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Listen To This: Heavenly!

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The Swedish just do house music better!!!

Rising EDM star John Dahlbäck has just dropped our latest dancefloor anthem!

We Were Gods has the coolness and melodicness of Miike Snow with the production reminiscent of Swedish House Mafia. And the video feature some quirky puppet action!

Win all around!

Check it out above!!!

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4 comments to “Listen To This: Heavenly!”

  1. Mystic says – reply to this


    Up and coming??????????????????????????????? WTF—He is one of the original house masters!!!!!
    I've been dancing to this man for YEARS!!!!!!
    You guys really are way behind the times—too much bitching about lady gaga to notice anything else!
    Sometimes this site really is the last to know—geesh!

  2. Mark says – reply to this


    Rising? John has been in the scene longer than your career Perez, get your facts right

  3. Alyy says – reply to this


    I actually laughed so hard when I read this. "Rising EDM star"? John Dahlback is an EDM GOD and has been around longer than most of the people that read this blog.
    I agree with Mystic, to much bitching about Lady Gaga and reporting on mundane activities from celebrities to actually get the facts right. Disappointed!

  4. 4

    Sorry I do not like house music but Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you.