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Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Snatch A Fan’s Cell Phone For Taking Pics Of Him?!

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Delete, delete, DELETE!

Justin Bieber’s bodyguards are more than just a bunch of muscle men hired to protect him physically. They’re also highly trained in the art of cell phone picture erasing!

We’re well aware that Biebs isn’t always down for having his photo taken. But now an Australian surfer is saying he had his mobile phone ripped out of his hands by one of Justin’s bodyguards, all because he was snapping shots of his surfing lesson!

This all went down while JB was riding some waves last week in Byron Bay. But up on the beach, his entourage was on the hunt for anyone taking pictures of the pop superstar!

The young man whose cell phone was snatched from him says he wasn’t causing any trouble, he was just taking a quick pic for Instagram! He explained:

"When I was on my way back in, Justin Bieber and his entourage showed up. I simply thought I would take a few pictures for Instagram, but one of his bodyguards told me to delete the images. I told him to mind his own business, then another big bodyguard came up to me and assaulted me by wrestling my phone out of my hands. He took it and deleted my photos. Some other local surfers saw what happened and came to help me until I got my phone back.”


So, can people not take pictures of the ocean if Justin Bieber’s in it?! C’mon!

Maybe Biebsies is THAT bad at surfing that he doesn’t want anyone to see him out there eating it??


[Image via Instagram.]

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