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Miley Cyrus & Rihanna Inspire Children To Twerk?! Leona Lewis Is NOT Amused!

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Leona Lewis has joined Rashida Jones and Jennifer Lawrence in chastising the girls of twerk!

The Christmas, With Love singer has some very specific complaints about Miley Cyrus and Rihanna's oversexualized style.

She says it's bad for little girls, especially the ones she helps to raise! She says:

"Being sexual and in your face is not great for girls who are quite young. It depends what environment you’re brought up in, but personally I've got a god-daughter and little nieces and I don’t want them to see me acting crazy and naked in my music videos.

But then when my little god-daughter is watching videos and doing all these moves, I say to my best friend 'you need to turn that off. She shouldn’t be watching that.'

So it’s up to the parents as well to be able to control what their children are watching. It’s like, 'don’t twerk, you’re a six year old. Stop it.'"

Leona may think they're making some bad choices, but she does want to make it clear she doesn't bear any ill will towards RiRi or Mileybird. She says:

"You can’t blame those girls, who are being young and sometimes dumb. They’re just expressing themselves how they want to.

Girls are not perfect, we all make mistakes."

That seems like a fair position. There's room in the world for all types of expression, including the overtly sexual- as long as the viewer is of proper age?

What do U think? Are Miley and Rihanna too intense for young girls?

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11 comments to “Miley Cyrus & Rihanna Inspire Children To Twerk?! Leona Lewis Is NOT Amused!”

  1. 1

    Good for her. I am glad some performers have the guts to criticize this behaviour.
    She nailed it with her 'young and dumb' comment.

  2. 2

    leona lewis is a beautiful woman and i so agree with what she said. as a parent it is my job to control what my girls (i have three,9,11, and 17) are exposed to. they have seen miley's performance and her wild behavior as well as rhianna's especially the chris brown thing. i have used the news coverage as a learning tool of how ladies should and shouldnt act. they also have learned no one should be beaten upon. although we enjoying hearing these ladies, miley and rhianna sing we wont be buying anything to do with these ladies. i realize its not going to hurt these ladies but i am not spending any money for their behavior. radio is free and i can enjoy their voices on that. fyi before MC left disney we bought her cds and attended 2 concerts

  3. Ball So Hard says – reply to this


    I agree with her on the twerking. Now I hope Leona Lewis stops encouraging children to be horses with that face of hers :)

  4. 4

    It is completely up to parents if you ask me. I have music that I listen to and movies and shows that I watch that are not appropriate for my little boys but I do that stuff on my own time. Shows and movies get seen after the kids go to bed for instance. Some entertainment is strictly for adult/mature audiences.

    They can watch those things when they are old enough hand mature enough to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

    And as far as kids twerking goes, they were doing that LONG before Miley and Rihanna. When I was in middle school there was girls twerking in school, and that was a long time ago.

  5. 5

    I'm glad shes said something, she has true talent, and has earned everything she has, and deserves it. Where as someone like Miley Cyrus who was born with a silver spoon crammed so far up her ass. I don't care how much people try to defend her, she's talentless, and if it wasn't for daddy dearest she wouldn't be where she is now. She's just human filth. I agree with her on some levels, it is the parents fault most kids can get away with murder these days. But parents literally have no right to complain about their children doing stuff like this when their buying them Ipads and iphones as young ages and letting them have access to the internet. What happened to just playing with barbie dolls? I fear for the next generation.

  6. Jonnyboy says – reply to this


    This is why 2013 is the year of Miley Cyrus.

  7. Crystal says – reply to this


    It amazes me how Miley and Rihanna always take the slack for over sexing things, but Beyoncé can be bootylicious and shake and crawl around on the floor like a dog, but that is okay. I am a fan of Beyoncé, but come on. Madonna did it, Beyoncé did it, and the list goes on. It is up to the parents to make sure their children are guided in the right direction. I am over everyone trying to place blame

  8. haha says – reply to this


    leona lewis sounds really jealous to me. get over it little girl.

  9. KIKI says – reply to this


    Re: Ball So Hard – Bring up your children the way you want them to grow .Do not worry about RI. Clean the crap in your eye. you are not perfect so don't try to be miss put to right.

  10. nico street says – reply to this


    Leona can have several seats , Rihanna an Miley are entertainers ( an I use that term loosely) they are not role models for peoples kids. Parents should try being the role models they so desperately seem to want for they're kids instead of expecting celebrities to pick up they're slack.

  11. Madonna says – reply to this


    Arkadaşlar ben madonna.Öncelikle hayranlarıma bir teşekkür ediyorum.Ve şunları söylemek isterim ki miley cyrus ve rihanna çok iyi arkadaşlar.Bu arada beni 55 yaşında sananlar artık sanmasın çünkü ben 45 yaşındayım.Neyse sizi seviyorum