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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Replaced By James Franco & Seth Rogen In Spot On Bound 2 Parody! Watch HERE!

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Kim Kardashian made headlines by getting naked and riding Kanye West's hog in his Bound 2 video!

Well, Seth Rogen decided he wanted to try it, too! That's why he and James Franco made a shot-for-shot remake of what they call their "new favorite video" with themselves in the lead roles.

And it is HIGH-freakin'-LARIOUS!!!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the epic homage Bound 3!

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122 comments to “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Replaced By James Franco & Seth Rogen In Spot On Bound 2 Parody! Watch HERE!”

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  1. Stlyer says – reply to this


    Wow!! someone's actually grosser than Kanye West!….

  2. games says – reply to this


    Most celebrities try to keep things private and try to stay away from paparazzi. James franco is the only one pimping himself. This guy was like any actor then he kissed a couple of guys and played the gay card and it worked.
    That's it.

  3. Karmina says – reply to this


    Re: Stlyer – Yeah.. Kim K!

  4. Listen UP says – reply to this


    EWWWW…..Will James franco get out of his adolescence crisis one day?

  5. Lucky says – reply to this


    James franco is making it too easy for other people to laugh and parody his work.

  6. Sheila says – reply to this


    James Franco, sex sells and you know it.
    But it doesn't make you last or build a memorable career. And you know that too.

  7. stefanieeeeee says – reply to this


    this is hilarious - cant stop laughing.
    this video is so much better then the k k idiots.

  8. 8

    Yet somehow, Kanye and Kim look more ridiculous doing this than Franco and Rogen! Funniest thing ever.

  9. Cousin IT says – reply to this


    Look at what James franco did as a director in general.
    Nobody needs to make fun at his work because it's already ridiculous.
    Have you noticed that nobody likes his work as an "artist"?
    Can't he just realize that people like to gossip and that he's simply at target that people like to poke fun at?
    Because in his mind he's convinced he's IT.

  10. TheyStoleMyNicknameWow says – reply to this


    This video is WAAAY better than the original! Seth is just as hairy as Kim Kardasshole, but he DOES look sexy and even more expressive!

  11. 11

    Seth Rogen really has bedroom eyes…

  12. weight says – reply to this


    Seth Rogen is hairy and fat. It's endearing to see him try to be sexy.
    James franco looks like a freak and is as dull as ever.
    James and seth are like two high school rejects who got together and somehow managed to make people look at them.

  13. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Re: The SwedishMystery – That's only because he smokes 100 joints a day. He's high and he's ugly.
    James franco, loved your movie The Ape….NOT!

  14. querty says – reply to this


    James Franco is a puppet and an alcoholic.

  15. red says – reply to this


    James Franco sure knows how to reinvent art.
    This guy is a phenomenon.
    He taught me that you can shit in a plate, take a picture of it, expose it in a gallery and convince yourself that what you just did was pure art.

  16. garbo says – reply to this


    I thought james used to be a nice guy

  17. minutes says – reply to this


    Seth rogen seemed like a sweet guy. But he's actually full of bad intentions.
    Tired to see that most of them out there are mean people.
    "Ths is the end" was so corny by the way. What the F is up with the ending?
    Franco and Rogen do lazy work in general.

  18. love ya says – reply to this


    seth rogen "big sexy with glasses".
    I loved that. I would totally kick james out of that motocycle and make love to seth.

  19. may says – reply to this


    seth rogen is sensual.

  20. popopopo says – reply to this


    seth rogen is funny, james franco sucks, as usual

  21. a.Mihet says – reply to this


    Not as funny as the original.

  22. jay says – reply to this


    much better than the original :P love it

  23. tooserious says – reply to this


    love this!!! just as much as I adore james franco and seth rogen.. complete down to earth funny guys. hilarious!!! so much love

  24. Kim says – reply to this


    Yeaaaaaah! Miles better than the original, way sexier, more convincingly in love, hot, hot, hot, barftasticly amazing.

  25. few says – reply to this


    Re: tooserious – down to earth funny guys? james franco? down to earth?

  26. banana says – reply to this


    look at james's performances since he's begun. he sucks. then played gay. James franco used to give a blow job to bananas in his trailer back in the day. haha! now THAT'S funny.

  27. vyrus says – reply to this


    James is pathetic. we get it james you like to self destruct.

  28. take says – reply to this


    James franco is the best person to make all the wrong choices in life.

  29. study says – reply to this


    don't you guys think it's weird that he's so obsessed with river phoenix and james dean. those guys will forever be 23 and 24.
    James franco you are one bizarre, freaky guy.

  30. Amanda says – reply to this


    Whatever! At least J franco can laugh at himself. this is freaking hilarious.

  31. Pam Chamberlain says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I love it too. Hilarious. I am sick of all things Kardashian and Kanye. I could watch this over and over.

  32. oh no says – reply to this


    James franco don't forget to take your daily medication, please.

  33. replacement says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – He takes himself too seriously everybody knows that

  34. cannot says – reply to this


    James franco can' t perform in bed. he sucks. He can't get it up. he needs to watch gay porn to be turned on.

  35. lost says – reply to this


    James franco has no friends. people use him and make fun of him. he's a bad influence and they are too. he's stuck. everything he does represents the fact that he's lost.

  36. choices says – reply to this


    james should go to the dentist, get a facelift and take a hundred baths.
    People like to make fun of him and he is convinced that it means that people like to see him.
    go to rehab james, you can't see straight.
    There are too many videos of you falling asleep, saying the stupidest thing because of alcohol. You need to get rid of your addiction: to alcohol and to yourself.

  37. mike says – reply to this


    james franco looks like he is on crack

  38. dolar says – reply to this


    james franco likes to contradict himself; then he wonders why people don't take him seriously and make fun of him.
    I think he's so ashamed of himself that he just punishes himself in what he does.

  39. surpr says – reply to this


    Re: mike – I wouldn't be surprised that he smokes crack.

  40. ape says – reply to this


    James's career ended with spider man 3, annapolis, flyboys and tristan and isolde.
    Now he's just a living dead zombie;

  41. me says – reply to this


    I think its funny! Its refreshing to see people that are not afraid to do things for the fun of it. It wasn't that they were making fun of the video or the people. They was just trying to make people laugh!

  42. 42

    Much better than Kanye and Kim. LOL

  43. cash says – reply to this


    Re: me – Can't wait to see them remake more videos and make fun of themselves and show how mean they are to others. I don't know where this industry is going but the big thing is to make money and get famous by being mean and make fun of other people. When you think of all these people who are struggling and working hard to just get one opportunity to make things happen and you see those idiots with no imagination cash the biggest cheques and all they have to offer is shit! it makes me sick to my stomach. Rogen and Franco are participating into making people stupid and judgemental. That's what it's all about now. people don't care for talent. what you need now to make it big is money and a big mouth.

  44. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    This is brilliant!

  45. muze says – reply to this


    sick of those people out there. Some actors artist are great and then you have jerks like that who think there are so powerful. how did they get there? who lets idiots like that get their foot in the door? what is happening in hollywood? Sethn rogen, james franco, miley cyrus, paris hilton, get out of the way you're polluting cinema, art, music……
    oh and by the way they should try to travel a little and see dfferent social classes to open their dumb little brains. there is a world out there, open your eyes.

  46. jessica says – reply to this


    BAHAHAHAH, this is Fu**ing awesome! So funny, god I love Seth Rogen & James Franco for doing this. Kanye's video was just soooo bad, that a parody just HAD to be done ASAP. Thanks dudes for doing this! So good

  47. jessica says – reply to this


    I love that so many people are commenting on how unsexy they look, as if they were trying to be sexy. It's pretty obvious that they are doing this to be funny, not to sexy & seductive..come on guys lol. I loved this!

  48. dert says – reply to this


    Re: jessica – Oj-k, you wanna know what sucks and what's bad? the movies james franco directs. i want to see him do a parody of his own work.

  49. better says – reply to this


    Re: jessica – Seth rogen is better when james franco is not around.

  50. respect says – reply to this


    Why does james franco believe he is james dean? it's like he's so insecure that he needs to put james dean's name next to his to feel important.
    james dean, natalie wood and sal mineo died tragically and he made fun of them in his "art" work.
    No respect for him. all he wants is to destruct other's reputation to serve himself.

  51. carebear says – reply to this


    James franco step back and look at yourself from afar. and take a look at the world out there. can't you open your mind a little to other things than yourself? You're not even thinking outside the box. you're a fool. and you're careless.

  52. 52

    Looks like monday is the best day to defy god.
    This is another funny parody I stumbled upon:

  53. 53

    OMG. This is so funny! LMAO. I can't believe they did this!

  54. bound says – reply to this


    Re: better – I agree. love seth. he should be in snl.

  55. PEEPS says – reply to this


    Re: me – Why is seth rogen wasting his life trying to save james franco? He's useless. seth rogen you are funny, he's not. when will you team up with really funny people?

  56. deer says – reply to this


    Re: jessica – Actually, i've just discovered that seth rogen turns me on. when he lets go he's freakin' sexy. I thought he was sexy in one movie, after that no. but now I think he should trust in that whole sexual aura. I'm rediscovering seth rogen all over again. I love him even more.it's just that james franco looks like a dead puppet. where are the strings that's manipulating him?

  57. tiffster215 says – reply to this


    You guys are incredible James Franco was HIGH larious and so was Seth ROGAN, Why are you guys even bashing james franco? he is a well talented Oscar nominated actor and a hes so smart. James has soooo many degrees that even if he doesn't act anymore, he can be so many other things. James and Seth are always together because theyre best friends and I think that's so cool. They can laugh at themselves and make funny videos without even caring about what you guys think! James is cute, smart, funny, and has a lot of talent. Stop trying to bash him. Its not cool.

  58. xer says – reply to this


    wow, i never actually noticed how sexy seth rogen's eyes are.
    the problem with seth is that he always plays the companion. he should put himself in front. the reason why people don't find him sexy is because he never shows that side of himself. i want more seth but with someone better than james

  59. No*lies says – reply to this


    most of the comments seems to be like from the kartrashian family's……..

  60. planet says – reply to this


    james franco who cares if you went to school. a lot of people did. But they don't brag about themselves. they work hard and they don't need to scream it constantly. poor you, you have a career, money, opportunities. some peple have nothing, some people have no moeny, no luck, they are spending their life n hospitals or are in accidents and lose loved ones. James franco gets a little critic and he complains and bashes the world. by the way, everybody knows people do most of his work for him.

  61. 61

    hahahaha tears I tell ya so they are making another movie im finding that james franco very sexy hes growing on me and seth has always been hilarious I just saw their other movie and still laughing .. end of world or whatever its called..


  62. Be-Atch says – reply to this



  63. type says – reply to this


    Re: No*lies – I think they don't even know how to type. anyway, i don't think rogen,, frnaco or the others even read perez

  64. pablo says – reply to this


    james do us all a favor and go back to palo alto where you belong.

  65. falling says – reply to this


    what's up with james franco and his obsession with guys? can he do anything else?

  66. night says – reply to this


    Have you seen james franco's paintings? his movies? his acting? is he a joke? is he there as a social creep? is this a hoax? come out of the box franco. or the closet.

  67. world says – reply to this


    Most of his "friends" who work with him and are not famous they don't like him. they use him. they all talk behind his back, get him by flattery because they know how insecure he is.they just say the opposite that the blogs are saying to make him believe he's extraodinary. and franco falls for that. he is always complaining and obsessed by critics and blogs. it makes him sick and people who hang out with him know this. they just shut up in front of him because they know his temper.

  68. honey says – reply to this


    I live in L.A. and have met some people who are close to him. sad to see that they bitch so much behind his back. maybe taht's why james is so insecure, he doesn't have a good circle of friends. james should stick with rogen and others. but not the people he works with on his movies (the ones he directs). james if you hear this beware of them, those nyu people, those actors from your old acting school, assistants, actors you hire for your movies. you could do so much better. they just want to see you fail, it doesn't mean that you can't have good friends, it's just that you hang out with mean people. bless you.

  69. math 24 says – reply to this


    James i'm sure you could be a talented filmaker.. the problem is your team. they are not good. if you work with sucky people, your work will suck. if you worked with really talented people you would be proud of your work. stop working with those idiots.

  70. faze says – reply to this


    so tired of james franco. go away. i wanna see some good things; not his dirt.

  71. laughing says – reply to this


    maybe james franco should take a look at his own work so we can all have a good laugh.

  72. prix says – reply to this


    james you are media obsessed. the business works a certain way and the fact that you are everywhere is just PR!!!!! please get that in your head. you don't live in the real world. you just believe your own facade. you're gonna be used and thrown away. get real.

  73. ax mas says – reply to this


    i think james's butt and pe ni s are badly damaged.

  74. clown says – reply to this


    I love that james franco! keep up the good work james. love seeing you showing how much you suck!!!!
    mooooooooooreeeee, mooooooore, mooooore!

  75. fatty says – reply to this


    i loooooove how mature they are.

  76. fart that says – reply to this


    Not fair! james should have showed his man boobs just like he did in spring breakers.
    strip in the next one james, we wanna see you do what you did in milk as well: a useless naked scene in a pool.
    Hey man, the only way is the james franco and the miley cyrus way today.
    Be really dirty, disgusting, dumb and stupid and a career you will have.

  77. phase says – reply to this


    james franco's life is now entering the boomerang phase.

  78. cells says – reply to this


    hey mannnnnn; what's up with his scene in spring breakers? the blow job scene? what the f……..?????? what is UP with that guy? what does he think? that people will be impressed by it? what's up with his brain cells man?
    he just keeps on getting dumber and dumber. how can his brain be so small?
    hey james, get some help. you've got serious problems.

  79. knowing says – reply to this


    James franco is the living proof that depression should be treated.
    Can't he just stop and ask for help? that guy doesn't know what he's doing anymore.
    people, help him.

  80. first says – reply to this


    James franco behaves like joan rivers.

  81. surprn says – reply to this


    james, love seeing your every move. you are the most important thing in the world. other things don't matter,YOU matter. move away folks, today's priorities revolve around james franco. james franco james franco james franco. give us more james, you're too humble, too shy and too secretive, we need to see more of you. why are you hiding so much? we never see you anymore. ;) no seriously james, go away.

  82. ugly says – reply to this


    how can james franco think he's attractive? most people don't find him handsome. look at his stupid face. what's up with his eyes? he's uglllaaayyyy

  83. boom says – reply to this


    have you people noticed how weird james franco is in freaks and geeks? his face looks like a skeleton. He's part of those weird looking guys who paid magazines to photoshop them and write compliments about them. he's a fake. hate his superficial smile on the red carpet. freakin' robot. all he likes to say is how busy he is and how tired he is. then you see his projects and it sucks. he's too busy making crap and it makes him sleepy.

  84. plasticc says – reply to this


    james franco's nose had a nose job. his nose used to be so big. james stop the plastic surgery.

  85. move says – reply to this


    franco doesn't know how to move.

  86. now says – reply to this


    yuk , james franco you always end up looking like a retard. stop writing books and directing movies, haven't you realized how untalented you are yet?

  87. peers says – reply to this


    just take a look at franco's family. he's the result of that. this explains that. don't look any further. i've seen an interview with dave franco. his mother made him act and say dirty words to his own grandmother in front of the others. no wonder james franco is f.. up. apparently she asks the universe for answers. now i understand. i wondered why he acted as if he was part of a cult and doing such unhealthy and disgusting work. but now that I know that his mother raised him that way i understand a little bit more why he behaves like that. he doesn't know any better.

  88. truth comes out says – reply to this


    Re: plasticc – that's true.

  89. bram says – reply to this


    Re: peers – yeah, it's kind of sad actually. his mother wasn't nice to him while he was growing up. she has this strange relationship with her sons, comparing them. ever since they've had more success she's suddenly interested in them to serve herself. she wrote this book called metamorphosis and one character was inspired by james; it was a bisexual stealer. just like james in his teenage years. poor james he's so sexually confused because of his parents.
    no wonder he has so many pursuits, he wasn't stimulated as a kid and his parents just dragged them around with their weird beliefs instead of being in activities.

  90. do to you says – reply to this


    Re: peers – i read an interviews with his mother: she likes pop corn, peanut butter and maroon 5. wow, what a rich cultural background , must have been so stimulating for james.
    she just wants to know things about famous people and his movies, nothing about HIM. she just thought he was an underdog. she was giving birth to one of her son and she was pissed that it was on oscar night, wtf? and she was glad to throw them in their room when they got into trouble so she could have time for herself. wtf?

  91. Devin says – reply to this


    This version is so much better than the original! Awesome!

  92. sexy is the woooord says – reply to this


    Wooooowwww man…… i think i'm tripping…..woooo the wooooow
    seth rogen give us more!
    you are sexxxxaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  93. doty says – reply to this


    SEth ROGEN

  94. mmmmmmmm says – reply to this


    Seth rogen you should do wrecking ball next. want to see you naked again. mmmmmmm
    james franco you should do a remake of all the films you've directed, they suck, make them better.

  95. out says – reply to this


    how come james franco always has a stupid look on his face? nobody likes him and he keeps putting himself out there.

  96. sun shinee says – reply to this


    seth rogen is so cute, he's a really sensual guy. i want to see him in dramatic roles or a lover. he really surprised me. i loved it. i loved seeing him letting his sexiness out. were discovering a whole new him. loved how he just felt sexy instead of acting sexy. he should just be more confident with his looks, and he should because he's attractive. a sexy and funny man does it for me. seth you made my day.

  97. policia says – reply to this


    rogen rocks!!! fuck those guys who said he was fat the the roast. he's well built, perferct for hugs ,women like that, they want a real man with a deep voice and sexy eyes like his.

  98. date says – reply to this


    i wanna see a remake of the backstreet boys where there were in singing in the rain. it was in black and white.
    seth do it. love you're work. you're the real thing. i love youuuuuu, date me!

  99. flame says – reply to this


    i'm sure seth is the kind of guy that will make you spend the sexiest time all night long. i want to take franco's motocycle (but not his ugly shirt) and ride all night long with seth to a secretive beach. seth you are mine now, my girlfriends and I were turned on by you. we command you to show this side of you more often.

  100. tight says – reply to this


    if it weren't for rogen , the video wouldn't have worked. rogen, you've got more potential than you think you have. we want to see you in all kinds of different roles.
    you should be on the cover of america's sexiest man alive!

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