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Perez Hilton Dishes To Wendy Williams About GaGa Dramz! Watch HERE!

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Oh you Perezcious readers, you are in for a treat today!

The wonderful Wendy Williams welcomed yours truly to the show today to talk delish celeb durt!

And what Miz Wendy got into was the Lady GaGa dramz. And we opened up about it all from some of what went wrong to if there's ever going to be a chance for a reconciliation!

Want to know what's going on??

Ch-ch-check out the chat (above)!

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51 comments to “Perez Hilton Dishes To Wendy Williams About GaGa Dramz! Watch HERE!”

  1. Raul Diaz says – reply to this


    EVIL…You are pure EVIL…
    You real? LOL….Biggest joke of the interview…

  2. God says – reply to this


    lying on a tv show doesn't make it truth or only believable . . just PATHETIC
    who is gone believe u went to her building """"""""randomly""""""" ? idiot

  3. WOW says – reply to this


    1st time commenting on your site….Gaga's on Ellen, you're on the Wendy Willimas show…see the difference?!?!

  4. Damien says – reply to this


    Love the Wendy Williams Show I watch it every day!!!

    Except today because you are on it.

  5. sants says – reply to this


    she spoke in depth about the drama….you vaguely spoke and sounded disingenuine, because you know there's nothing you can say. she spoke IN DETAIL. you sound so dishonest it's hilarious.

  6. rox says – reply to this


    Re: WOW – LOL LOVE this. And so true. I didn't even know Wendy Williams still had a show..

  7. jnp says – reply to this


    LOL Two nobody's talking about a somebody!

    Lord Perez, really give it up

  8. HT says – reply to this


    I am not a huge GaGa fan, but I respect her. I do not respect you. Anythig for more fame and $$$. Right Perez?

  9. Cntblvt says – reply to this


    i'm happy because that interview show exactly how twisted ,pervert and narcissistic you are.

  10. 10

    You didn't say shit dude, here you had the opportunity to tell the world how much she owes her record company for Artflop and you didn't say shit!!

  11. Cnt says – reply to this


    Re: geredheaddog – thats because he just dont have any thing to say about her! Thats why he keeps digging and digging…but he just cant find anything to say!

  12. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Shame on you Perez!!!

  13. EmilyPage says – reply to this


    I'm actually Team Perez on this. The way he described her drug/alcohol outburst, and leaching onto people & using them seems to be pretty common knowledge.

  14. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: Damien – LOL me too

  15. comparini says – reply to this


    Gaga is winning

  16. mc says – reply to this


    I think you're going to lose a fair bit of readership over this supposed "feud". This interview shows your character quite nicely Perez, and I can only imagine that people are as fed up with you as I am. I will have no problem keeping up to date with celebrity gossip elsewhere.

  17. Kara says – reply to this


    you all haters know that by coming here and commenting you actually support Perez, right??? I'm with Perez on this because he helped a lot in the beginning and I believe you should not forget those people when you're on top:-) Plus she admitted that she was on drugs!

  18. RealOne says – reply to this


    YOU CAN TELL HE WANTS TO RECONCILE!!! awww sad that you just dug yourself a hole by saying "NO" hahaha loser ass b i t c h

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    So say a reconciliation did happen, and it probably will eventually; the relationship won't be as it was, but on a more surface level but without gunning for each other in the press. Then after that, maybe casual conversations with mutual 'sorrys' down the road, hugs and a couple of drinks.

  20. SRYNTSRY says – reply to this


    This is the dumbest interview I have ever seen. Poor Wendy had to keep picking you up off the floor and keep you from rambling like a 6 year old. You are so ill spoken, how you can possible have the ability to form sentences to write a blog or speak on any kind of a show is astonishing to me. You really need to work on your intellect, your dialect, your vocabulary, need I go on? Did I catch the first part right, you referred to yourself in the third person as you sit there and accuse someone of being wrapped up into themselves…rrriiiiight. There was no new information given, this was not poignant, you couldn't hold yourself in such a meaningless conversation anyways, and it proves that you really need to move on with your life and just let it go dude. YOU are the vampire, riding someone else's coat tails to hang on to ANY kind of notoriety you can because your blog, statistically, is going down the shit hole. GET A DAMN LIFE! be a role model for your son. seriously, what the hell are you doing? I don't care if the girl snorts cocaine off the back of every toilet stall in manhattan, it's none of your business, as is it no one else's either. What, you want her to send you an acceptable justifiable excuse when she shits the wrong way too? If you focused on yourself as much as Gaga, you'd be the fu#$%#n dalai lama!

  21. 21

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  22. KC says – reply to this


    Sorry, but nothing you said sounds believable. It's easy to use the drug use as an excuse for the end of your friendship, but there's obviously more to the story than that, otherwise you wouldn't be so obsessed with sabotaging her career. She may not be all that innocent, but you are far from being a saint in all this.

  23. 23

    Everyone has seen some "mean drunks" if you go out to bars and nightclubs often enough. It wouldn't be a surprised if Gaga was one of them … sometimes. They say that alcohol and other drugs brings out the dark side in people you know. I bet Gaga has a "mean girl" side to her. Kind of like Lindsay Lohan when she got intoxicated on booze or drugs.

    I hear she sometimes acted like a biatch to people that worked for her like her assistants. One of Gaga's assistants had to sue her for overtime pay this year.

    I drank a bunch of bourbon one time and don't remember half the stuff I did. People told me the next day I tried to start a couple of fights and I was lucky I didn't get my face smashed in. I don't even know what the heck I was mad about. Alcohol does this to people sometimes. You gotta know when to tell people at the party "no more" and just go home or find an excuse to leave or crash out or something.

  24. 24

    I have no issue calling Perez out when I think he's in the wrong about something, but I feel as though what he is saying rings true, and that it's only a small portion of what he could have said about her.

    I've known for some time now that Gaga is very fake, her whole persona is, though she claims it is genuine. It hardly surprises me what he alleges here.

  25. *** says – reply to this


    I love how people think just because they're crass and in your face, that they think they're keeping it real. You are as fake as they come.

  26. 26


  27. grinco says – reply to this


    Look at a news report on this video. Don't look at a blog's post on an article Blogs are inaccurate

  28. Crystal says – reply to this


    Oh okay! Sounds like high school stuff on both ends. I wasn't a fan of Gaga as much when u shoved her down our throats but when I did become a fan not long after was the fall out. Its really none of our business but now that its out it isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was. Same shit that happens to us all.

  29. Britney says – reply to this


    This makes me sad…I really liked you two as friends! Can you guys try to work things out, you both beautiful people?

  30. 30

    WHY would she need to "reconcile" with the likes of YOU????? She doesn't need you, it is quite the opposite. Not like you can make or break her career yo megalomaniac! And I am not even a Gaga fan! You are pathetic and need to move on from this stupidity. Aww someone doesn't want you to play in her sand box…. waaaaah.

  31. 31

    very true and she has no other friends left it seems shes always alone not like Madonna who had lots of friends . Yes perez your a very loyal person to those you love shes just one twisted rat face bitch who doesn't deserve a nice friend like u or her other friend whos no longer around her either or her stylists or her manager .. NOONE SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO STAND HER you did what u could perez not to mention that dancer that she apparently was MEAN TOO shes the mean one perez ..

    TEAM PEREZ rat face deserves what ever she gets shes NASTY

  32. STEVE says – reply to this


    Gaga is all over the place…Music Shows, Ellen and SNL…Your on WW….Sad….

  33. Mimi says – reply to this


    Was WW wearing VERSACE? HAHA

  34. ohmy says – reply to this


    You are dogshit on my shoe. Can't wait to wash you down the toilet.

  35. LJS says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – Oh, please. What friends does Madonna have left? Sandra Bernhard? Rosie O'Donnell? Christopher Ciccone? The very same thing Perez is accusing Gaga of (using people until she doesn't need them anymore) is the very same thing people used to say about Madonna.

  36. PerezIsABully says – reply to this


    Perez, nobody believes you.. Gaga has already spoken the truth about you on Howard Stern. Her version fits the way you are and have proven to be. u clearly haven't changed. ur an asshole and a bully perez. we all know it..

  37. 37

    of course gaga is everywhere she now has to pimp herself out now that she doesn't have a best friend to put her on his 30 million dollar site daily and delete all the bad stuff he didn't get any credit on the way up but now shes ON THE WAY DOWN she wants to act like hes somehow to blame it appears … shes the FAKE ….

    SHES GOING DOWN faster then a ripe turd in the ny sewer system…

    Madonna was always surrounded by friends and still is always surrounded by friends not like this rat face loner nigel no friends ..

  38. Roe says – reply to this


    Perez is the only one leaching. He's using this feud for his own gain, because he knows it's the only thing about him that people are remotely interested in. Notice his public battles are always with women? That's because when he tries to mess with other guys, he gets his ass beat.

  39. 39

    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – whats ur obsession with me?
    1. im not fat unlike ur stinking fatass
    2. who says hes unemployed
    3. she loved her present I got her her eyes went like giant saucers
    4 perez has more fans than u u have none … because ur a n asshole…

    5 perez made the bitch he can unmake her shes reduced to pimping her ass everywhere to stay relevant …

  40. 40

    You really shouldn't go on talk shows. Your thoughts were erratic and disorganized not to mention your over emoting and ridiculous hand gestures.

  41. Royalzzz says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – shut the fuck up loser. You stan for Perez Hilton.. lmfao what a laughable person you are from that 1 fact alone.

  42. NONEYA says – reply to this


    Perez and Gaga both are self absorbed idiots and they deserve each other.

  43. SuperLoser777 says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – Perez made her? LOL He wishes! He just latched on to her early when she was a rising star. The only thing Perez made is the bullshit you have steaming between your teeth.

  44. THE TRUTH says – reply to this


    Its sort of the truth. Everybody she had in the beginning are all gone. First her choreographer left her, then her house of gaga designer and most recently her manager.

  45. annieoo says – reply to this


    What a damn fool…

  46. Fifi says – reply to this


    You are pathetic !

  47. Mike says – reply to this


    Please get a JOB!

    I don't like Gaga either but you are obsessed with her on this site and when WW asked you about the apartment, you had LIAR written all over your answer hahahahahaha. You know the exact location where she lives.

  48. 48

    omg perez has fans… how can humans be so stupid!

  49. NateyGaGa says – reply to this


    You are pathetic! And you sound so uneducated! I went from being upset with you to just feeling sorry for you. It's just sad now. You don't realize it just yet but you'll be getting what's coming to you very soon. Karma's a bigger bitch than you believe it or not. #pathetic

  50. 50

    I love you PEREZ! - YOU ARE SO REAL AND HONEST! - Gaga needs your help. she needs your support as a matter of fact.

  51. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    I don't particularly care for this cum gurgling queen, but I do have to say something…he practically invented that bitch. This guy promoted that ugly, horse faced bitch like there was no tomorrow. Now that GaGa has nixed her handlers, and supporters…Laurie Ann Gibson, Nicola, Perez, her former manager etc…her career is going into to the toilet. Right where it belongs!