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5 comments to “facebook-radio-is-the-real-enemy-httpwwwhollywoodreportercomearshotperez-hilton”

  1. is part of the show says – reply to this


    is perez the next record label boss ???

  2. jnp says – reply to this


    LOL god. Perez you do realize it's hard to take anything you say seriously right? There is no variety on radio because guess what they get paid by labels to play the same 12 songs on repeat. How is that any different than you being paid to post and Miley Cyrus every 5 miutes or to report every single breath that any member of the Kardashians or anyone who's attached themselves to that famewhore family? If radio is the enemy of music, should we call you the enemy of celebrity news since your site is not really news but mostly paid advertising?

  3. tempe says – reply to this


    Re: jnp
    This is so true.
    Since the late 60's early 70's a major complaint from listeners ? That radio stations played limited amount of songs with heavy rotations, thus album oriented FM stations were born and began playing deeper cuts , "underground" artists. MTV came along and introduced new acts but they all too fell victim to limited airpplay.
    Perez is doing NOTHING new. Today there are MANY outlets to choose from other than top 40 radio, the very thing he dismisses.
    ITunes, Youtube, Pandora so many avenues of music to find.
    He's just trying to provide another outlet which is fine nut , has he ever had a breakout star that he oversaw ?
    Kat Graham
    the article doesn't mention his long lists of failures.
    He wont release cd figures for these "Pop-up" series and suspicially so.
    This is a very distorted one sided article intended to promote his crap.
    His claim to fame is hopping musical bandwagons and trying to take credit.

  4. God says – reply to this


    ure half right half wrong
    downloading is not a problem but radios are music industry's bitches, not enemy.
    if music industry had an enemy it would be music itself

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Radio is one of the bigger problems for unknown and maybe unsigned artists. I wish you would have expanded on that a bit.