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Justin Bieber Detained By Police Down Under After Insulting A Customs Officer! Crikey!

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More trouble down under for the Biebs?!

First the whole graffiti scandal, and now it comes out that while arriving at Brisbane International Airport, Justin Bieber apparently got a little too fresh with some Customs Agents!

Allegedly, he was given a verbal warning by a female officer after he refused to take off his hat and sunglasses for inspection!

Now, if he had been asked to take off his shirt and go topless, he might have complied.

The singer and his crew were being detained and searched on suspicion of possessing an illegal monkey drugs!

Reportedly, Justin went on to insult the same customs officer, and was threatened with arrest! Ugh, how he can keep taggin' walls if he's under arrest though!

Although he was released without charge, apparently one anonymous 23-year old in his entourage was caught with pot, and ordered to appear in court to face charges of importing drugs into Australia!

We imagine it must have taken great restraint to keep his spit inside his mouth where it belongs, but come on Biebs! You don't mess with Australia!

What goes around, comes around there…like a boomerang!

Plus, they can detain you so long in airports, that you might actually have to pee in a bucket!

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15 comments to “Justin Bieber Detained By Police Down Under After Insulting A Customs Officer! Crikey!”

  1. Ruth says – reply to this


    Just let the nice customs officer inspect your rectum and be done with it. It's not a big deal. Geez, does he really need to make a scene everywhere he goes?

  2. fid says – reply to this


    His behaviour will just make his eventual decline into a washed up superstar. Too bad his team is too busy cashing cheques to notice.

  3. drowsy earned Maniac says – reply to this


    He sends mixed social messages. On the one hand he is proud that he helps build schools in south america because education is so important but he is teaching the world how to be a fucked up wigger on the other hand.

  4. ivan says – reply to this


    Another overblown report; have many people have not argued with the paranoid and intrusive searches you go through at airports. As for the guy allegedly caught with pot, that's not Bieber's problem. He has never been caught with anything at airports in spite of various searches.

  5. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: drowsy earned Maniac – So you are forming an opinion of him as a fucked up wigger based on an incomplete report. Have you ever argued with any officer or airport searcher ever? Thousands have.

  6. 6

    Re: ivan – I can personally say I have never argued with a customs officer, my mother actually taught me manners as a child. There's also the fact that if you comply to what they ask, act politely (some even will thank you for not being an asshole), and let them do their job they usually treat you better. I am aware that it's annoying to have to go through airport security, but it's their job to keep us safe. Would you rather a plane get hijacked? It was a hat and sunglasses they didn't ask him to drop his pants or anything so please calm down, if you hate the system that much there's always boats and trains.

  7. Ginger says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – Please tell me you are kidding with that stupid statement. An agent was murdered recently doing their job. If that person with the gun had boarded a plane it would have been tragic. You have the audacity to blame airport security for annoying Justin Bieber by making him take off his hat and sunglasses??? Ive got news for you, this little boy…wanna be man, is no better than anyone else. If he can't follow simple rules then he is worse off than anyone realizes. One day he is going to act like this to rhe wrong person and find out just how much of a tough guy he really is. I'm sure its very easy to be a disrespectful asshole when you are surrounded by huge bodyguards. This punk has no clue what being a man really means.

  8. Bongo says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – "have many people have not argued with the paranoid and intrusive searches you go through at airports"…. Er no! I don't argue with anyone who's just doing their job. Nor do I argue with strangers at all it's rude! And by no means would I EVER have the balls to argue with airport security, would your argue with the police? Same thing. These people have a far more important job to do than him, he needs to learn his place in the world, he's an entertainer, just because he's a rich one doesn't make his job important.

  9. 9

    Re: BongoRe: GingerRe: CrazyCanuk87 – It makes me happy that everyone is saying these things. I too have always been polite to airport security–I bet they are annoyed just as much as you when there are long lines and delays and that is never their fault! They keep us safe and they are in positions of authority but to hear that others are sticking up for that position as well makes me feel good.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    What were they going to arrest him for, still thinking he has some rights?

  11. HMMM says – reply to this


    such waste of DNA…
    Told the customs officer "she's just a female vagina" Really you little idiot?…..apart from the misogyny and disrespect….seen any male vaginas lately Bieber?

    Please Australia, shove him away in a kangaroo's pouch somewhere in the outback..we don't want him back

  12. Bongo says – reply to this


    He really must be a compete idiot! Who, no matter how famous or great you seem to think you are, has ever attempted to go through airport security wearing a hat and sunglasses and get pissy that he's not allowed. Does this moron not understand the point of airport security or how it works? Reading the global press he really is on his way out, nobody can stand his behaviour, and with his new music being so bad, it won't be long before he loses all his fans.

  13. SM says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – Really overblown report? He has been in Australia about 2 weeks and in that time has managed to get detained at our airport, deface public property with his awful graffiti, rocked up at least an hour late to several shows which were on school nights with most of his fans being school aged kids, his security have slashed someones tyre on a public street and they also stole a local surfers phone to delete pictures of the fool trying to surf. He thinks he can flout the law where ever he goes and abusing airport security for doing their jobs just shows how entitled and arrogant he is. They could not care less is he is a celebrity or not, they were doing their job and in my opinion and I am sure many other Aussie's will agree, they shouldn't have let him in the country. Disrespectful little twat.

  14. 14

    Re: @v@ – In Australia, Customs people have the same amount of authority as police officers- if you wouldn't swear at the cops, you don't swear at them. Secondly, you need to remove hats and sunglasses for identification purposes- much the same as removing a motorbike helmet when you go into a bank. Justin was just being a little bitch and I hope karma bites his ass.

    Although, with the way his ticket sales in Australia were, I think it's already started nibbling.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp – Yeah, I know, but to threaten arrest because they 'insulted' would be a misuse of uniform, but they apparently didn't, so next. I guess they said it to shut him up.