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Eminem Getting Back Together With His Ex-Wife Kim Mathers?!

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Um…wow. This is one reconciliation we did NOT see coming!

Could Eminem and his ex-wife Kim Mathers actually be willing to give it another shot?!

The couple have married and divorced TWICE already but according to Kim’s mom, there’s still an ounce of love left between them!

Kathy Sluck, who shares a home with her daughter outside of Detroit, says her former son-in-law is still in love with Kim and is even building a mansion for them to live in with their 17-year-old daughter Hailie!

Ms. Sluck admitted that Kim and E still see each other all the time and explained:

“They get along better than ever. He’s building her a new house on 22 mile.”

This new home is just a five-minute drive from where Kim and her mom live now, in Macomb, Michigan. Sources say that when it’s complete, it will be VERY large!

But will a palatial pad fix the problems between these two??

Let’s not forget about all of those lyrics Slim penned about his ex, including the incredibly violent track Kim, where he actually raps about killing her with his bare hands!

Not exactly a love song!

Marie Hartter, the grandmother of E’s adopted daughter Whitney, says despite what he says in his music, he still has true feelings for Kim. Marie predicted:

"They will probably grow old together one way or another, as much as he says he hates her in his music, he loves her that much too, I feel. They’ve been in love since they were 14 or 15 and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.”

A love-hate relationship if we’ve ever seen one!

Good luck, you two!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Eminem Getting Back Together With His Ex-Wife Kim Mathers?!”

  1. jusr sayin says – reply to this


    when you think about it, someone has to matter a lot to hate them that much, and it sounds like they have a very passionate love :)

  2. lana says – reply to this


    He's the one building that house on 22 Mile? Dumbest place to ever build a house…It's 2 feet back from a main road.

  3. stan says – reply to this


    Ugh. Move on, Em. It's going to be the same story all over again. Not worth it.

  4. whateveryou says – reply to this


    Funny, I talking with my son the other day about things he'd read about E & his ex & I told him, if he's still saying he HATES her after all these years, it just means he still has some strong feelings about her. Including some amount of love in order to need to slam her so much in public. If he were over her , he wouldn't even feel the need to do that. Not suprised.

  5. marizona says – reply to this


    Dumb if they move in together. They should each keep their own residences and they will get along a whole lot better that way. It's a win win. Move in together and things will go sour.

  6. raven Flower says – reply to this


    not true but he does have someone else he is in love with in fact he getting Married to this person no I don't know who this person I heard another Rumor that he to wed this person I guess he Finally happiness in life good for him but something doesn't add up those if he is so happy in real life then why is he so Mad in his Music and most of the time he is not even happy in real life he get Paid to get Mad in Music that so Stupid I won't do that any Congrats to him on everything

  7. raven Flower says – reply to this


    I think em Moved on with someone and is happy with this person she is the next Mrs M =) he finally find true love good for him =)

  8. Cupcakeand roses says – reply to this


    I wondered sometimes if mm really has Troubles with love cause he is finding the wrong type of Chicks or he just hocking up with them so he has something to Rap about or Maybe its Both or Maybe he likes get all the attention for that so people feel bad for him and the women he date or whatever are the same way I mean he is great Rapper and he does some great Music but have has everything he ever wanted and ever Dream about I just wish the best for him those

  9. raven Flower says – reply to this


    I guess what they says the good one are always Taking =( I think he will always love her no Matter what and I guess she really loved him too or someone else or whatever good for him =)

  10. paul nani says – reply to this


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