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Paul Walker Died As Passenger Of Former Racecar Driver Roger Rodas

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Read about the friend Paul Walker died with in his tragic car crash HERE.

This story just keeps getting sadder.

After the heartwrenching confirmation of Paul Walker’s fatal accident, we’re now getting details about the friend who died driving the car: Roger Rodas, CEO of Always Evolving (a car customization shop in Santa Clarita).

The two had previously raced cars together in the Pirelli World Challenge series, and decided to take Roger's rare Porsche Carrera GT from a car show at his building to the Reach Out Worldwide charity event in LA.

Reportedly the car spun out, wrapped around a tree, and burst into flames with the two inside.

Our hearts go out to the friends and families of both Paul and Roger.

CLICK HERE to view photos and a video of the wreckage. So shocking!

[Image via Facebook.]

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28 comments to “Paul Walker Died As Passenger Of Former Racecar Driver Roger Rodas”

  1. John says – reply to this


    There's no doubt that Paul (and his friend Roger)'s death is beyond tragic, but what really makes my skin crawl is that once something of this magnitude hits the airwaves, the news media goes berserk and releases every single detail about such a tragedy, releasing photos and videos so that each person who can stomach such a situation (especially like this, watching an expensive car burn with two bodies inside) can relive the situation over and over again. It's sickening to say the least, and unfortunately, despite saying to their readers that they "care" for the deceased, they are only in it for themselves to make a quick buck "hot off the press."

    They all should really just lay off for a while and let both families have their privacy! #RIPPaulandRoger

  2. 2

    I really thought he as a very handsome man when he was in 'into the blue' with Jessica alba then he was in that snow dogs movie he was very good as leading man in that and he was in fast and furious series but I always remember how handsome he is/was and how blue his eyes were and nice his smile was .. this is tragic even with the guys who had experience and somehow lost control of the car very sad ..

  3. Rangga says – reply to this



  4. Rangga says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – yup…He's such a gorgeous man.

  5. 5

    So so very sad and tragic! He seemed like a kind hearted and generous man who was committed to his various charities. RIP Paul.

  6. razedaze says – reply to this


    What I want to know, its morbid yes, but I hope they died instantly

  7. nicholettes says – reply to this


    Losing Paul was a huge tragedy, but I would also like to express my condolences to the family of the driver in that terrible crash Roger Rodas, found his lovely wife here

  8. Lina_Bella says – reply to this


    How ironic death, a car accident … RIP PAUL !!!

  9. jupiter1976 says – reply to this


    stop posting pics. god, perez….I don't even know why I come to your hypocritical site anymore. go kiss KIMYES ass some more.

  10. BS says – reply to this


    perez is beyond hypocritical. you can say your condolences perez but you used to call him not too long ago "that d-lister from the fast and the furious". you're an absolute phony perez. paul was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside, very heartbreaking story, i can't imagine not escaping a car engulfed in flames, what an awful way to die. i hope porsche looks into their safety feautures because of this case, it may be a luxury car but it never looked like a very protective vehicle for drivers. R.I.P. paul and roger :(

  11. Donna says – reply to this


    I bet he'll milk this now for hits.. guess it's better than photos of himself and his grotesque varmint.

  12. Connie says – reply to this


    So so tragic! I agree though with previous posters it's not respectful to the families to keep showing the videos / photo's of the burning vehicle. I have personally seen a person die in such a manner just outside the hospital I worked at, car exploded and he was clawing at window to get out. It's not pretty and the families don't need the visuals. My only prayer and hope is that they were unconscious or dead on impact and didn't get burned alive. RIP Sexy Blue Eyes who did a lot of good for this world and RIP to his buddy, may they ride the highways in heaven.

  13. Celina says – reply to this


    I love this frase:
    Our hearts go out to the friends and families of both Paul and Roger.
    CLICK HERE to view photos and a video of the wreckage. So shocking!

    Really? Come on!

  14. Carrera says – reply to this


    burn baby burn!

  15. marky says – reply to this


    Well at least he died doing what he loved. Tragic yes, but very careless. Too much celebrity worship in this country! He was just another overpaid actor!!!

  16. 16

    I'm sorry…"Former car car driver"…there was nothing former about Roger Rodas. He was racing in Pirelli World Challenge THIS YEAR. It was actually his rookie season and he came 13th in points in his class despite missing two races. I watched him race in Toronto, which was actually his highest finish of the year. I'm sure he would be racing next season and had done even better if this hadn't happened. Please get your facts straight before posting. Also, as far as I know, Paul Walker never raced World Challenge with him…he co-owned the company that sponsored the team, and he raced in other races with him, like Thunderhill, but never World Challenge.

    As for the pictures…I don't understand why so many news organizations feel its an appropriate thing to post. I didn't know either of them but I have friends that did. They had friends and families and children…these kind of things don't need to be going all over the internet.

  17. Dunnie says – reply to this


    Re: BS – Its very tragic what happened here and I feel very sorry for their families who'll have to cope with the loss of two of their beloved. They have my deep sympathy. :(
    But about your comment that Porsche should look into their safety features, I've to disagree with you. Porsche cars are very safety build. But all safety features of the world can't help you when you drive carelessly with too much speed on a road which isn't made for this. As tragic and awful as this accident is, the cause of this is human failure, not a techniqual one. That's my opinion only, of course.

  18. elizabeth says – reply to this


    Re: pdrocksmysocks – perfectly said

  19. marlowe says – reply to this


    They were in a 35 mph zone. Idiots. Why didn't they take the car to a race track if wanted to show it off instead of endangering others by this kind of reckless behavior…

  20. 20

    Paul's daughter has a claim against Roger Rodas' estate for the death of her father.

  21. Heather says – reply to this


    Everybody always wants to go fast…

  22. 22

    That sucks. He was an awesome actor with a very bright future. FAF was carried by his presence. A great loss and completely unnecessary.

  23. Sofia says – reply to this


    This type of accidents happen all the time all over the world; this sad accident could no ever happened if the driver had not been driving at high speeds in a public street that has 35mpr limit. People driving don't realize that the passenger's life depends on his actions and no one has the right to jeopardize others life's. This and all "accidents" are sad but the ones caused by negligence are not excusable. Lets this be a warning for those that don't respect the traffic safety laws.

  24. Sofia says – reply to this


    Re: marlowe – One thing is racing in a movie and one thing is racing in real life. As you can see the outcome is not the same. I don't care if were movie stars or whatever, all I know that my kids or your kids could had been standing right next to that tree playing and these two irresponsible guys could had kill them. I'm sorry for their families that have to experience difficult times but not for them.

  25. Vicky says – reply to this


    So distasteful to link to photos and video of the aftermath. Have some respect. These people had family, who shouldn't have to contend with this being entertainment. It's tragic, regardless of the fame of the people involved. Rest in peace, Paul and Roger. Let's not pass judgement on the cause until the inquests are carried out.

  26. 26

    Re: John – You are right and that is why I will not watch any videos, I do not want to see a man die.

  27. show off says – reply to this


    rodas was a show off and he paid it with their lives. it wouldnt be an accident if they were cautious. no cars around whatwever = manual error. manual error = show off

  28. Jamie says – reply to this


    @15, An 'overpaid actor' that you paid attention to enough to comment on an article about his death. LOL

    @16, I've actually read and heard before that Paul did indeed race in the Pirelli World Challenge. This isn't the first time that's been said.

    @24, Paul wasn't driving, therefore THEY weren't irresponsible. He was an innocent victim and casualty of the crash. Roger was the one who was speeding recklessly.