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Justin Bieber Keeps Up His Bad Behavior By DELAYING Melbourne Concert By Over An Hour!

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justin bieber late melbourne concert

What should Justin Bieber get for Christmas??

A prostitute! Some spray paint! A watch! Definitely a watch!!!

Sure, he might have some different things on his Christmas list, but what the Biebs really needs is a watch because he showed up late to yet another concert!

Even though he should have learned his lesson when he popped into his Auckland concert last week a bit on the tardy side and had fans walk out, it looks like he thinks his Beliebers will totes always have his back.

But he might've lost a few of his loyal fans when he went on stage 70 minutes after his scheduled performance time at Rod Laver Arena!

The concert on Monday night ended up getting out at 11 p.m.! Apparently the Biebs didn't know it was a school night for most of his fans!

Although, maybe school night rules are different in Canada, so how could he have known?!

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Justin Bieber Keeps Up His Bad Behavior By DELAYING Melbourne Concert By Over An Hour!”

  1. 1

    Showing contempt for your fans is the beginning of the end. Better simply to quit before that happens.

  2. 2

    An hour late is not "a wee bit" late.

  3. Mary says – reply to this


    "school night rules are different in Canada" wtf perez?

  4. Irishone says – reply to this


    Stupid comment. Isn't he from Canada?

  5. 5

    My niece went to the concert in Melbourne. She paid almost $600 to meet and greet with a photo. They told them to get there at 430. He didn't turn up again 845. No hellos, no apologies, nothing. He stood next to her got the photo, no smile and walked off! Because of this they missed Cody the support act. He's a rude, arrogant, ungrateful person. He won't last long, he's already forgotten who pays for all his luxuries "the fans" She has already been on two news channels. He hasn't impressed the Australian fans or media. He needs a good wake up call.

  6. 6

    This is what he thinks of his fans. They can just f*cking wait, he's doing something. Little girls can be stupid though. That's his fans…preteens

  7. Melissa says – reply to this


    He was also over 70mins late for his brisbane concert. My friend took her little who feel asleep waiting to see him and missed out on seeing him because he was so late. Really unacceptable, these are HIS concerts, whats his excuse, he Forgot??

  8. Naked Jbb says – reply to this


    Oh, i found Justin Bieber Naked Photos

  9. Yu Lee says – reply to this


    Perez arrived 3 hours late for work this morning after a DOUBLE hangover,
    he cant tell u how many prostitutes he fucked cuz he lost count, too drunk.
    The point is that journalists have an easy life -

  10. ok_then says – reply to this


    You conveniently left out the fact Perez that a regular occurrence of his Meet & Greets ran overtime as well. These people also pay a lot of money to meet and have a picture of Justin Bieber taken. It's NOT Justin Bieber who schedules the times for these Meet & Greets either. Being late for a concert for his fans because of Meet & Greets with other fans that ran overtime is hardly being disrespectful or exhibiting bad behavior. Make an effort to get your facts straight Perez!

  11. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: megan150272 – Tell me something.. Is your niece's parents the Australian version of Dina Lohan or Kris Jenner who push their kids in front of a camera and pimp their kids out to the media? With like you said two T.V stations they shoved that poor kid in front of, it sounds like it to me! How much did they make off that kid?

  12. 12

    but as you wanted? He gets out of the clubs only to 4am. He also has to sleep. He wakes up in the afternoon. You need to close all nightclubs in Australia and evict all the whores from the island.

  13. Joshie says – reply to this


    There have been articles about Justin's disrespect for his fans. You cannot pretend that you are all about your fans and then show up from 40 to 4 hours late. In many cases people have had to leave early, not only because 95 percent of his fan base are children, but also that transportation stops at a certain time and people are traveling hours and paying huge sums of money so their kids can see him, only to be heartbroken the little hungover twit is so late they miss his performance completely. And yet he is never late for the parties, boozing, drugging, prostitutes etc.., What an arrogant arse. His sales are way off that One Direction outsells him 187 percent as well as others. Beliebers of course either pretend none of this every happens or they make up excuses. It cracks me up when they come on here pretending to have gone to the shows and saying the rumors are not true, when the p.r. people already released lame statements as to why he is doing what he is doing. Beliebers are insane and actually believe that Justin is in love with them…now that's nuts and sad, a little scary too. Career is heading for a brick wall ready to crash. Arrogant, selfish prick. He is nothing but a robot on stage with everything auto-tuned, especially the new album.

  14. What??? says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – What the…., he was late for the meet and greet for that concert. He showed up at 8:30 instead of 4:30, didn't interact with the kids who spent 500 bucks and then was late for the concert. He has been late for nearly every concert, does not interact with his fans on or off the stage. Rushes the show so he can go drink, do some sizzurp, pot, and a few prostitutes. He's a low life and obviously cannot stand his fans. He feels he is above his fans. Time for him to retire. I don't think there will be another tour, he's shown his true colors. He hates meeting his fans, hates singing or rather lip syncing and only wants to get screwed by prostitutes and is stoned and partying into the next day. He's a scumbag, and so are the beliebers who attack everyone for telling the truth, something they cannot handle.

  15. Reverand says – reply to this


    Re: baracuda – Justin is the whore in the biggest whore in the country. He is in love with himself and only cares about his own needs, which consist of drugs, alcohol and sex with strippers and prostitutes. He has been phoning in his performance since January…even though most of it is lip-syncing. Which his PR said is necessary. He's a super sized dork.

  16. Alex says – reply to this


    Excuse me, everyone is over reacting. I was at the concert, and he was only 35 minutes late! People forget that there is a 30 minutes intermission always. Everyone is making it seem worse than it actually was, thank you!!

  17. Ivan says – reply to this


    At least he trails Rihanna by over a dozen concerts to which she was late; but nothing but praise for her from the media with a few exceptions. That said[to point out the bias in the media toward Justin] he or his crew should make sure he's on time; being late up to about a half hour is excusable but not over an hour. Additionally, the people that usually complain[after all they might not see him for a couple of years] are parents who bring their little kids not the faithful fans.

  18. 18

    Re: Reverand – you probably know a lot and did not sign a non-disclosure contract. Maybe you are one of the prostitutes, which he fucked?

  19. 19

    Before he left Brisbane there where 40 fans waiting for him. And he made sure to sign and take a picture with each one of them!! Shut up.

  20. Ron says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – Biebsy was late for the meet and greet and of course they are scheduled. Justin was again late. He has been up to three hours late to meet and greets and concerts. Justin is disrespectful of everyone. He is quickly losing his fans, while other groups are up in ticket sales by almost 200 percent. Justin's douche behavior is costing him friends big time. Not sure how he thinks peeing in a bucket, kicking guys at nightclubs when his thugs already had the guy on the floor or all the other dumb things he does makes him seem like a "man". It shows just how much of a brat he is, and grown men aren't brats. Maybe his Dad should talk to him, but then again the Dad left his Mom once she was pregnant. Not exactly a role model either.

  21. justinthedouche says – reply to this


    Okay the person who left the comment that JB looks like he is taking a dump is right. Those are poop pants after all. Designers actually hat them so will call them poopie pants. But why won't anyone tell him how stupid they look, or the pants around his thighs with his butt fully exposed, her his shirtless stupidity, and those hats that make his head look puny and his neck looks like a giraffe, so many things. like ONSIES that babies wear? I would refuse to go out with a friend dressed like that.

  22. Maria says – reply to this


    Not only contempt for his fans. He really is a woman hater. Someone wrote that on an article on this site and it is true: " Bieber was threatened with arrest within the first hour of his Australian tour after refusing to remove his hat and glasses for a customs inspection.

    Bieber berated the interviewing officer, sources telling Sydney Confidential he sneered: "You're just a female vagina" before an AFP officer threatened to arrest the singer.

  23. Maria says – reply to this


    Bieber was threatened with arrest within the first hour of his Australian tour after refusing to remove his hat and glasses for a customs inspection.

    Bieber berated the interviewing officer, sources telling Sydney Confidential he sneered: "You're just a female vagina" before an AFP officer threatened to arrest the singer."

  24. Charity?Hardly says – reply to this


    I keep seeing people here like Kahlani and others saying that the press never mentions Justin's charity work. Justin made 55 million last year and about 50 million this year. His main charity is owned and run by Scoot Braun and his brother, Pencils for Promise. But it appears it is only worth 1.8 million and of that $585,000 was spent on salaries. By contrast, only $159,167 was given in grants. Justin must not be donating much although he was quick to show a picture of himself help make a school. He uses every Charity to help distract people from his bad behavior. Justin joined Scooter 8 years ago in the charity and it is only worth 1.8 million? That's pocket change for the kid. That's what he should be donating, but then he'd only be donating to give Scooter's brother another huge raise. Sheesh, 150,ooo out of nearly 2 million is all that these poor people get? What a liar, all of them. Cheapskate. But worst of all is using those kids as publicity when he gets in trouble. Justin has grown into a real pig and thug,

  25. Linda says – reply to this


    I could never understand the charm or reason this child was so popular. I figured it was because supposedly he was a nice, sweet boy and the girls and some boys found him cute. But I actually read up on the stuff he has done and cannot understand how a parent could take their daughters to see a half naked kid lipsynce a concert. Then when so many complained about him being a robot onstage, he abuse of pot and something called sirrup, the partying with prostitutes and strippers every night it seemed like some kind of joke…but it's not. I listened to some of his "best" work and i don't understand the attraction. He is some kind of "baby rapper wannabe" and his songs are vapid. And strangely enough he does look like a lesbian since he got his bieber hairdo cut. So many talented nice kids are out there with much better voices and cuter, so why is this boy always in the news?

  26. okay then, then says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – The meet and greets cost about 450.00 American dollars. They are set up way ahead of the concert, but Justin was late. He was hanging out with some people having drinks. He has been late for almost all his meet and greets, doesn't interact with the little girls, and then his posse manhandle the girls out of the room. He is using his fans and all he does is tell them how much he loves them and they are so young they believe it. He is nothing but a manufactured, untalented, money hungry brat and I hope parents wake up and realize he is the furthest from a role model as a tweenie pop star can get. He has the biggest ego I've ever sing and neither the talent, intellect or personality to justify it. He isn't Vanilla Ice or Leif Garrett as some say, they had more respect for their fans. He is a brat, a punk and uses women who he actually pays to prove he is either into girls or is becoming a man…I don't think either is true.

  27. thepunypopbrat says – reply to this


    Wow, is his music and voice bad and his looks are going from all that partying. No wonder kids are buying 187 percent more of One Directions songs and shows. This kid is dead inside. His eyes are like Stepford wives..no soul or thought. Is he brain dead from all of the drugs and codeine concoctions he drinks? He was always a brat, but his voice was at least cute back then. Now he is a dork with a gigantic ego and no talent who doesn't think rules are for him and doesn't like people. He needs to see the wizard to find out of he can get a heart, brain and courage..the last because he beats or rather kicks people after his thugs already have the kids on the ground. Plus he thinks of women as sluts and hangs out with prostitutes and strippers thinking that is what it takes to be a rapper. Hopefully he will kill rap off once and for all, then he can put a shirt on and pull up his pants so we don;t have to see his little boy butt and even tinier "manhood".

  28. 28

    He donated 13million of his own money to charity! And none of you will be commenting when the story of how he met Kate surfaces. Kate got into a nearly fatal accident that almost killed her, she is a big Bieber fan and so Justin went and had a private show for her and 50 other fans!

    Ron and Linda the same person. The other's ok then,then etc a Troll. And you if you belive everything you read. Shame!

  29. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: What??? – You are full of shit! He had that special event with that young fan of his Kate O'Neill in Melbourne BEFORE the Meet & Greet and concert. That is the reason he was late! That young girl saved her money for 18 months to attend her concert but was badly injured in a accident and couldn't go.. A online appeal to Justin Bieber to meet her resulted in a surprise private acoustic concert for her and her friends. And that has been verified with video of that private concert. He loves his fans. It is idiots like you who don't know what the hell they are talking about that is the problem. So what if he has sex and smokes weed once in a while? Who the hell made you the moral judge of everyone?

  30. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: okay then, then – His private surprise acoustic concert for his young fan Kate O'Neill who was horribly injured in an accident and could not attend his concert and for her friends was the reason he was late.. That has been splashed online and in the media. As for his Meet & Greet there have plenty of pictures of Justin posing happily with many of his fans in Melbourne to put that lie of yours where it belongs. In the trash. What he does in his private time is none of your concern either. That moral superiority complex of yours shows what a truly self-righteous twit you are. Most 19 yr old guys are out there having sex, some drink and smoke weed too. The only scumbags here is the holier than thou types like you!

  31. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Ron – The only fans Justin Bieber is losing are the very youngest fans who are turned off by his new Music Mondays tracks which are adult oriented R&B songs and only like his earlier pop music. Those pre-teen fans are being replaced by mature fans who like his new R&B music. That transition to mature audiences had to happen sooner or later. In this case sooner, which is great in my opinion. A lot of his adult fans have wanted him to make more mature music. Great reviews for Music Mondays from music critics as well. R&B fans are welcoming him into the genre. Young fans who are turned off by his image are being replaced by mature fans who couldn't care less about gossip and concentrate their attention on the music.

  32. emikri says – reply to this


    i attended both melbourne concerts, this is a bog exaggeration just was hardly an hour late at most 40minutes having said so there is an intermission to set up the stage so its expected.
    as for the meet and greets fans choose to pay to get a photo, they dont honestly expect he will sit and converse with them rushed or not they got what they paid for.
    justin also spent his day off setting up his special day for his fan kate, which was 2 days after the concert he was "late" to. though ofcourse the fact that he organised an extra acoustic concert, a dream come true for his injured fan isnt speculated or spread on the news only his faults.
    he performed amazingly both nights fans cannot be disappointed, money well spent. first concert even featured 2 of his new singles, worth the wait.

  33. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – His charity work is just all a PR stunt to distract people from his true low character and stupid mistakes, and by that I don't mean weed and sex, that's typical 19 year old behaviour, the rest is not. They're the actions of an ungrateful spoilt child. I'm sure the concert for his fan did take place, but I highly doubt it's the excuse for this, as his team would or should be competent enough to schedule it appropriately. They would not intentionally arrange anything that would impede on his schedule. So him being late was most likely due to lack of respect for his fans, as always.Re: Charity?Hardly – That's a really good point I wish more people would focus on.