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Justin Bieber So Unpopular Down Under That (Former) Fans Can't GIVE Away Concert Tickets?

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justin bieber half priced concert tickets australian resale numbers lower than one direction kangaroos

Stick a fork in him — he's done delicious!

Justin Bieber is getting lots of flack down under — no, sickos, we aren't talking about possible results of his post-brothel STD tests — and we don't think it's fair!

The Australian press recently noticed the Boyfriend's singer concert tickets were actually being re-sold on eBay for around half the price the original ticket holders paid for them!! From those figures everyone is inferring that the Biebs is only half as popular as he once was!!!

Alex Levenson, the head of Asia Pacific at viagogo, a site that sells concert tickets, was eager to add in his two cents wombat nickels!

He offered:

“His new bad boy persona seems to be putting people off."

What?!?!?!? He's too damned PRETTY to lose his fan base! This sounds like a load of kangaroo crap!

They say statistics don't lie, but we say those nefarious numbers probably have their own agenda!

The report also pointed out that One Direction ticket re-sales are doing quite well right now. Hmmm, we're forced to assumed the lad or lady behind all this algebra is actually a Directioner in disguise trying to score a free copy of Midnight Memories!

OMG, have you heard it though? It was so AMAZEBALLZ we cried!

1D might be the most AH-Mazing boy band in planetary history, but they aren't pissing in buckets or skateboarding on the Great Wall of China or anything rad like that!!!

We don't care if JB's recent antics have him hemorrhaging fans like Tom Cruise after jumping on Oprah's couch!

We will never stop Beliebing!

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25 comments to “Justin Bieber So Unpopular Down Under That (Former) Fans Can't GIVE Away Concert Tickets?”

  1. 38543854 says – reply to this


    Please. Stop making shit up. His concerts look sold out to me.

  2. mino says – reply to this


    Don't listen to people who say they want to see you fail.
    it's too much pressure, and it's jealousy.
    If you keep on repeating to yourself that people want to see you fail, you will take that road one way or another.
    You need to see through people.
    Don't worry justin, you have a beautiful voice and talent. Make the right choices for you.
    If people stress you out with money and popularity, beware. Because if you start worrying about that you'll make anxious choices.
    What they want: they want you to please them and make you nervous and insecure.
    as soon as they will see that it works on you, they'll manipulate you and feed off your fragility.
    But remember that you have a wonderful talent.
    When you separate your heart from people's influence and domination on you, you will have more clarity in your life.
    I saw videos of you as a child. very wonderful. Don't let that part of you go away. I think you always have to protect the kid in yourself as an adult.

  3. 3

    Sadly, I am beyond mortified that Bieber is from Canada. He gives us a bad name. And WHY would anyone built like a 12 year old girl insist on wearing those damn undershirts? Shouldn't he at least wait until he hits puberty? Or perhaps I should say wait to see IF he reaches puberty?

  4. ok says – reply to this


    When people try to put you down and want to see you fail, leave.
    They are envious and jealous of you justin.
    Instead of being scared by those people see it as a compliment, they see you as a threat.
    Who cares about them, take care of yourself. Everything will be ok!

  5. gegeege says – reply to this


    Re: ForeverWyld – Why don't you post a picture of yourself and we'll be the judge.

  6. 6

    Holy crap, you couldn't crawl inside Beiber's ass any more if you tried. Way to suck up.

    His tween base is growing up and rapidly getting over him, his time is up.

  7. baise says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp – "his time is up" hahhahahahaha, ri-di-cu-lous!
    why don't you focus on your life?
    sad to see people hope bad things for other people in order to feel better.
    Listen, your method doesn't work.
    I hope one day you'll be happy and not angry at people you don't know.
    The best of luck to you

  8. caca says – reply to this


    Re: ForeverWyld – MOrtified?
    Poor you, let me cry for you

  9. 9

    What? People have to PAY to see him….WHAT DOES HE DO?

  10. shame says – reply to this


    Re: ForeverWyld – Built like a 12 year old girl?
    WTF? Have you seen 1é year old girls?
    You're a retard; shame on you

  11. stephi says – reply to this



  12. stephi says – reply to this



  13. stephi says – reply to this



  14. 14

    @Baise- I am very happy, thank you. I am the owner of a very successful enterprise, I have an extensive property portfolio and am mere months away from earning my masters. I am due to get married in the next 4 months and we just found out we are having a baby. And I'm only 28. So yeah, happy with my life and very happy to comment on Beiber's. I know a business when I see one and his is drying up unless he calms the eff down.

  15. ok_then says – reply to this


    These tickets are no doubt in the nose bleed sections, the prime tickets were sold out a long time ago. So are the expensive meet and greet tickets. Viagogo has even been featured on the BBC for sensational news reports on their infamous fake ticket scam at the Mumford & Sons concert in England last year that resulted in hundreds of fans being turned away because of the fake tickets that were sold to them by Viagogo. Not to mention they had a U.K. supreme court ruling against them and were ordered to hand over to the Rugby Football Union the names and addresses of the people who were selling tickets to England rugby matches. Sketchy ticket practices!

  16. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp – He is replacing the very young fans with adult fans. So get over yourself. He is reinventing his music and is growing up. He can't stay 15 forever, nor does he want to. His new R&B sound is gaining him the new adult fans that he wants, so he is getting what he wanted with his Music Mondays. Some of his very young fans who liked his pop music don't like his R&B music, but that is a trade off he needs to transition to an adult market. So far it is going very good for him.

  17. 17

    You're saying that tickets were sold out months ago, but what you fail to realise is that these tickets are the RE-SELL tickets that people have decided they no longer want. They aren't tickets up for first time sale. For whatever reason these people have decided they aren't going (other plans, not into Beiber any more, can't get there for some reason) and are selling them to other people, for 200% less than they paid for them because there is no demand.

  18. YeahNo says – reply to this


    Re: stephi – Actually if you go on the ticketek website and click on his concert tour dates you'll see that the only TWO shows he's doing in Sydney next week are still for sale. Ha. And I've seen some that are even selling for a pathetic $60. So it's not bullshit.

  19. ohmy says – reply to this



  20. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: YeahNo – Fans of his who could not get tickets because they were sold out months ago may finally get their hands on them if these scalpers weren't selling them for hundreds of dollars more than the ticket price. That's what these scalpers do, rip off fans who can't afford tickets. Maybe this will finally shed light on the rip off tactics that these re-selling sites have been getting away with in Australia for a long time. Just watch these concerts will all be sold out come concert day by fans who can finally get their hands on tickets that were hoarded by scalpers.

  21. YeahNo says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – I just said they are still available on the ticketek website for $60….so they are not sold out in Sydney. I don't understand what you're argument is. P!nk's tickets were sold on ebay by scalpers for $300+ and were still bought? eBay scalpers have lost money and are selling them for $60-$120. Still no one is buying it. Here's the ticketek website. and eBay, These are all facts, check it out yourself.

  22. YeahNo says – reply to this


    www. ticketek.com.au
    www. ebay.com.au

  23. Reg Puck says – reply to this


    He sucks. Used to be a fan but his 15 minutes are over

  24. kelsea says – reply to this


    u just want attention lmfaooo stop making dumbass shit up because we all know in the end he's the best smh yall pathetic as fuck

  25. OldManBob says – reply to this


    Im just surprised that it took this long for this brat to finally start losing popularity. Hope he has a major breakdone.