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Paul Walker: Shocking New Footage Of The Crash Aftermath!

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How terrifying and horrific!

When Paul Walker and Roger Rodas’ car crashed on Saturday, people pulled over to see if they could help.

The footage once the firefighters got there was awful, but this is just shocking.

Two people stopped their vehicle and filmed the car on fire, then posted it on the internet.

If you’re innerested, you can take a look (below).

[Image via Facebook.]

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23 comments to “Paul Walker: Shocking New Footage Of The Crash Aftermath!”

  1. cat says – reply to this


    If it's so shocking and "sad sad," why post the video. It's websites like this that encourage people to take the video and/or photos in the hopes of making a few extra bucks.

  2. 2

    This is pathetic. Instead of these idiots filming, why didnt they try to help. Maybe one of them would have been saved. For once, put down the phones and bloody help out.

  3. 3

    Re: cat – agreed. I feel bad I am even here watching it or looking for it, Im just as bad. But you are right. Here is someones "small fraction of day" … filming a car crash…. a burning car that CLAIMED two peoples whole lives. His effin daughter can look this up on the internet. SICK.

  4. bytchface says – reply to this


    I wont watch these videos and footage….we read from classier and more appropriate websites what happened…why do we need to watch something so horrible? Give the man some dignity……shame on you for continuing to turn this tragic event into an excuse for website traffic on heartbreaking exclusives.

  5. Teal says – reply to this


    I hope and pray that they both died on impact and did not burn alive. I am so heartbroken for his daughter.

  6. kal says – reply to this


    Even if there is nothing you can do to help out put the damn phone down!

  7. Janice says – reply to this


    Re: rebbecca10?Re: rebbecca10?Re: rebbecca10? – the car was on fire for christ sake…they were dead already..

  8. tschappell520 says – reply to this


    Like really, what could they have done??? I agree it was poor taste posting this, but by the time they got there, the car was engulfed in flames!!! I can't believe you people even think there was something they could do….

  9. Tina says – reply to this


    To those that are saying they should have helped and not filmed it, you must asked yourself "what would you have done?" The people filming this did nothing wrong. Hell one person was on the phone with 911. I don't fault them for not running up to a car which was on fire and could have exploded at any second. By the looks of the car I would say that Paul Walker(R.I.P) and the driver(R.I.P) was killed on impact. And me personally I would hope that was the case. To think of them two still being alive when the car caught fire and exploded is horrible and I would wish that on no one. To the ones that think they did this to make a few bucks, they didn't know that was Paul Walker so how could they have done this in hopes to make money? All I can say is that I hope his family and the driver's family can find peace in this situation. R.I.P to both Paul Walker and the driver!

  10. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – And sorry I didn't refer to the driver by his name. I didn't read what it said, I just skipped down the the video and down to what everybody had to say. R.I.P Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

  11. 11

    Re: Janice
    totally agree - when not having something to kill to fire what should they have been doing? dying too???

  12. Donna says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – I agree, and predicted earlier he'd use this tragedy for hits. I'm waiting for a pathetic post about how Gaga killed him and this was all her fault.

  13. catton says – reply to this


    as horrible as this is, people can't help but watching. it's the new realm of real life. rest in peace paul walker. it shouldn't have happened. driver was in error and Paul was there. it's choice. very, very sad.

  14. 14

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  15. 15

    Re: bytchface – Thanks I agree, I have no need to see the video and just wish his family some peace.

  16. 16

    If Roger Rodas is a professional race car driver then Spencer Pratt is a UFC fighter. The press is LAZY

  17. 17

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  18. Shannen says – reply to this


    It's very disrespectful to show this video….also unkind. I'm not a fan of Paul Walker but this is not the way to treat the dead. PLEASE TAKE DOWN THIS VIDEO and I urge others to shout the same….

  19. Alexandra says – reply to this


    Re: cat – EXACTLY! Alone out of respect you should NOT watch it. At least that was what my instict immediately told me… !!! That is just tacky!

  20. astontiff says – reply to this


    My thing is driving reckless is wrong you either going to take your life or someone else I really am heart broken because am a fan a Paul walker he would be hear right now living his life if friend wasn't so recklessly its not fair to his family or the driver family I just hope people see this accident and take consideration for people loved ones when on your cell phone ,drinking and driving,texting,and also speeding in the road anyone or anybody could lose their lives for nothing r.i.p Paul walker.

  21. EmmaE says – reply to this


    I AGREE 100%
    RT: I wont watch these videos and footage….we read from classier and more appropriate websites what happened…why do we need to watch something so horrible? Give the man some dignity……shame on you for continuing to turn this tragic event into an excuse for website traffic on heartbreaking exclusives.

  22. KIm Sugar says – reply to this


    Maybe these assholes could have put the phone and tried to help…maybe. Our society is disgusting.

  23. Kate says – reply to this


    As others have said, I refuse to watch these videos, and I worry about the ones that do watch them, and the ones that post them, and especially the ones that recorded it. It may seem obvious that there wasn't much that could have been done to save their lives, but why video it? I absolutely HATE how people are with their phones now days, it is disgusting really. Just like when Tyrese went to visit the site and people were take pictures of him and taping it. That was so rude on so many levels. Sure Paul Walker was famous, but his family deserves respect and privacy at this time, and video these moments and then posting them, are in poor taste. People need to imagine it being a loved ones of their's and how they would want to be treated.