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Katy Perry Gives The AMAs An Unconditionally Awesome Start! Watch HERE!

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If the AMAs are trying to step up as THE premiere music awards show, they sure are off to a lovely start!

Of course, you can never go wrong with Katy Perry, but gurl TOTES outdid herself this time!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see Katy get her geisha on in a flawless performance of Unconditionally!

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17 comments to “Katy Perry Gives The AMAs An Unconditionally Awesome Start! Watch HERE!”

  1. 1

    why in the FUCK are rich white people so fucking stupid and racist?! you can't appropriate other people's cultures, asshats! it's fucked up and it's really, really TIRED.

  2. 2

    Re: tateration2 – That is not her intention. She is doing it for John Mayer. John's favorite place in the whole world is Japan and he is even fluent in Japanese. The song is about him, therefore it follows that the performance is in relation to his connection with Japan.

  3. boner says – reply to this


    Saigon is not in Japan, you tool.

  4. perez is stupid says – reply to this


    miss saigon is VIETNAMESE

  5. Maria says – reply to this


    How the hell is this not considered racist? Julianna Hough was labelled racist for her halloween costume and this Japanese costume is not considered racist???? There is such a double standard here, not cool.

  6. a says – reply to this


    another dumb rich white girl appropriating other people's culture. she doesn't even understand what a Geisha is. fuuuuuuuuuck i hate white people that do this shit.

  7. Maria says – reply to this


    Not only is this very politically incorrect and disrespectful to the Japanese Geisha tradition, but GURL CAN'T SING! This was one of the WORST performances I've seen her do, vocally and otherwise.

  8. liberalsuck says – reply to this


    This is fine, but do black face and everyone causes an uproar? Liberals are such hypocrites.

  9. 9

    Re: bonerRe: Maria – I came here to say the EXACT SAME THING! How stupid and ignorant can you get?

  10. 666 says – reply to this


    For an opening number, this sucked. For a popular worldwide artist, it sucked. She can't sing, she has zero stage presence and lacks charisma, and the lyrics are horrendous. It's predictable, however, that Perez would go apeshit over it.

  11. kikichan says – reply to this


    So let me get this straight if a white person dressed up for Halloween as a black person, all Hell breaks loose, but if a white person dressing up and looking like an asian at the AMA's, thats ok? and everyone is jumping for joy!

  12. jnp says – reply to this


    so to open an award show about music you have the weakest singer on the charts open the show? What? Seriously, Katy needs some hard core singing lessons

  13. 13

    At least Katy has the guts to sing "live" … unlike Miley Cyrus and probably a few other singers at the AMAs.

    When Katy sings "live", I think her manager and singing coach need to tell her to try to sing as close as possible to how she did it on the album. She improvises too much and she sometimes gets off key and doesn't quite hit the notes right … especially the higher notes. Katy needs to set the priorities in her performances in this order … SINGING QUALITY FIRST, then the dancing, how she looks, etc.

    Katy is a mezzo soprano so she sings midrange vocals best. No, she'll never have a vocal range like Mariah Carey but not many famous singers out there do either.

    Katy and her team write well crafted songs and she has a unique singing voice and style that obviously resonates with millions of peopole around the world. Good songwriting and a lead singer with a "unique singing voice that resonates with people" will beat the five octive "perfect voice" musician every time.

    I think Katy sings really well on her albums. Listen to her sing her new song "Spiritual" from the new album on YouTube. That's one of the best songs on the new album in my opinion.

  14. 14

    whats the difference from this and lady gaga with a blanket on her head or selena gomez pretending to be indian ???

  15. 15

    Re: .:Erin:. – NO it does not make sense at all. Just because she wrote the song about him doe snot mean she has to do some half-a$$s hokey mixed up asian "triubute. " Yeah, lets' just mash up Japanes and Chinsese and whatever because we LOVE Japan so much we can't even get the culture right!!!! Half her "dancer" had chinese hairstyles. And the STUPID hokey bowing…..

  16. 16

    The most offensive thing about this presentation was her singing.
    People need to calm the fuck down. No one thinks Madame Butterfly is racially offensive, and this isn't either. It's just an artistic interpretation of a culture. Geez.

  17. Steve Williams says – reply to this


    There must be a reason why she is successful. I agree with the comments made by someguy… Live performances are very challenging for singers; at least this performance seems to be quite original and well-staged (singinglessonguide.com).