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Detroit Cleared For Bankruptcy By Judge! City Workers Could Now Lose Out On Billions!

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There’s not a whole lot of good news coming out of Detroit lately. Well, other than Eminem’s new album.

But even Slim Shady himself can’t save the Motor City from their financial woes.

This week, Judge Steven W. Rhodes ruled that the largest municipal bankruptcy in history would be allowed to move forward. The verdict is exactly what city workers and area retirees DIDN’T want to hear, since this puts them at risk of losing their pensions!

Detroit can now treat their pension plans the same as any other contract in bankruptcy, meaning those benefits could soon be cut!

The city’s unfunded pension liability is staggering too, sitting somewhere between 3.5 and 8 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

Judge Rhodes delivered his decision in a downtown courtroom, saying:

“It is indeed a momentous day. We have a finding that this proud and once prosperous city is unable to pay its debts. But [the bankruptcy case] is an opportunity for a fresh start.”

There’s no other way to put it: this sucks.

We have our fingers crossed for you, people of Detroit! Let’s hope the money you rightfully earned finds its way into your pockets!

[Image via Twitter.]

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4 comments to “Detroit Cleared For Bankruptcy By Judge! City Workers Could Now Lose Out On Billions!”

  1. itsgonebyebye says – reply to this


    I'm not a racist but sometimes you have to APPEAR racist in order to tell a truth. White men are great country/city builders (Our only real talent only a couple asian cultures share with us: inventing and building things). We built detroit into the greatest industrial place in the world (china needed child labor to compete with it). But, once a population goes from 95% white to being predominantly black, things are GOING to go african (building cities and inventing things is not HIS gift). The homicide rate went so high, the white builders fled. Detroit became just another african city. Black men ran it to the ground with crime, violence and their lack of ability to build and invent things. Yes. I'm blaming blacks for Detroit. Sorry. Blacks function great in towns that are 90% white. But thats about the max

  2. itsgonebyebye says – reply to this


    Us white men gave black men the greatest gift any man has ever given another man: we GAVE them the greatest city on earth. Detroit. No race of man has ever given another race the keys to a car that big. We believed he could do it. We had blind faith in him. Only a racist would think that blacks would destroy it, so, we didn't dare think he could destroy Detroit. "Who can destroy a city that big anyways?" we thought. A town with few whites meant blacks could thrive and flourish with no racism. Run their own show. Call their own shots. Elect politicians sensitive to their needs. I have renamed Detroit , Nakuru. Detroit was its white name.

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