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Justin Bieber's All That Matters GF Is Making Selena Gomez Jealous!

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Ahh, the tales of a broken heart!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split early this year and even though the year is coming to a close, it is pretty clear Selena is not quite ready to let go of her superstar ex-BF.

In fact, Selena was SO jealous of JB's on-screen tongue wrestling partner in the new All That Matters music video that she posted her opinion for all the world to see!!!

Along with a gorgeous selfie on Instagram, Selena wrote:

"I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh… #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat"


Seeing as Justin's new lady friend is a blondie, we're going to bet our gurl is pointing not-so-discreetly to Bieby's newfound taste.

And Justin's pretty music video make-out partner knows it too!

19-year-old video vixen Cailin Russo said:

"It was clearly directed at him with me in the video, but like I said I was just doing my job. Selena is a superstar and I'm just a girl in a video. She's his ex, and I'm sure they still have feelings for each other."

Well, of course they still have feelings for each other! They were each other's first major loves, but Cailin might just be the key to mend Biebs' broken heart.

Even though Cailin has a BF, she and Justin are totez keeping in touch by FaceTiming AND talking on the phone.

Guess Justin's lady palette has grown as much as he has this year!

What a cultured man he's become! LOLz!

[Image via Instagram.]

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18 comments to “Justin Bieber's All That Matters GF Is Making Selena Gomez Jealous!”

  1. aly says – reply to this


    selena thinks shes the hottest shit on earth. when u hear her interviews - little things she says does hint at a high level of vanity but also insecurities. she is pretty, but i guess she rides on her looks to get fame since she cant sing and her acting is average.

  2. eric says – reply to this


    selena not is pretty
    this is the true
    but for justin was
    because justin was in love for selena
    and now justin is
    proving to himself that she is not the only and had forgotten of selena forever
    because she does not deserve love of justin

  3. britney says – reply to this


    selena is both pretty and geogeous whoever that girl is in Justin bieber's video in non of any body fu****g business and she was right selena is a superstar an she is just a girl in a video so y'all haters of selena needs 2 shut the f**k up!!!!!!!!!!

  4. selenator4eva says – reply to this


    I agree wit Britney, I love selena 2

  5. gloria says – reply to this


    selena is feeling the powerful woman because of mimos of justin
    but now she has no more him for use
    selena she missed him
    sorry but this was never love
    selena feeling shortage is to be loved and desired
    but she never even loved justin

  6. gloria says – reply to this


    justin very hurt by selena
    he decided to break up with her was not selena not
    selena because if it was she would keep using it to be loved like a princess
    but thankfully justin realized it was late
    There are still many wounds in justin be fooled
    is difficult for him start
    he has anger to fall for a girl who wanted to use it
    for she is indifferent

  7. gloria says – reply to this


    justin has anger to fall for a girl who wanted to use for selena

  8. Augur says – reply to this


    I thought he only went for hookers now.

  9. 9

    Aly You are amazing! Spot on!

  10. Krisha says – reply to this


    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Selena portrayed Alex RUSSO and the girl's name is Cailin RUSSO? I mean, it's such a coincidence. AM I THE ONLY ONE FASCINATED BY THIS LITTLE DISCOVERY OF MINE? D:

  11. heyyall says – reply to this


    it's all bs

  12. 12

    PH there is more to music than just 5 pop stars. PH, you've got to see that when you limit music to mostly only 5 musicians, that there will sooner or later be a backlash against this.

    Music and the music business, has been reduced to 5. These 5 get more media attention than all the other musicians in the world, combined. Corporate music has marginalize the best of the rest into footnotes. It has been decreed by the suits that you will not have any real career in music unless you are Beyonce, Beiber, Gaga, Perry, or Swift. (and maybe runnerups 1D, JT, and Miley).
    Hunkasuarus = One standard guitar, one voice, and one revolution.

    Never in history have 5 musicians got more press than all the rest. Never in history has the music business been mostly 4 companies. Never in history has the major media companies owned the music companies too. Now that's music news every media should be covering!

    I speak for the thousands of musicians that have been marginalized just to cover every moment of the 5 that are left.

  13. pero, like seriously?? says – reply to this


    i don't get it, Wasn't Selena the one that dumped Justin, and making fun of him on nation TV? wow and now jealous bc of that girl in the video. LOL , i love SelenaG, but she's a lil stupid wanting back Justin after she dumped him.

  14. lizzie kelly says – reply to this


    cailin has a gorgeous boyfriend, read about him here:

  15. jada says – reply to this


    its all taylers fault that selena is bitter about justins love life but then agian she dosent have to diss justin EVERY 5 SECONDS

  16. ok_then says – reply to this


    Selena Gomez needs to move on already with her life.. Talk about sending out mixed signals.. Why do some women insist on stringing guys along like this? I'm sure Justin Bieber is enjoying his youth and freedom being single.. Maybe it's his time to get wild and enjoy the company of women around the world who are throwing themselves at his feet. What do people seriously expect from a single 19 yr old who is in this position?

  17. retired says – reply to this


    Is Catlin trying to say that she has got Selena's man. Why don't Justin just say that?


  18. lady d says – reply to this


    dont be jealous Selena u just need a BF