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    "…..still in the casting process." I wonder if it will be as 'overwhelming' as Sarah Palin's Alaska?

  4. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Who would want to support a bully who justifies himself calling someone a f*g?

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    It's gonna be a flop. Sorry, Mario, you just are not interesting and you talk so oddly.

  6. sad sad sad says – reply to this


    this is so sad that he is even considered a parent someone who is never home always out and now this putting you child in harms way .. this baby didnt even ask to be brought up by a gay parent and now he will forever be known for this.. pls think about what you are doing perez and who this could possibly affect your child ..

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    It hasn't even been picked up by a network?????

  8. Cullen says – reply to this


    If this ever airs I will be so mad because people will think all gay people act like Perez Hilton when in actuality he is an embarrassment to the gay community. He is a horrible human being who is not mentally stable to even have a child when he himself acts like a child 24/7. If this show must happen then pick gay parents who are mentally stable, have actual jobs, and are raising children right and being great role models for their children. Please do not pick him for this show!!!

  9. ohmy says – reply to this


    never gonna happen.