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Every Glee-Tail: Rachel Movin' On From Finn… With Sam?!

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Um…. What did we just watch?

Was that… flirting? Was that… a new romance? HOLD THE MEGAPHONE!!!!

We’ve been waiting probably since Glee did their Madonna tribute episode for them to get around to paying homage to the great Piano Man himself, Billy Joel. With an episode serenade from Darren Criss on the piano and a song that was basically written for Matthew Morrison to belt, the music did not disappoint.

HOWEVER, something seemingly started to develop between two characters that we didn’t very much think was possible… and one of those character’s is Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry.

Yeah, things took a sudden turn last night and to find out more, you’re going to just have to jump into our recap (below).


Samchel? Really? So Soon?

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Perhaps too soon? We don’t know, we’re actually torn. But let’s start off with the actual story…

It’s Career Week in Lima, which prompts Blaine and Sam to take the Lima Shuttle out to NYC to visit Kurt, Santana and Rachel in NYC to see schools. Sam learns early on that he isn’t smart enough to land a Channing Tatum Former Stripper scholarship from some school that’s clearly blind, but all is not lost. If Sam can’t get into school, perhaps he can land his dream job: being a male model. Rachel steps in to help, offering her connections to a top notch photographer and her hands to rub oil on his chest (Mmm-hmm!!) before sending him off to Tyra Banks, who wasn’t playing Tyra Banks, to get him some modeling gigs. In the end, Sam decides college is not for him and that once he graduates, he’ll be working his muscly arms to the bone to become the next David Beckham.

But yeah, um the oil rubbing? Bit much. And then, of course, there was… the dancing!

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Now, here's the thing: it's not like we don't want Rachel to be happy. That's not the issue at all. It's just that she's very young and she was very in love and a person doesn't just bounce back from that in a matter of weeks, even months. In the grand scheme of things, she very much still needs time to heal and grow independently without being in a relationship.


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Marley’s Movin… ON!

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And the love triangle known as Ryder-Marley-Jake is reinstated. Joy. Bliss. Kinda ugh.

It seems that Jake’s attempts to win Marley back after cheating on her are pretty much futile, which prompts super-innocent man Ryder to launch into a campaign to win her heart for himself. Buuuuuuut, he kind of moves WAY faster than Marley is ready for, and she politely gives him the shaft only after one date. But the dating damage has already been done and after seeing the two, who are a real life couple, cuddle it up, Jake takes his cue to return to his manwhore ways. We kind of don’t blame him.

Sue Will Lose Her “Beckretary”

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Sad, but true – but also, kind of awesome.

We’re kind of unclear as to where exactly students are in the scheme of the school year. Some how, they’ve already gone to prom, but they are still applying/auditioning for colleges. We should probably try to ask so many questions…

Anyway, since people are still applying to schools, Artie makes it his mission to check on Becky, who seems content to stay put in Lima and work for Sue. But Artie pushes the matter and travels to University of Cincinnati to check out their programs for handicapable students. Unsurprisingly, she loves it, which leads to a touching scene between Becky and Sue as the come to the realization they are about to lose each other.

It’s all really sad, but then only for a second, because after a quick commercial break, Sue was back with one of her best meta lines of all time. And we quote:

“Oh no, no, no — don’t you dare. Over my dead body will you inexplicably shoehorn in another Billy Joel song just to punctuate one of your weekly lessons that inevitably veers off into an acrid barrage of angst and affirmation.”

CLASSIC! Tucking that one away for future Sue references!

So, Samchel happened this week… next week, we FINALLY get more Dantana. And also, PUPPETS…

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