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Evan Rachel Wood Defends Justin Bieber's "Reckless" Antics Because Of "Mean" People From Marilyn Manson Days!

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Fame certainly has a dark side!

Reformed wild child Evan Rachel Wood knows a thing or two about surviving the INSANE attention and scrutiny that comes with celebrity.

We'll never forget just how high our eyebrows were raised when we found out the dainty actress coupled up with rocker Marilyn Manson, but Evan has insisted that such public shock also meant a ton of uber painful comments about her taste in men.

The Charlie Countryman star explained:

"People were pretty mean. At the time I hadn't yet been exposed to that kind of cruelty from strangers. If people were wondering why I was acting so-called crazy or like a teenager, it's because I was. People go through phases. People make mistakes. People go through life and don't get it right every time."

Teen rebellion and public "mistakes"??! That sounds familiar!

Notorious troublemaker Justin Bieber knows just a bit about growing up in the spotlight and Evan thinks we all need to forgive him for his prostitution scandals, hard partying ways, and general run-ins with the law.

The actress continued:

"I was never a Bieber or a [Miley] Cyrus, but I think the judgment was there, sure. I can't imagine what it's like to be him. When you're a teenager in an adult career, people expect you to be perfect and expect you to never make mistakes or to be a reckless teenager. And then when you are, they give you such a really hard time for it. You have to remind them that you're still a kid."

While we totez get what Evan is saying and we forgive JB just about every day, how many times can we let his turnt up ways slide…

…even if he is a bieby??!

Justin signed on to be a role model and we're all for forgiveness, but even we have our limits!

Hopefully it won't take JB knocking up a lady for him to tame down his wild ways!!!

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9 comments to “Evan Rachel Wood Defends Justin Bieber's "Reckless" Antics Because Of "Mean" People From Marilyn Manson Days!”

  1. 1

    I am so tired of hearing how HARD it is to be a celebrity. If it is so hard, then go join a convent. As for poor behavior, there is no excuse. Being a celebrity doesn't give you a free ride to do whatever you want. They have no problem cashing the checks, but when it comes time to behave as an adult, they cry fowl.

    I think everyone on earth Bieber would end up being exactly what he is today. Frankly, I am actually enjoying watching him crash and burn. Him and his "My mom and I are good Christians" LOL. Those kind of "Christians" we don't need Bieber. So grow some Jingle Bells and start acting like an adult instead of a hormonal rampaging CHILD

  2. 2

    Who was mean to her? For the life of me, I just can't think of anyone.

  3. 3

    Didn't you name her 'evan rachel whore' back in the day? forgetting that, aren't we?

  4. 4

    it's ridiculous you would post this since it was YOU who was the meanest and most cruel to this woman back then, i remember your mean posts! you're a horrible person, "Perez" - seriously. it's like you LOVE knowing you've hurt so many people, it must be really fucking awful being such a bitter old asshole.

  5. 5

    Re: victoria – - exactly! it's like he LOVES hurting people so fucking much he has to post these articles to prove he got to them. i'm shaking my head at the shameless cruelty, it's insane. HE'S insane.

  6. 6

    Re: tateration2 – Mario doesn't write for this site, I'm sure whoever posted this genuinely doesn't know shes talking about Perez.

  7. ok_then says – reply to this


    No Perez, he did not sign up to be a role model, nor did he sign up to parent someone else's children. It's not his job to raise anyone's kids, that is the parent's responsibility.

  8. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: ForeverWyld – Child? I assume you meant a teenager on the cusp of adulthood? Are do you mean a 19 year old dude with his hormones raging? You must delight in your own self righteousness, because it comes off in waves in your post. In order to cast the first stone you have to be without sin yourself.. Remember that next time you wave your sanctimonious finger at anyone. At least Justin Bieber has the excuse of youthful mistakes to defend his actions. What the hell is your excuse?

  9. Laura says – reply to this


    Either way, when the news about Justin Bieber came out of him causing damage to a house while egging it, I got sick of his antics, and Evan Rachel Wood mocked me for asking her "What should the reporters feel silly" She said something that was stupid to even argue back with "Because it isn't news. That's like saying you should know about someone putting their hand in cold water at a sleepover" Okay bitch, whatever! She has been in the industry for years, she should clue in that even if it isn't considered "news", that if you are a celebrity, it will be "news" anyway!