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Why bring one date to a movie premiere when you can bring two!?! James Franco walked the red carpet in Las Vegas last night with two scantily-clad showgi… Read more…

28 comments to “James Franco Has His Hands Full Of Nearly Naked Ladies At Homefront Vegas Premiere!”

  1. attention says – reply to this


    That guys is everywhere in the gossip, on the internet…
    We hear about him but we never truly see his work.
    He's a contemporary celebrity like Lindsay lohan, paris hilton etc…..
    They work on things that most people don't see and yet we always hear about them in the media.
    It's not about the quality of the work, they're just famous for being famous.

  2. login now says – reply to this


    He looks too old for his age, he's a has been.

  3. exclusive says – reply to this


    he's going to end up in Vegas, pimping people and convincing them that it's art.

  4. Sara says – reply to this


    I looooooooved him in Annapolis and Tristan and isold !!!!!
    Those movies were amazing, I don't understand why he's ashamed of them.

  5. Cat says – reply to this


    He's snotty.

  6. Dert says – reply to this


    What's up with his forehead and his eyes?
    His Eyes are too small and his forehead is like rhianna's.

  7. harsh says – reply to this


    People have been so hard on him for the oscars.
    He had a health problem at the time.
    Maybe that's why he was tired.
    He explained that he has something relating to his butt.
    he had burning sensations down there or something and was later treated for it.
    If people knew, they wouldn't have been so harsh.

  8. Bez says – reply to this


    He makes me proud!
    He is bisexual, just like me!!!
    Go James go, you and I love both men and women and we are not ashamed of it.

  9. one of us says – reply to this


    Loved him in spring breakers (the blow job gun scene will forever be in people's mind and fantasies in the story of cinema), loved him in Milk, loved him in all his gay roles.
    He doesn't hide from his homosexuality. and I really respect that.
    He's fighting for us men who love each other.
    The film he made on the pornographic movie shows how beautiful and exited he was to show his kind of love making and ours.
    We are behind you james, we are lucky to have you as one of us.

  10. One day says – reply to this


    I agree, i'm proud of him too.
    He creates art and writes from what he knows.
    And so it's a beautiful thing to know that he was able to talk about his sexual struggles and acceptation of his homosexuality.
    Yes he showed gay sex because he's watched a lot of gay porn.
    So what?
    At least he's honest about his fantasies and his love for men.
    People were always debating, but it's been so clear for years.
    The way he talks about James Dean and River phoenix….
    People's work reflect what they feel and go through, which is what he did.
    He's brave enough to be a gay man in hollywood and I love that.Keep on fighting james, we'll make it one day!

  11. Pieces says – reply to this


    Re: One day
    I TOTALLY agree with you!
    Us gay men are proud to show our sexuality.
    I love how exited he gets doing these gay projects and his passion about gay sex.
    He's been extremely vocal about it. Talking about it in every interview, showing it in various projects: movies, writing, shorts, paintings, pictures etc….
    I agree with you, people are still wondering, and it's like: HELLLLLOOOO?????!!!!!!
    His behavior is gay, his projects are gay and they are incredible!
    He's totally gay, he's totally hot an I totally love him to pieces!

  12. video star says – reply to this


    Re: Bez
    Can't wait to see him get married to a beautiful guy like him.

  13. Hands on people! says – reply to this


    Re: One day
    Dude! He is OUR gay ICON and forever will be !!!!
    His gay projects show a true homosexual.
    He's very experienced when it comes to gay sex.
    Men are constantly on his mind and I love how he shows it without any filter.
    In an interview he did he said something very interesting. He was talking about Sal mineo's character having a picture of James dean's character in his locker and that it was obvious that it meant that Sal was in love with james dean.
    I though it was beautiful and subtle way to talk about himself as well because with all his gay projects that's how he makes it obvious for him. he's subtle about it, yet very opened about it.

  14. naked says – reply to this


    He looks like joseph gordon levitt

  15. tune IN says – reply to this


    Re: naked
    He does look like joseph G-L.
    I can't tell them apart.
    Are they brothers?

  16. 16

    That's one on each arm. Or two girls, one on each arm. And what a triumph!

  17. This is the 90S says – reply to this


    Re: Hands on people!
    I've talked to people close to him in NY.
    They said how much gay porn and gay pictures he had on his computer. How obsessed he was about it and how much he talked about it.
    James kept telling them it was only for his projects and not for personal pleasure.
    But everybody knew it was an excuse for him to explore his homosexuality.
    I don't think he's in denial, I just think he wants to keep his fantasies to himself.
    My friend did the same thing and came out when he was ready.

  18. Fabooouullous says – reply to this


    Re: RdRydngHd
    He's a sex god, a true contemporary renaissance all american MAN !!
    I love how he always talks about sex.
    Some people say he's vulgar but i disagree, he's HOT !
    He has no shame in showing it, doing it and talking about it.
    Going on general hospital was PURE genius. It was so artistic of him.
    He can do whatever he wants, he's so inventive and free.
    I mean the guys is an A-lister and he also does PORN.
    How awesome is that?
    He's unique.

  19. start says – reply to this


    Re: This is the 90S
    Yeah, I understand. And it's his business anyway.
    He also does a lot of personal projects that haven't been seen publicly.
    He has friends who are open with their sexuality and body.
    So it's very physically experimental, a lot of nudity and sex.
    the projects he doesn't show are REALLY naughty and dirty ;)
    He loves to explore with dildos.
    It's his all time favorite toy. That guy likes a chick with a d i c k.
    He loves sucking them and to have people put it in him.
    And I think it shows how open minded he his.
    SO what if dildos turn him on?
    He's got so many and he's not afraid to say that he enjoys fooling around with them.
    Wake up people! we are in 2013 !!!

  20. TIME IS TICKING says – reply to this


    If you guys only KNEW that KIND of porn he watches……..and how much……you would be surprised!

  21. Barbara says – reply to this


    I don't get it.
    He once said that he had friends who got raped and how awful it must be.
    And then he writes about it, films it as if it was a great thing and exiting thing to draw attention to his projects.
    It's so hypocritical of him.
    I do not respect that kind of behavior.
    When you think about people who have been traumatized by it and how it destroyed their lives and he just makes money at describing it and showing it as if it was a turn on.
    Sex sells and he's the proof that a famous person with power can do and show anything they want and nobody will stop them.
    Those are his values?
    It breaks my heart.

  22. voice says – reply to this


    Re: Barbara – I saw his art show REBEL and threw up after seeing it.
    My friend wanted to see it and i went with her.
    What is wrong with him?
    It was gross, vulgar, violent.
    I cannot believe they allowed him to show that.
    It was like taking a swim in a toilet bowl.
    the guy just shits everywhere and calls it art.
    I couldn't believe how much money was put in that project.
    That man doesn't care.
    He doesn't care at all.
    He's just in for the publicity.
    We talked to two guys who were there and said that it showed that hollywood can shove anything into your mouth and you have to eat it.
    That it wasn't about quality, it was about quantity.
    The bigger (even if it's awful) the better.
    And it made me very sad.
    He's like Britney spears, Miley cyrus etc…. what they do make people dumber.

  23. Jamesy says – reply to this


    Re: harsh
    I have no respect for him.
    I just think that there are smart people in this business and mean, stupid people like him.
    He is a bad influence.
    He just shows that you have to be arrogant, controlling, have a lot of money, power , show off and talk about sex to have a career.
    Wake up people, it's people like him who control how the media works and what kind of values they promote.
    He's like paris hilton: money, power, sex, gossip, gossip, show off, sex, gossip, money, perfume, book, sex, money, party, perfume again, new clothes line, sex……
    He just followed her path, and it works.
    It's not real success, it's just what it takes to be popular.

  24. danger says – reply to this


    Later on, people will talk about him and how he was part of the celebrities who ruined art and were just in it for the attention.
    Mozart, Marlon brando, Da Vinci, Fellini, Picasso are real artists.
    James Franco is an amateur who got lucky.

  25. 25

    hes really growing on me lately he warms the cockles of my heart I seen him and Jonah hill and couple other guys in this new movie about the end of the world where they all used their real names and it was hilarious truelly funny as hell … channing tatum was in it rhianna was in it so many people very funny sick stuff…I just wish he was in the 50 shades of grey hed be PURRFECT

  26. Don says – reply to this


    Sick of retards like James franco, bring us real talent, please.

  27. yours says – reply to this


    He's convinced that he's still a teenager.

  28. 28

    Sorry but I do not care for him.
    He just comes across as pretentious, and tries to do too many things at once. Concentrate on one or at most two fields.