is the best

  3. Lina_Bella says – reply to this


    i preffer this girl over rihanna, lady gaga, miley curys, she seems such a nice and sweet girl….

  4. 4

    The NASHVILLE TEASE has spoken….

  5. diname says – reply to this


    Taylor is her own genre. I love her music

  6. jojo says – reply to this


    "No matter how big of a popstar this gurl is, you can't ever, ever take those country roots out of her!" PREACH!

  7. Pontie says – reply to this



  8. MB says – reply to this


    Just finished talking about this, in her other story about Gylenhal…

  9. eli2233 says – reply to this


    OMG! People are saying Selena Gomez is more beautiful than Taylor!
    You have to come vote for her and turn it around!

  10. MB says – reply to this


    Re: eli2233 – Swift's average actually. It shocks me how high up people put her. Very average. Her bank account is way above average. Her face is everywhere. Everything about swift is above average except her looks and her talent. I don't care what she does live, how much money does she pay for the stages she sings on. She puts on a show, for kids, but she's a really tiny piece of it.

    Gomez, no better. It's like looking at 2 school girls and they have a stunted mentality from fame, so technically they actually are school girls. Nothing unusual. I know women hotter than either of them.

  11. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    MB- taylor is gorgeous.

  12. 12

    I like country a lot more than pop (not that I do not like pop, but do not care for most of the musicians these days). I just wish we had a good country station in LA, we used to have 93.9FM but then one day they switched to dance music.

  13. MB says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – Physically she is a child skeleton who does what she does for popularity. She doesn't even do it well. Her music sucks ass. It's that simple, it sucks ass.

    I don't call that gorgeous.

  14. MB says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – She's not ugly, she's just not anything special. Far from it, really. Most people see the money, and the stupid poses, and whatever else she does that she has no business or talent to be doing like VS, and they think "gorgeous". Well, no.

  15. MB says – reply to this


    She's not even natural or spontaneous on stage. It's all pre-determined, like that stupid looking smile she does when she's looking at a guest on stage, while they sing. It's like, fuck right off…. go away you talentless kereyoke queen.

  16. MB says – reply to this


    Or that stupid one chord she stums on guitar (with no sense) while she babbles (with difficulty, like chewing bubble gum and walking at the same time) about bs on stage.

  17. dan12 says – reply to this


    I love Taylor's music (Country or pop)

  18. AEM says – reply to this


    Taylor understands that Country audiences are loyal and for her to maintain her megastar status (and album sales), she needs to keep a country-based album.

    Just look at Pop now. No Pop artist can top 500,000 album sales in the first week. Not Miley, Katy, or even Lady Gaga. Katy and Gaga are supposed to be twice as popular as Miley, but Miley (273,000) still sold about the same as Katy (286,000). Gaga (240,000) is a distant third. There is no fan loyalty in Pop.

    Personally, if Taylor went with a mix of country, pop and R&B like everyone else, I think she would still sell 1 million plus, but her fans would not like it as much as Red. Taylor even said she wanted to mix genres like what is happening now, but I can't see her doing duets with Drake, Future, or even Pharrell.

  19. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Sniff is the Queen of Nasty whore.

  20. YA says – reply to this


    Re: MB – What's wrong with you, she's accomplished a lot more in 6 years than you can in a life-time, obviously all the things she earned by her own sweat didn't just come by just with luck -.-;

  21. YA says – reply to this


    Re: Fred1259 – That was the dumbest thing I have ever read in my entire life.