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Kanye West Is Bound 2 Kim Kardashian's NAKED Bod In His Hot New Music Video! Watch NOW!

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Nothing like getting your seksi freak on atop a motorcycle to start Tuesday off with a BANG!!

Kanye West has debuted a ferosh new music video, and it's featuring his gorgeous (and nekked) fiancé, Kim Kardashian!

The EXCLUSIVE premiere of Bound 2 came from an unlikely source— daytime talk show queen, Ellen DeGeneres….

But we're totes not complaining!

The gal-pal to Yeezus tweeted a link to the video early this morning, in hopes to garner buzz for the rapper's appearance on her show later today:

The amaze visuals highlight a topless Kimmy K slithering on a street bike—looking fierce, slim, and über blonde!

Then, the future Mrs. West is seen straddling Kanye and a hog as the backdrop simulates riding through a stunning desert landscape!

Did we mention a hot as fiiiire make out sesh?!

We recommend a cold shower after ch-ch-checking out the video (above!)

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53 comments to “Kanye West Is Bound 2 Kim Kardashian's NAKED Bod In His Hot New Music Video! Watch NOW!”

  1. 1

    EWW! B A R F….

  2. 2

    I usually love his work, but this was just….so, meh. I actually found it annoying because of all the dissonance.

  3. Jessica Nunes says – reply to this


    Is this a joke?

  4. Doncha Just Know says – reply to this


    Some of the worst crap I've ever heard - ever. That includes Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag's songs. Yeeech.

  5. frankie says – reply to this


    This was 1 of the dumbestmusic videos ive ever seen. i have love for both kanye and kim, but the lyrics were stupid, kim was basically just eye candy for the video and the visual effects sucks, not to mention how cheesy everything just was together. ugh kanye start making stuff like your songs from graduation

  6. SuzieQ says – reply to this


    Ferosh? Are you deaf?

  7. cro1983 says – reply to this


    she finally graduated to video ho!

  8. 8

    Gross ! the next video will be he and she screwing on the bike! nothing beautiful or sexual about it! Kim Ho go away!

  9. 9

    Worst song ever!!

  10. Don't Get It says – reply to this


    I feel like I'm missing something about Kanye that I would genuinely like someone to explain to me. I don't want to just sit here and hate on him and Kim but I just don't get the appeal of this song. It was so repetitive and almost grating that I had to force myself to keep watching the whole thing. Kim does look great though so hopefully that will help balance all the hateful comments she got while pregnant. I don't like the song or video, but I do wish them both luck in the future and a happy marriage.

  11. vicky says – reply to this


    sorry. but this is so bad! the video and the song. horrible

  12. Tara says – reply to this


    This is bad…..really bad.

  13. Jess says – reply to this


    Terrible song, even more terrible video.

  14. 14

    Sure this isn't a joke and part of the SNL skit? That was so horrible..

  15. Elle says – reply to this


    Ummmm, no.

  16. _ says – reply to this


    I honestly thought that this was a joke or parody for the first 30 seconds on Ellen! Wow… and I lost it at the galloping horses scene lol.

  17. nrs says – reply to this


    Can't believe he makes money singing! That is the worst video/song I've ever seen.
    They both make me sick! He's a "jackass" and she's a big ass slut.

  18. Nope still don't like says – reply to this


    Kanye doesn't sound good and the song sucks!

  19. 19

    Haha, what a couple of boneheads. Pass the cheese please.

  20. raeven says – reply to this


    This can't be a real video. how awful! never cared for his music, still don't.

  21. Edward says – reply to this


    Hey, Mr Photoshop !!! She looks like Twiggy with breast !!!

  22. 22

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is a joke right? Right? That was horrible. Haha those dumb fake horses too…

  23. let's be honest says – reply to this


    What peice of literal horse shit . So tacky. And she was so overly photo shopped and trying so hard. Horrid lol

  24. ing says – reply to this


    this video looks like a parody sketch

  25. Shell says – reply to this


    Re: Isidora – As soon as the vid started playing, I thought it was a joke. Then when I realized it wasn’t I felt real bad for Kanye. The video was horrible and so was the song. Im not sure why he has any fans at all. I think this is a case where a person gets such a big head and has so much money, no one has the balls to tell him that he sucks. I think most people just take his money and run. I would tell him he is great all day long as long as the money kept coming my way.

  26. 26

    what the fuck where they thinking this is the worst music video I have ever seen in my life

  27. jessica says – reply to this


    Wow, i was expecting this to be good..i mean, his first video w/kim and all. I figured he would be more inspired by having her in his video. This video actually sucked. Kim looked beautiful in it, she looked way skinnier in it than in real life..idk if they edited that or if she's just gotten really fit. The video itself & the lyrics as well were pretty terrible though.

  28. AsiaM says – reply to this


    lol looks like they having sex xD another sex tape

  29. The Truth says – reply to this


    Already announced KIm's body is a digital body and not hers. Digitally BS is what it is. Nothing about Kim is real. The fake Kardashian's.

    The Truth Hurts

  30. Kanyesexe says – reply to this


    Oh no - I tried and seriously I tried to like - the opening was spectacular with the mountains then there was Kim's face and trying so hard - I feel for her, but on a good note she did produce his beautiful baby and should be commended for that - but this video umm wow I am speechless - are we being punked?

  31. 31

    What a shamefully vulgar way to exploit your baby momma's famewhoredom. I like how Kanye doesn't want Kim over-exposing herself to the media, but now I get it…it's so that when HE want to use her, his viewership goes sky high because they've made her so obscure. She's such a disgusting skank making videos like that, like she's getting fucked…I'm sure her daughter will appreciate that.

    It's almost like he was trying to top her porn video.

    It's so embarrassing that he's such an insecure person that he feels he constantly has to go above and beyond to prove he has class and knows culture.

  32. Rally says – reply to this


    That has to be the most idiotic song and video EVER……. Kim K cheapened the video. Barf!!!!

  33. 33

    It's so obvious her waistline has been digitally PS's. Just like her side boob… eye roll

  34. Rally says – reply to this


    Kanye certainly has proved he is NOT a genius!!!! These two look like dumb and dumber, minus the goofy haircuts! BAH HA HA

  35. TWang says – reply to this


    Are they being serious with this nonsense?!

  36. novemaci says – reply to this


    kanye is balding

  37. * says – reply to this


    This video is just AWKWARD, not to mention his lyrics at 3:12 (that were bleeped out) where he's staring straight at Kim saying "She asked me what I wished for on my wish list. Have you ever asked your bitch for other bitches?" ….Wow, what a sensitive DOUCHE. Kim will do anything Kanye tells her to, she is a weak minded moron.

  38. Zaina says – reply to this


    You know what bugs me…On oprah right…Kim was saying…oh i'm more now beyond my sex tape. Look at her though. They are fucking or it looks that way. Now I don't like or dislike her. However, she has a child now. Does she want Nori to grow up and see this. I honestly don't think she cares if she does or not.

  39. syl says – reply to this


    kanye please please start making good music again.. remember "college drop out" and "late registration"? yeah bring that shit back yo!! and don't you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever put your bitch in any of your future vids! thanks kindly. and kim,, boy did you leave the door open for all to hate.. but i'm not gonna.. i'm just going to make a comment on an observation i made… please please stop it. you are a mother now so act like one. stop being so raunchy… thanks!

  40. SISSY says – reply to this


    This makes me sad, I used to love Kanye West to death because he stood for something and brought something real and amazing to the table any loyal fan kind of saw the beauty in that. Now he is making sh*t like this and promoting everything that is wrong with our society… being Kim Kardashian and her fame. I hate everything about her and what she stands for. After years of adoring Kanye West, being a loyal fan and loving his music I will most likely never listen to another song of his or buy his album again. This is the wrong form of attention and following. Kanye is officially just as useless as the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus's of the world.
    Music of our generation SUCKS and the way that people are getting attention SUCKS. So disappointing.

  41. just no. says – reply to this


    I saw some friends watching this at work this morning and honestly thought it was a joke. I literally searched online to see if it was a joke because it is so awful that it just cannot be real. It looks like an amateur college student created it. The song is good but the video MUST be a joke. This is not art, this is a failed attempt at whatever kind of surrealism Kanye was attempting to emulate. And sure Kim looks pretty but she just stares blankly and confused - she is no actress and it is just awkward to watch these two. This is just so narcissistic its beyond sickening. If you watch this and think its good then you are a sheep. BLINDLY following these celebrity douche bags {cough cough} PEREZ!

  42. catton says – reply to this


    he sure rides a scooter well. something so kindergarten about that song……omg, it's ridiculous

  43. Sam says – reply to this


    LAMO, looks like a B-rated version of another sex tape…I guess Kim is just doing the only thing she knows how to do. And Kanye may be musically talented but this think this video is him "trying too hard"…

  44. wEEEE says – reply to this


    He is so pathetic!!!! He is NOT an artist, he is using his slutty baby momma for fame. This video is no different from what she did with Ray J. Is the worst crappy video I have ever seen.

  45. GemZ says – reply to this


    This makes me dislike both Kim and Kayne more. She's an attention seeking ho who may as well have made another sex tape - this was close. And he is an overrated moron. I could not possibly have disliked this more. That song sounded like it was a mash-up made in someones dorm room! Urgh. Please leave us alone!!

  46. boooooofoooooof says – reply to this


    I wish americans would go back to idolizing inventors and scientists. RAppers are a joke

  47. 47

    Kanye, You are not a genius. This song is horrible and the video is a joke.

  48. JPM says – reply to this




  49. Daisy says – reply to this


    What the actual f… ?

  50. riccardo&kanye says – reply to this


    Who wrote those horrid lyrics, an 8-year-old meth head? Does Kim's body double reveal herself in Bound 3? The only time we see Kim's face is when her body is obscured by shadow, blurring or Kanye's big-ole wrinkled head. Is PETA upset about Kanye shooting on a dead mink? I mean — consumers! music lovers! Expect MORE. This is as rancid as I have ever seen/heard — video and song alike. I can't believe anyone actually likes this crap. Ellen was excited about this? seriously? what a kiss ass. So sick of these people — wish they would go the way of Speidi

  51. Kathleen says – reply to this


    WOW!!! What a bunch of crap! Thats 5 minutes I will never get back…

  52. sattzs says – reply to this


    Plase tell me that KANYE AND KIM will think befor showing this to there daughter i still dont believe that the body is hers but whatever it is show business

  53. belairjeff says – reply to this


    i'd say this video was horse crap but why echo what everyone else is saying. NUTZ!