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Paul Walker's Car Crash: New Video Released Of Deadly Impact

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paul walker car accident video disturbing fire smoke sad santa clarita roger rodas

WARNING: This video is EXTREMELY disturbing.

Surveillance camera footage has been obtained that apparently actually shows Paul Walker's fatal car accident that took the life of the 40-year-old actor and his racing partner Roger Rodas on Saturday.

The video is far more horrifying than we could have imagined. We don't recommend watching it if you're squeamish.

See what happened when the accident occurred (below).

There just aren't any words. This is such a gut-wrenching tragedy.

We are so sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “Paul Walker's Car Crash: New Video Released Of Deadly Impact”

  1. Jew says – reply to this


    You literally can't see anything LOL. How is this "extremely disturbing?" It's only disturbing knowing that someone is dying during it but it's not like you can see anything other than innocent-looking smoke? Fucking idiot.

  2. ashley says – reply to this


    …you can't see anything…

  3. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    Can't see anything - how is this video extremely disturbing? Him dying is disturbing, but how about you work on your posts Perez?

  4. Miss Nae says – reply to this


    You know what is extremely disturbing is all those other cars you see drive past without stopping…

  5. beach says – reply to this


    You're such a loser Perez. Profiting off of death, and even worse, profiting off of nothing. Nothing to see in that video. Sickening.

  6. vv says – reply to this


    my dad works as a firefighter and cars even when smashed really hard in high speeds should NOT blow up like that and be in flames??? there was definitely sum thing really messed up with this car! they probably died of the impact anyways but the blow up was very strange?

  7. 7

    Perez only cares because the guy was good looking. If Rocky Dennis died this way, he'd only mention it once, then move on. Loser.

  8. KJ says – reply to this


    Re: vv – It's called a ruptured gas tank with fuel spraying over a hot engine. It's not really that hard to figure out. Go look at the Ford Pinto and Ford Crown Victoria with rear end collisions.

  9. KJ says – reply to this


    Perez, you're a fucking idiot. You don't see shit.

  10. Jess says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Nae – Agreed. The idea that a car crashed and exploded, killing both passengers is disturbing, but I don't understand why they just get passed by. People could have at least pulled over and check for possible survivors, or see if there's anything else they could help out with.

  11. Miss Nae says – reply to this


    Re: Jess – It just saddens me more and more each time I read about it or see it. Especially as I've seen a couple of different ones now and it's either people filming it and not helping or showing people driving past. :( If it were here in Oz, you'd have to pull people away from trying to help or flagging others down to help or at the very very least stopping.. R.I.P Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

  12. Donna says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – I completely agree.

  13. 13

    Sorry he died but do not want to watch this video, it would be disturbing to me.

  14. PELLE says – reply to this


    Paul Walker scratched his balls before his death!
    Paul Walker picked his nose before his death!
    Paul Walker touched his hair before his death!

  15. Dee says – reply to this


    If you all hate Perez so much why do you continue to come on the site?

  16. John says – reply to this


    Man, it's going to be really hard watching the next Fast and Furious film (seventh installment, overall) knowing that a funeral (and/or viewing) takes place in the film (Walker is included in the scene as well, which has been dubbed his "leaked final scene", standing amongst his other F&F "family"). RIP Paul Walker, you'll be terribly missed.

  17. 17

    Re: Dee – Because we love to hate him. Duh.

  18. Elisie says – reply to this


    I find it disturbing that you would poat the last horrible moments of this mans life. I have not watched this needless to say. It is a sad inditment on the American voyuristic culture we live in that you would deem it ok to put this up and even more so tht it has a willing audience. It makes me most sad and ashamed.

  19. 19

    Re: vv – yes I agree that was one hell of a explosion like a bomb in that video

  20. 20

    u see enough what the hell do u want to see u sick people …

  21. Berieved says – reply to this


    Re: Jew – Good Grief!!!!!!!!! But you American's can waer each other over another Humanbeing's death, one that God made…like you and me. He was brilliant and will be sorely missed..I am really very sad about his passind and have enjoyed all the Fast and the Fury movies..and they all were brilliant..and those eyes, are forever now closed..I feel so deeply saddened by his death and what his family and friends plus his daughter must be feeling. R.I.P Paul Walker and may God be with you in Heaven and your family here that are mourning your'e loss..What a giving soul, caring giving and living life to the fullest, the Franchise won't ever be the same without you in it.

  22. itsc says – reply to this


    why would you even attempt to post a video of a car accident in which people died in. perez, you are a disgusting human being. honestly, take a look at yourself.

  23. Natalie says – reply to this


    Re: vv – They hit a gas pipe

  24. 24

    Latest crazy rumor about Paul Walker…what do you guys think…
    There is a rumor floating out there that Walker and the driver were in a gay relationship and that it might have been a homicide/suicide by the driver after an argument. I don't want to believe this to be true…but Walker never confirmed he was gay or not gay and he was never married, and maybe his girlfriend was for show. The two were business partners and maybe more than that….. man! shit is just getting weirder and weirder…

  25. 25

    where is the video?has been removed says

  26. 26

    where is the video I want to watch has been removed!

  27. Just says – reply to this


    vv - The massive explosion has something to do with the odd placement of the V10 engine and gas tank in the Porsche Carrera GT. The engine sits in the rear of the car and the gas tank is between the passenger compartment and that very large engine. It is also a 600-hp rear-wheel drive car. I could see if it went into a spin and hit the pole from behind. Pole -> Engine -> Gas Tank -> BIG boom. Very sad when anyone dies.

  28. Evil man says – reply to this


    Paul Walkeer live his life like his movies genuine guy .

  29. Csar says – reply to this


    Re: Jew – These are the times we live in camaras everywhere unless laws are made for more privacy you got to get use to it.Paul walker was a great actorI dont think anyone enjoys seeing the accident especically his fans

  30. 30

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  32. Fk PrezH says – reply to this


    Re: NinjaGirl – Finally Some one that's normal, Wouldn't he just wreck your head …. Drama Drama Drama !!!!!!!

  33. satan says – reply to this


    there were a few Japanese tourists filming and taking pictures right in the area at the time of the crash.
    there names i am leaking now…
    mr. wae tu fahst, hoe lee fook ,bang ding ouch and wei ohnfire…. these tourists hold the 'lost footage' from the wreck on Saturday.

  34. Dustin Leider says – reply to this


    Let the poor guy rest in piece. Stop writing more articles on his death based on a meaningless video that just brings up more pain for his family, friends and fans. Go write something more intelligent or important. Oh I forgot, you work in the entertainment media industry. Any half wit can do your job. Leave Paul Walker alone and stop bringing up this tragedy.