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Kanye West Gets Called A 'Walking Contradiction' In New Interview! See His Defense HERE!!!

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Kanye West walking contradiction

Oh my, when will he ever learn?

Kanye West had a very lengthy interview this morning and in it he talked about lots of different things, like how Kim Kardashian is today's next Marilyn Monroe (not Kate Upton), and how Bound 2
was supposed to be as cheesy as a parody video!

But that's not all! One of the interviewers happened to be radio DJ Charlamagne Tha God, who is known for his outspoken ways, and he was NOT about to cater to Yeezus' ego.

Right off the bat, Charlamagne told him that he thought Yeezus was "wack" and proceeded to ask him about his deals with major corporations, like Nike.

Ya know, because he goes around talking bad about them yet he JUST signed a deal with Adidas?

Charlamagne said:

"To me it seems like you're such a walking contradiction cause you denounce the corporations and then you get on stage and say you need Nike & Adidas to back you, that makes no sense to me… How can you say eff the corporations and say you feel like a slave, but then ask the companies to back you!?"

OH SNAP! Dropping truth bombs like no other!

Well, Kanye wasn't about to take that lying down.

'Ye answered:

"100%…I'm not denouncing the corporations, I'm denouncing the people that have the JOB at the corporation at that time… I ain't going at Nike as a corporation, I'm going at the people that's running the corporation and I'm saying 'I'mma hit you in the chest until you listen to me, cause you feel like you ain't gotta take no meeting with me. So I'mma turn up and I'mma show you what we are.'"

Hmmm…looks like Kanye is pulling a politician move and dancing around the question!?!

But, ya know, we could be wrong…

What do U think about Kanye's response? Is he a walking contradiction???

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7 comments to “Kanye West Gets Called A 'Walking Contradiction' In New Interview! See His Defense HERE!!!”

  1. 1

    i think that when he works with a huge company even if his ideas are genius (or not) that the company will have a set plan they are the marketing genius not him and he needs to give his ideas but then let them do their thing .. Also needs to stop being too greedy as chasing the gold will lead to all kinds of trouble…decide prestige or gold or both either way hes going to have to work with someone else …not just what he wants …

  2. 2

    You mean the CEO's of major corporations can be egotistical pricks, oh no Kanye, shield your innocent, starving artist eyes and ears! Bullshit…he's fighting the people with the "job", yeah, because he isn't some diva-tastic, elitist, little shit, HAH please.

  3. gryffindor says – reply to this


    by kanye's logic, i DEMAND that Nike take a meeting with ME. can i just say that I love that kanye reads and responds to everyone's comments. i love it, he's so insecure. probably because his lips are too big and his dick is too small.

  4. 4

    No contradiction….just an egotistical ass.

  5. 5

    Gawd, I hope he doesn't talk like that around Kim. I feel for her so. Love is love… but it ain't gonna get you through his sh*t for much longer. If I had to listen to him live, I'd get up, walk over and get a extension cord, tie it to the ceiling fan and right in front of him hang myself… and he would just go on talking about he be jesus and all that. This guy be wack, as says the Char guy. WACK WACK DACK DACK FACK FACK QUADRUPLE WACK.

  6. jackwad says – reply to this


    Dear god, what A RETARDED GOON!!! He sounds SO uneducated. I can just hear a conversation between he and Kim ("Dumb and Dumber") where he's spouting this nonsensical gibberish and Kim just nodding say "UH HUH, I KNOW!!! You're so smart!" The poor baby is going to have poop for brains, not to mention they're not intelligent enough to care about all the dead animals they wear. It takes a frontal lobe to understand that you don't need to torture something else to be at the top of the food chain. They're very base human.

  7. TCR says – reply to this


    CONTRADICTION!! that word is too polite and not strong enough to describe Kanye West.