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12 comments to “Lorde Denies Throwing Drake & Nicki Minaj Under The Slam Wagon! See Her Back That Thing Up HERE!”

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    lakjslskjdf Perez, you've started to piss me off with your ignorance. When the hell did she say that she thinks people shouldn't listen to their music? Never! She was simply saying the reason why she chooses to write her music the way she writes it was because she was never able to relate to the flashy lifestyle Drake and Nicki Minaj portray.
    She's clearly too eloquently spoken and intelligent for you to understand. Not sure why I'm surprised.

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    yes stop throwing her under a bus shes a nice talented girl …

  4. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: . – i agree with you completely. i am so sick of this girl having shit talked about her for being someone who doesn't think every teenager should go out and get wasted and fuck around and be naked all the time…

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    Re: . – you do I do we do and perez cause he started this shit

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    Wow, another bratty hipster trying to dish dirt on everyone. People don't just make stuff up, after what she said about Selena, I think she did say it, it's so they don't slam her back, because they have bigger fan bases. Lordes music sounds the same anyway, she's just a one hit wonder people won't remember in the future.

  8. Danny says – reply to this


    Re: lalalla

    1. "so they don't slam her back, because they have bigger fan bases."? Selena Gomez? no hahaha. Nicki Minaj and Drake? maybe Drake, but Nicki Minaj has the expiry date type of fan base.
    2. I doubt you have taken time to listen to her music. I would say it "sounds the same", as in she has her own type of sound. Nicki Minaj "sounds the same" as everyone else; if jazz was selling right now, she would be making jazz music. Nicki's music is soulless writing that has little little meaning or purpose, and because of her making music of other people image, she will probably stop in around 5 years when all them teens have grown up and she has no solid fan base backing. She has a little amount of fans that actually listen to her because they can connect with her music, rather than listening to her because she is what is being pushed by radio right now.
    3. "she's just a one hit wonder people won't remember in the future. "? if she has a solid fan base based on actually putting effort into making music and being herself I dont see how this could happen. I'm a big fan of Kid Cudi, who never gets pushed by radio, and his albums always sell well because he actually creates art with worth and is appreciated for it.

    Theres a reason why someone like Nicki Minaj will never be compared with a rapper and true artist like Eminem, or a pop star like Michael Jackson.

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    Re: Danny – You'd actually be quite surprised about Nicki's fanbase, and drakes pretty big, so yeah they'd slam her back hard if she said anything bad about them.
    I have actually listened to quite a few of her tracks, and the ones I've heard do actually sound the same, that's why I said it. & Yeah I know Drake & Nicki is shit, just because I said that it's because she doesn't want trouble off their fans mean I like them, Nicki is just trash. Her rapping repulses me, but like you, you're defending someone who literally gives no fucks what so ever if you stick up for them as long as you're buying their records. Like one direction fans, why defend someone who doesn't give a rats ass, just because someone says they care about every individual it's bullshit. Does it matter though for five years from now? We're on about now xD People can start a lot of shit in this moment.
    You are right about Kid cudi, I've always been a fan. But come on seriously, 'Royals'? It's a heap of waste. That's probably the only song she'll have in the charts, and most people take the piss out of it.
    Like I said before, I don't care for Nicki I don't listen to her. & You're right no one will ever compare to Eminem or Michael, true artists and talent. The music that's put out there now is just trash, including royals.

  10. Robert says – reply to this


    Nicki Minaj is washed up.

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  12. Makenna says – reply to this


    She is a good singer!!!!! So don't get in her grill!!! I am only 9 I can fight for my self!!