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James Franco's Creepy, SeXXXy, NSFW 50 Shades Of Batman Photos Will Make You Tingly In The Pants!

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james franco 50 shades of batman photos facebook semen cowl


James Franco posted two very provocative Batman-inspired pics today, and we really aren't sure how to react!

The pictures were captioned with "50 Shades of Batman" and, with the hairy nipples and batman's iconic suit of armor turned into fetish gear, it's really not hard to see why!

Ch-ch-check out the second sex-ay photo…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

james franco batman 02

Maybe he's trying to steal away Ben Affleck's role in the upcoming comic book movie!

Maybe he wants Dakota Johnson's role in the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey adaptation!

Either way, we're totally digging this S&M superhero look!

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[Image via Facebook.]

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30 comments to “James Franco's Creepy, SeXXXy, NSFW 50 Shades Of Batman Photos Will Make You Tingly In The Pants!”

  1. ZAINA says – reply to this



  2. 2

    O.o … Well, this probably is artistic compared to the actual 50 Shades movie. Not meant to put down the actors/actresses involved, but the book was crap.

  3. hurt says – reply to this


    General hospital, gay batman, spider man, annapolis, flyboys…..wow, james franco what a career!

  4. fool right now says – reply to this


    james franco es stupido

  5. honey says – reply to this


    what he does always sucks, he just pimps himself.

  6. alley says – reply to this


    what the F… was up with that stupid movie OZ?
    Whatever he does he just keeps on making crap.
    He's polluting the air.

  7. ray says – reply to this


    I saw his roast, man, he sure looked pissed off when he came to talk at the end. He was so bitter.
    But everybody was so spot on, they really told him the truth.

  8. tadada says – reply to this


    James franco: YOU SUck !!!!
    get outta here!!!!!

  9. cold world says – reply to this


    what a whore!

  10. too high says – reply to this


    he's got the stupidest looking eyes with a big dumb smile.

  11. brain says – reply to this


    Re: ray – Yeah what's up with the stupid look on his face?
    He always mumbles, falls asleep and puts us asleep.

  12. heyyy says – reply to this


    that guy can't live with his own conscience

  13. eappear says – reply to this


    I think he has brain damage….when you look at what he does, says etc, I see a very ill person.
    Get help.

  14. popes says – reply to this


    that guy needs to take time off, see the world;, live a little , grow a little…take some distances because he has zero perspective on what he's doing with his life. and from another point of view it's sickening.

  15. that's the way says – reply to this


    that guy just keeps getting more immature with time.

  16. grab says – reply to this


    sick of him and his obsession with gay porn. come out already,, it's getting old. everybody knows you like d ic k s

  17. i know says – reply to this


    i hope this man will never have children, they'll be so embarrassed and ashamed of him.

  18. feel it says – reply to this


    man, that guys is in pain, doesn't know what to do with his own demons anymore

  19. 19

    Sorry do not like him, he seems to spread himself too thin.

  20. 20

    I love how weird Franco can be. He's very interesting, not to mention talented and smart. His Instagram is so bizarre.

  21. 21

    I wish james franco was IN 50 shades of grey instead of that other guy …I find him SEXXXXYY. and amusing ..and creative naughty and artistic.. lewd , funny and generally cute and weird..

  22. nostr says – reply to this


    JaMes FRanCO: PleassEEEE, wOrK HARder. MAke sOMEthinG oF SUbsTAncE.

  23. inspired says – reply to this


    e why is he always so gross? bad taste as always, so predictable. he's done that millions of time.

  24. opin says – reply to this


    he does whatever people want. he doesn't control his own life. whatever's thrown at him, he wants to be. get a personality and an opinion idiot!

  25. turn the lights on says – reply to this


    good that he's wearing a mask and a suit cause his face is weird looking and no matter how much he tries to work out, the shape of his body is not nice.

  26. reaction says – reply to this


    that guy is bulimic with everything he does.

  27. Sean says – reply to this


    Re: honey

    Ortografía, mi amor "James Franco es ESTÚPIDO". Si vas a derrumbar el castellano, cuidate un poco con la ortografía, por fa. (¡Un chiste!)

  28. Iriiiissss says – reply to this


    Re: Sean – alright, so you agree that he is stupid! great.

  29. totally says – reply to this


    hey man what's up with his idiotic short film basketball naked gay guys?
    It's like james franco fantasized the basketball scene in the basketball diaries.
    And by the way james the things we do, the subject matter the themes of writing, film, painting whatever is always about ourselves.
    We know you're gay and completely obsessed with same sex things and there is no problem with that but your hypocrisy about you own sexual identity is really annoying.
    Turning around shows that you don't have any courage about it and it's keeping other people to connect with your work because you're shallow about it. be honest and people will respond to what you do.

  30. 30

    Re: LovelyDisgrace – I agree with you, when I read some of it was hilarious. Would have classed it as comedy more than anything else.