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31 comments to “facebook-my-first-time-at-the-circus-bigapplecircus”

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    "The only scary animal is the one right behind me."

  2. 2

    That circus is NOT animal friendly, you douchebag. They cage, leash and whip the animals. They advertise how much they respect the animals, but they DON'T, again, you hypocritical douche. PETA should fucking nail your balls to the wall.

  3. 3

    A bit too young to go to the circus, I think. Nice thought but a child this age doesn't know what is real what is "pretend". Most stuff in circus is tricks, fake faces, HUGE animals… This little boy will probably not remember this event in the long term, but he might have some unusual dreams, potentially scary dreams, shortly following this "adventure". A nine months old doesn't process what he sees as older children do and he cannot be explained and reassured that's it's all ok and fun. A bit premature, Mr. Perez. Give yourself and your child another 4 or 5 years before doing it again. This is just an advise from another parent who loves her kid more than anything in this world.

  4. SuperCute says – reply to this


    Super cute. :) He looks absolutely mesmerized. Happy babies make me smile.

  5. Demi says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – Yet you stay on this site constantly judging every move of his life. I don't like Perez either but damn dude, you're obsessed lol

  6. mr pete says – reply to this


    Remember when Michael dangled that baby he bought, out a hotel window
    Looks like another bought and paid for baby, in the hands of an irresponsible
    gay man, who wants to pretend

  7. Atheryan says – reply to this


    I may not be a parent, but I do know what you are mistakenly referring to as "mesmerized" should be traumatized and overstimulated. You're son has absolutely no idea of what he is experiencing and it is so intense and outside the norm, it's terrifying and it all just keeps going on because he has no way of asking for help. At 9 months old, he will have no memory of this so the only one you're selfishly giving a memory to is you. You're all but guaranteeing ADHD problems for the poor kid to one day work through along with all the other issues you'll pass along. Take a little time off from the drama you try to cause with Lady Gaga and read a parenting book.

  8. 8

    I love the circus, only been a few times but the best one I saw was the Moscow Circus when they were visiting LA, this was a long time ago, maybe 35 years? Anyway they had the most beautiful horses and let us walk backstage and visit the horses after the show.
    Have to agree, though, your son is a bit young for a circus, maybe wait until he is 3 or 4?

  9. Golden dildo says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole

    I couldn't agree more with you. Glad there's people out there that care.

  10. Bottoms Up says – reply to this


    Put that hideous blob on a fucking diet already.

  11. Lynn says – reply to this


    You people are all ridiculous and cruel. ADHD has nothing to do with how many experiences you introduce your young infant to. I'd say the "traumatic" equivalent to this for a baby his age would be shopping in a busy supermarket. He can watch the animals with wonder yet at a supermarket he can be confused why there are so many faces but not all looking at him. My daughter is a year old and I would definitely take her to a circus. (A daytime one though..I'm not all about keeping young ones up late at night. Sleep is crucial for young ones.)

    PS. You haters need to look at yourselves more… It's bad for your health to hate others so much !

  12. karin says – reply to this


    So sad to see all these disrespectful comments. A man loves his baby and is excited to experience everything he can with him. He was ready to have a son in his life. Maybe more people should think twice about the consequences in having a child. Many are not ready for the responsibility. Thank you Perez for all your pictures of your son. Glad you are happy.

  13. 13

    You shouldn't support traveling circuses, they tend to abuse animals. I thought everyone know this?

    You should keep this site professional, and abstain from posing pics of yourself and your kid. No one is interested in either one of you.

  14. Julie says – reply to this


    You are a complete MORON to be attending the circus. Don't you know how badly they treat the animals? Why are you bringing your kid to the circus and letting him know it's ok to terrify, whip and beat animals. You need to be in the circus not the animals. And STOP PIMPING OUT YOUR CHILD!! It's awful how you use him as a magnet for fame!! ughh sickening!

  15. 15

    Re: Julie

    Right on sista! Perez…. I know you adore animal.. by going to the circus you support the abuse of animals. I am disappointed.. and while I know you just adore your baby, selfishly this is for you — your baby will never remember that day… but the animals being whipped — they will never forget.

  16. RantoBantoSantoGOOOON says – reply to this


    Re: Julie – Do you know how badly mother nature treats animals? Endless diseases and no ability to treat them. Ticks. stinging ants in their bedding. Parasites and invasive worms. The mange. Food famines and dry waterbeds. Bottom of the food chain existence. Have to fight just to breed. When i was a boy I had a pet bird. Its feathers were clipped. Unbeknownst to my parents, I took it outside to play with it. It sat in the grass. My sister called me to give me something. I left the bird in the yard for all of TWO minutes. I got around then corner JUST IN TIME to see a bird of prey (hawk? no idea. Looked more like a shadow than a bird. Blurr) swoop and grab. I saw it overhead but had no clue they could see from that distance. And thats when I learned.. animals belong in cages!! ITS A MADHOUSE OUT THERE. A MAD HOUSE.

  17. katy says – reply to this


    dislike. you should not be supporting the circus. you're supporting animal cruelty. your entrainment is animal abuse. have you seen blackfish? same thing.

  18. SuperCute says – reply to this


    I don't understand the need to hide behind your computer screens and spew trash at someone. How can you close your eyes at night and sleep knowing you've said such UGLY things about another human being? Really? You're going to call a baby a retard? Hideous blob? Do you really think you have the right to do that? It makes you inhuman - which is worse than anything you could say about this man or his child. Pathetic, immature and just plain sad. This is a beautiful picture of a parent and child - show some respect.

  19. 19

    hes 9 months old hes no retard hes very observant and seems very social for his age soon hell be the big ONE … DID U post ur new addres since u changed houses po box

  20. rantoBantoSantoGOOOON says – reply to this


    If I was an artist and could paint, I might have painted a self portrait of that childhood experience of mine and it probably wouldn't have looked much different from this photo. I'd have painted myself as a young boy staring up at the dusking sky watching my bird get carried off in a hawk's talons with mother nature appearing behind me just a'grinning and a'laughin while a pink clad angel sits on mother nature's shoulders saying "I told her to give you a few more minutes to get your bird but she never listens to me"

  21. GAGAFAN says – reply to this



  22. ed says – reply to this


    whereis Momma Perez? did her check bounce so she left? LOL..

  23. SunnyG says – reply to this


    What a gorgeous little baby :) Sorry so many worthless, hateful people read your blog. It's shocking how many of their mothers failed them, while your son will thrive and have a wonderful life. <3

  24. 24

    its really weird how so many people think they are right to make bullying and abusive comments about a nine month old BABY. Well done you needlessly hate-filled adults of the world. Aren't you all just f*uckin champions? Give yourselves a pat on the back

  25. sylvie says – reply to this


    i hope it wasnt an animal circus… please read up on them before you spend your money going… im proud to say ive never taken my daughter to an animal circus

  26. luk says – reply to this


    DOWN SYNDROME?????????????????

  27. 27

    Please make this his first and last trip to the circus. They do nothing but exploit and mistreat animals so they will do stupid tricks for humans.

  28. 28

    So Perez is PRO animal abuse, I see. Who the fuck goes to the circus? It's nothing but a ring for animal abuse & cruelty. Shame.

  29. Donna says – reply to this


    Re: Beagle – Perez is for anything that results in abuse of others - he is a psychopathic narcissist.

  30. Kornhole Klan says – reply to this


    Anyone defending Perez and/or Mongo is a kornholing rapist.

  31. ohmy says – reply to this


    And look at your ugly ass face in the photo! I bet you don't have one photo of just that child.