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29 comments to “facebook-thoughts”

  1. Britney Spears says – reply to this


    You're ugly and sad. The only flop is you. Maybe her album isn't selling like previous but no one gives a fuck. She takes risks with her sound which on this album isn't typical pop or radio friendly. She sold 250K in one week even though her album leaked a week early and you were posting links for illegal downloading trying to sabotage her. She wins all the way. I would suggest everyone check the album out b/c of the diversity of it. Love it.

  2. chris says – reply to this


    ur sad bro.. like seriously

  3. matt says – reply to this


    My thoughts are: you are a sad individual. It is almost a borderline mental issue how obsessed you are with trying to bring her down. We get it, you were friends, now you're not. Normal, mature people do not drag others through the mud and bring up any bad mention of them over and over and over again. So much for you not being a bully anymore, huh? Can't hide those true colors. You're just sad.

    If you're being a real journalist, then why not also be posting her many, many successes as well (which far outweigh the bad)? Why not post bad stories about Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus? You obviously are holding a grudge, and a ridiculous one at that. Let it go. If you're as zen and happy as you claim, this wouldn't be an issue. Who cares if Gaga didn't sell as much as Katy or that her single didn't hit number one immediately? Its not about that. Every story you post about her is the same skewed one sided opinion. Who cares if she doesn't make the best album of her career, is it really affecting anyone? No. Personally, I am quite enjoying Artpop. Is it her best work? No. Doesn't mean its bad though, doesn't mean I'm any less of a fan than I was. Get over yourself and your crazy issues. Focus on your son and yourself - give up this horrible vindictive act that is making you look like a complete ass.

  4. 4

    how old are you perez twelve?

  5. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    If you read the whole article, you will see that they are commending Gaga, and that she is still a huge artist. You are going off the title only. Read on people. Perez, you are so stupid.

  6. russ says – reply to this


    You know, u just seem to go on and on about something. First u raved and shoved her down our throats and then because of a fall out between the both of you u have posted time and time again how thsi album is not doing well opr a flop. Paris…. I used to love coming to your site but as of the last year it just feels old and petty. Maybe it's me OR maybe it's you. Either way i think you need to worry more about the perception people are starting to get of you or have already thought of you. What message are you sending to your new little child??

  7. Tom says – reply to this


    I'm not the biggest Gaga fan, but I will enjoy the day when she is back on top and you'll be in your regular spot… at the bottom.

  8. 8

    5 reasons shes over

    ONE no one cares about rat face lank hair girl who can sing but basically has no other skills .
    two she apparently has no manager and her stylists keep walking out seems she cant keep staff or anyone around for that matter..
    three.. her mindless monsters who loved her can easily switch their brain washed little minds over to LOVING SOMEONE ELSE so they are jumping ship
    four …comparisons to Madonna run short being shes always alone and Madonna was always surrounded by a myriad of friends dancers and people who LIKED HER …
    five ..she hit the big time when the world was just coming off the rap wave and had a bout of confusion where to go now its back on its feet she has strong competition and shes done like a ripe turd on its way down the ny sewer ..
    six no one wants art and pop if they want art they'll get decent art not some regurgitated shit from some brainless wanna be


  9. oompaloompa says – reply to this


    There's this one song on the album called Swine. I'm pretty sure it's about you, Perez.

  10. 10

    Obsession is not a good look, Perez. I think Gaga has her own Mark David Chapman in you and should be concerned for her safety.

  11. Kayla says – reply to this


    Get over it, Perez. No one gives a shit about what you say. Your blog would be more positive popular if you stopped obsessing over Lady Gaga and stop harassing other celebs. I just wrote a REVIEW on you, honey. Lets see if you like it. Also, do you want your child to grow up and be just as much as a pathetic bitch too?

  12. DC says – reply to this


    Doesn't live up to the competition? If Katy and Miley are considered top notch musicians, perhaps the article should be titled, "Why The Music Sucks Nowadays. "

  13. 13

    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – SHES ONE UR HARRASING A ONE YEAR OLD CONGRATULATIONS…BACK AT U "You are alone, bitter and crying for attention" go mutter incantations to urself in the mirror …just like gagaaaaaa..

  14. 666 says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – honey, worry about your STDs and stop pretending to be the pop culture expert and intellectual that you're not.

  15. Amanda says – reply to this


    I do no like gaga, I do not like her music, I do not think she is very talented, I personally think she tries way too hard to be different. BUT I respect her. A lot. I have lost all respect for you. This gaga obsession is absolutely insane. DROP it! You look crazy! Stop playing the victim, even if you were at one point, because no one sees that, all they see is wacko.

  16. paula says – reply to this


    Everything you're saying is total bullshit! Her voice sounds stronger then ever, her body is rock solid and her album is number 1! By the way douche bag, when you watched her on SNL you must have been amazed at her perfection and multi talents! Not only is her voice remarkable but she is also a awesome talent for acting and great comedic talent!
    What are you, nothing but an irritating voice, fat person gossiper!

  17. 17

    Good. GAGA SUCKS. One of the most overrated celebrities in the entertainment industry. She's not talented at all. People think she's "super talented and takes risks". Why? Because she wears Halloween costumes everyday? Yeah ok …

  18. sloop says – reply to this


    how many albums did you sell, Perez? she sold more than you and more than me. she was your friend. hold out the olive branch. go back to the nicer/kinder Perez, please. I like that kind guy.

  19. calin says – reply to this


    THE LITTLE MONSTERS COMMENTS ARE AS BAD AS WHAT PEREZ IS ACCUSED OF DOING. Perez is just leaving links to an article, he didn't write it. YOU ALL ARE OBSSES WITH PEREZ!!!

  20. Christina says – reply to this


    Re: calin – You need to stfu

    And to the others that continuously commenting on these posts, you are only doing what Perez wants!

    It is only obvious he is trying his best to keep this fued alive b/c he has NOTHING going for him. No TV appearances or anything. He wants attention so some media will pick it up and give him an interview or something.

    Plz just get a reality show or something so you can wake up b/c it will be cancelled after the second episode due to low ratings. Then quietly fade away. Thx!

  21. me says – reply to this


    By that logic katy and miley flopped too

  22. mavi says – reply to this


    Maybe if you just apologize to her, she will hang out with you again?

  23. sants says – reply to this


    is it failing if her second single is doing better than katy perrys, which is falling off the charts?

  24. Brittany says – reply to this


    She outdid herself with all those crazy outfits and looking like a freak to get her noticed and then when she stops what happens…hhmm she is forgotten. Shell never bring herself to the level of fame she once had and really who can relate to her and all her weird antics?? Walking naked in a forest like seriously? And why even try to bring back R.Kelly the molester? No body cares about him anymore and the song they collaberated together on just sounds like a remake from one of her older songs from her older album fame monster. Theres no "art" in her new album. And when i saw her "flying dress" i just lmao. Was it even a dress lol IF she is really as great as all you lil monsters say she is then her album should speak for itself. She took away half the wild costumes and hair pieces and stripped her self to a blank canvas (her words) and proved to her self shes a failure without it when she was trying to prove to everyone she still has it without all of it. FAIL

  25. Ani says – reply to this


    Why do all these Gaga supporters troll this site? Get a life, get a job! Get a job in retail schleping cotton at wal-mart so you can save your pennies and buy all the ArtFLOP albums you want!

  26. EPJ says – reply to this



  27. kimberly1234 says – reply to this


    No matter how much you work out your insides will always be as ugly as your face. People will respect you a lot more if you cut that shit out and report true stories that have nothing to do with you, your family, or lady gaga. Have you noticed you are the only gossip site to report about yourself? Lastly, I have taken the time out of my busy day and written this to you for the reasoning of, I will never visit this site again. You bother me so much when I see one of your childhood photos, I instantly exit out. I wouldnt dislike you so much if it wasnt so god damn obvious you are obsessed with becoming famous and beloved but news flash, we all remember fat rude perez and we arent seeing any improvements.
    Goodbye perezhilton.com, this site is one of the worst websites to visit especially since the owner is such a foul bigoted narcissist.

  28. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    love lady gaga <3

  29. 29

    you people are stupid lol
    Perez didn't write this review, a music critic did
    the fact is simple, the album sucks and isn't selling well and now she's being a cry baby and blaming everyone but herself. that two faced hypocrite bitch needs to go away