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Oh, PHEWWWWW!! We all were hoping that the Bound 2 video was a joke (just watch it) and it seems this is exactly what Kanye West WANTED everyone to thin… Read more…

23 comments to “Kanye West Explains Bound 2's Cheese! He "Ain't Got A Problem With Lookin' Stupid!"”

  1. susieserb says – reply to this


    again watch this video side by side w/the parody for optimal belly laughs

  2. 2

    Looks to me like he didn't get the reaction he hoped for and now he is changing his tune. Really, can anyone take this clown seriously anymore?

  3. Mary says – reply to this


    White trash? Well, it's definitely trash.

  4. Um says – reply to this


    White trash? LOL You're trash and your whore of a woman.

  5. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    .. making love to other gay fish..

  6. inga2177 says – reply to this


    now it makes some sense. but the blake resist's dude lives in the world of his weirdos dream. go to armenia kanye kardashian

  7. inga2177 says – reply to this


    kanye is a racist

  8. gracie says – reply to this


    It looked real - did anyone notice that Kim looked bored while she faked sex with him?

  9. 9

    Actually his hunger games reference does makes sense - he is talking about the images that we see every day that are designed and predetermined by the Gov or Media or whoever… were being brainwashed to believe and think certain things even when these things are not likely or real. we accept whats being fed to us - like in the Hunger Games. Point Kanye for reading comprehension skills!

  10. texasannie says – reply to this


    don't believe him. it flopped and people are making fun of it so he's acting like he "meant it to be that way". yeah, right kayne. ignorant racist piece of shit.

  11. bigbud says – reply to this


    aged cheddar

  12. TheyStoleMyNicknameWow says – reply to this


    Of course he has no problem, I mean, he knocked up the dumbest 30+y/o girl in the whole world.

  13. jessica says – reply to this


    White trash? I'll go with trash…but how is this white trash? Sounds to me like Kanye is a racist. You made a terrible video, altered your girls image to try and make her look sexy & everyone thought it was a huge joke, so now you're acting like you did that all on purpose.

  14. blueness says – reply to this


    I am not buying the Hunger Games comparison. He seems to be suggesting it is cheesy like the Hunger Games. While others think he is comparing the video to the message of HG about conformity and government control, I cannot give him enough credit to buy that. I think he is saying the movie is cheesy and so is his video. Video yes, but c'mon Kanye, I like fish sticks too but this is no Hunger Games. Some will always view this man as an incredible artist, no matter what stupid nonsense he does.

  15. Sam says – reply to this


    Sure, funny how he meant to make it cheesy AFTER everyone one else in the world called it cheesy first.. Hard to believe a perfectionist like him, who loves to explain everything in excruciating detail, failed to beat the world to the punch and not let people know beforehand he meant to make it cheesy.

  16. 16

    i highly doubt it was supposed to be a joke, he now just sees that everyone is laughing at it, so he wants us to think we were supposed to be laughing the whole time..

  17. 17

    Oh my god….Kanye is an idiot…the video is horrible…you can say you you went for this effect but what can you say about the horrible sound track????? We all know he did not create this "cheese" on purpose…saying that is just a cover up for how poor the public reaction is….. Kim, how could you associate yourself with such a loser!! What a serious life mistake!! Now you will be tied to him forever with a child…I feel so bad for you!! He thinks he is fashion icon..NOT….thinks he has musical ability…NOT….thinks he is good looking…NOT!!

  18. ohmy says – reply to this


    Guess that's why he looks stupid all of the time.

  19. TCR says – reply to this


    Phew what a relief! He was giving us the impression he did have a problem with it……..Kim if only could admit to the same thing, plus all the surgery, the world will becomes a happier place.

  20. Bartron says – reply to this


    If you buy that Kanye 'wanted to look ridiculous' then you have evidently not witnessed how seriously this man has taken himself - repeatedly, unfailingly so over the past decade. Irrespective of the video, the music is garbage. It's not even 'garbahge' - it is pure unadulterated pain to listen to with annoying as hell samples and sounding like it was edited by a toddler.

    This post plays its role in vindicating Kanye for being a developmentally disabled self important over the hill force of ignorance. Buying music that sounds like this is like paying somebody to take a dump, and we should cease trying to conjure up excuses for this grow man and his terrible product and say what we say to everyone else - better luck next time.

  21. alSocksRbrownOnTheBotm says – reply to this


    Black guys are amazing. They can get away with still practicing black slavery and slave raids (Darfur raids). Pygmies are born into congo slavery. They get away with creating the most oppressive human rights abusive governments that arent communist. 60 asian students were attacked in a predominantly black school for being asian and it didnt barely make the news outside PA. They have the highest rate of spousal abuse and spousal homicide. The highest divorce rates. Black gangs murder minorities at far higher rate than any white hate group (not that white hate groups arent solemn tushholes). And now they can say things like "white trash" but if a white celeb says "ghetto goons" there would be a problem.
    But i'm not a celebrity. He's a ghetto goon.

  22. RushSHHH says – reply to this


    Nice back-peddle you IDIOT! On the Ellen show he was all excited about how ingenious and creative he was in directing the video. He is just an angry little boy, all upset because he is talent less, just like Kim. No one wants to deal with him or his ego or his big mouth. He needs to just shut up and stop acting like a freak show. Oh, and YOU DO look stupid, every time you talk you are the epitome of STUPID !

  23. RushSHHH says – reply to this


    Re: Bartron – Well Said !! KUDOS :)