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Justin Bieber Threatened By Australian Mayor - Clean Up Your Spray Paint Or Else Sing For Me!

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justin bieber grafitti australia doodle

Justin Bieber has made a blunder down under! And now one Australian mayor is seeking some very strange justice!

Biebs, who must think all the world is his own personal canvas, spray-painted the side of the QT Hotel along the Gold Coast last month!

Here’s the thing about graffiti though - it’s totes illegal, dude!

Now, Mayor Tom Tate is giving Justin an ultimatum! Come back and clean up this mess OR come back and sing for him at his Christmas party!

Wait, what??

Did the mayor just out himself as a Belieber?? LoLz!!!

In his statement, Tate told JB:

"We love your music but we hate your graffiti and your vandalism here in our city. Mate, you've got two choices: come back and clean up your mess or come back and sing at the [Mayor's Christmas Carols event] on the 7th of December.”

We’re assuming a private concert is the punishment given to all graffiti offenders, right?

Well, we don’t expect Justin will be back to jingle-bell-rock Mayor Tate’s world anytime soon, especially since the hotel has now come forward saying they LOVE their latest art installation!

A rep for the QT explained:

"Whilst unable to comment while Justin Bieber was staying in the resort due to privacy reasons, the property can now state that it was a coup for the hotel to have Justin want to paint a piece of art in appreciation of his stay. This piece of art is now available to be viewed by fans of the artist and we believe that it is a wonderful addition to the colourful Gold Coast arts scene.”

Case closed then! Bieber is allowed to spray paint wherever he wants. And everyone in Australia is apparently in love with him!

[Image via WENN and Instagram.]

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11 comments to “Justin Bieber Threatened By Australian Mayor - Clean Up Your Spray Paint Or Else Sing For Me!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    So, Perez, you are saying it is OK to do something illegal if you are a star ?

  3. L. Hodgson says – reply to this


    Why is he not being charged with vandalism like you or I would be??? He continues to get away with bad behavior, vandalism, appearing VERY late for concerts that people have spent hundreds of dollars for, problems in his neighbourhood regarding noise and his cars etc.. There never seems to be a consequence for his actions.

  4. 4

    Funny … Why he doesn't spray in his own houses !

  5. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    Can someone shove a spray paint can up his ass? One of these days, karma is going to bite him in the ass.

  6. Bongo says – reply to this


    I wish him and others would realise that when they put their fingers up like that, palm inwards, its not the peace sign, it's a rude gesture like sticking your middle finger up. Alright doubt anyone will we be offended, might piss some people of though, just makes him and others look stupid.

  7. FlankieStankieHowRu says – reply to this


    Hey wigger. Go spraypaint the ghetto where it belongs. Bet you avoid Compton and Watts like the plague, tough guy. Spray paint a ghetto. Go stand under some train bridge in the seediest parts of New york city and spray your to your hearts content.

  8. shar says – reply to this


    the thing is, that the paintings he did sucked. they can't even be classed as graffiti because theres nothing gangster or cool or dope about them….they are ugly monsters and childish - nothing good about them and i don't see how any fan would be proud of the vandalism he displayed at that gc hotel, even if he is famous…. bet he paid the hotel money to write that little statement…….YOU CANT HAVE EVERYTHING RICH KID. ITS ILLEGAL IN AUSTRALIA TO DO THAT MAYTE.

  9. ok_then says – reply to this


    Your snide comment at the end aside Perez, he asked first before the hotel gave him permission to do his graffiti on their private property. Emphasis on the permission granted. I will say this to Justin's manager Scooter Braun if he reads this.. "Just get Justin to make an appearance for a hour to shut this clown Mayor Tom Tate up once and for all". It would also give graffiti as an art form in Australia a huge push.

  10. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: shar – THE most famous graffiti artist in the world is named Bansky. He does not create "ghetto" graffiti. He is also been called a criminal and a genius. His artwork gets sold for millions. Let me ask you something.. You claim that this is vandalism. How is it vandalism or for that matter illegal if the property owner gives explicit permission and continues to do so publicly? Are you saying that private property owners rights in Australia have been extinguished? I wonder if ALL Australian private property owners were given that memo.

  11. 11

    L. Hodgson
    Because the graffiti was done on PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! And he had permission!