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Kanye West Guilty Of Anti-Semitism?! Anti-Defamation League Demands Apology For Latest Comments!

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kanye west just cant sell his home


Kanye West may be watching the throne (aka Nori's crib), but apparently he's not watching his mouth!

We reported earlier how Ye was in an interview where he said some things that offended some people…not that we've EVER heard of that happening with him before!

In the sit down with New York's Power 105.1, Yeezy said the following insensitive comments about Judaism and money and, well, we'll let you just read and cringe by yourself:

"Man, let me tell you something about George Bush and oil money and Obama and no money. People want to say Obama can't make these moves or he's not executing. That's because he ain't got those connections. Black people don't have the same level of connections as Jewish people…We ain't Jewish. We don't got family that got money like that. The rappers became the new family."

We'll wait until you're done cringing. Finished? Perfect.

Now, the Anti-Defamation League has understandably taken offense to his remarks, and the organization's national director, Abraham H. Foxman, has made it clear that he wants Kanye to fix his bad reputation with an apology:

"If the comments are true as reported, this is classic anti-Semitism, There it goes again, the age-old canard that Jews are all-powerful and control the levers of power in government. As a celebrity with a wide following, Kanye West should know better. We hope that he will take responsibility for his words, understand why they are so offensive, and apologize to those he has offended.”

Ye really should know better than to make such sweeping and offensive statements!

Hmm we wonder if Kanye is Bound 2 apologize for his remarks?

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21 comments to “Kanye West Guilty Of Anti-Semitism?! Anti-Defamation League Demands Apology For Latest Comments!”

  1. Aidan says – reply to this


    Yes, it must be SO offensive to have your entire people be referred to as powerful, rich, and well connected. It doesn't get much worse than that. What a horrrrrible thing to say Kanye! #pickyourbattles #attentionwhore

  2. Kanye Kardash says – reply to this


    hey Abraham, why dont you go fuck yourself with all of that money that has been trickling to the top for centuries! Kanye may be crazy and this rant may have been anti-Semitic but guess what Jew—- its the fucking truth! you want an apology, we want social & economic equality! how about you go cry your jew face into a handful of benjamins and get the fuck over it asshole!

  3. Bey's Surrogate says – reply to this


    Re: Aidan – remix lyrics to "Run The World"… Jews run the world (duh), Jews run the world (duh), Jews run the world (duh)

  4. Jessica says – reply to this


    Kanye's comments were offensive and stupid to boot, and he is quite rich and throws his money around, so he shouldn't talk. Rappers have cleaned up at the bank, they're some of the richest people in America. I think people siding with him on this are not much better.

  5. 5

    he's mentally challenged.

  6. Astro Ballas says – reply to this


    jews dont run the world - several people who are jewish are definitely rich but look at how many black people run america.
    my neighbor is jewish and everyone in that family worked like crazy to be doctors/lawyers/buisnessmen. no one gave them the fucking degree/job. jews are hard working and people are beyond jealous.

    they do get a really bad rep but they are just very family oriented and their kids arent raised on the street - thats why they continue to be successful. and btw - the population of jews in the world is less than 1%. just stop blaming them.

    also - kanye fails to realize obama won the presidency because of his connections. all those fundraisers were done for obama b/c he knows people.

    if you want money, go earn it. no one gives it to you. you have to earn it.

  7. 7

    So, does he think Bush is Jewish? It's obvious that Kanye is a racist. I just wish he didn't ALSO make it so obvious that he's stupid.

  8. Chrisy says – reply to this


    Total bullshit! How is this Anti-Semitic? The man is stating the truth. The Jews own everything, why are they offended by him telling it like it is? Wow, I wish I could be offended by people calling me powerful, this is a joke.

  9. Rachel says – reply to this


    In response to Aidan…The reason that this is offense is because all Jews AREN'T powerful, rich, and well-connected. Some of us are just like you. Normal, trying to get by. And some of us have no money at all.
    Using Jews as a scapegoat for America's economic problems does not help ANYONE at all. All it does is breed hatred for a certain group of people which, if I'm not mistaken, is what starts inequality and oppression in the first place.

    And "Kanye Kardash" — "How about you go cry your Jew face into a handful of benjamins and get the fuck over it asshole?" Really? Nobody attacked Kanye's character, nobody attacked African Americans as a whole. Your comments are rude, unhelpful, and ignorant to boot. It is precisely because of people like YOU that celebrities should watch what they say and who they say it about. You want social and economic equality? That's funny, because you seem to be just breeding oppression and violence. Interesting.

  10. jaymee says – reply to this


    LOL i'm jewish and i really don't mind being stereotyped as powerful, rich, and well connected *snaps for all my fellow jews*

  11. 11

    In France, there are laws against anti-semtism. Were he French he would risk prison time.

  12. Seriously?! says – reply to this


    Nah, Kanye is not racist. He has hate speech for everyone he doesn't like or doesn't like him or doesn't let him do/say whatever he wants. Didn't he even spew hate against President Obama for criticizing the materialism & fame whoring of the Kardashians. Yeah, he's an equal opportunity hater.

    Sure, Kanye has a wide audience, but the Anti-Defamation League needs to stop and think: does ANYONE with even a shred of intelligence take to heart anything this thoughtless, egomaniac has to say? Leave this one alone and find a better example to educate people.

  13. Kanye Kardash says – reply to this


    Re: Astro Ballas – stfu Goldstein! Jews run the world including your daddy

  14. 14

    Kanye is a classless egotistical bastard and as such will probably not apologize. But he definitely should

  15. 15

    Kanye "I just want to be a REAL BOY"

  16. Timmy-Tim says – reply to this


    Every time this man speaks all people say is "crazy" or "stupid" or in this case "inflammatory"

    Regardless of how you feel about him this reeks of agenda and gas-lighting

  17. 17

    He is wrong,the Chinese control America.

  18. beshre says – reply to this


    If Kanye had any education at all he would know that it was those same Jewish people who he bashed that brought Obama to the presidency - they found the community organizer Obama - totally funded his campaign and tirelessly worked to make him president. Yes it was the Jews who believed in Obama.

  19. Grrrtruth says – reply to this


    Uh-oh, looks like the Anti-defamation league just pulled the J-card. Kanye West's remarks are not anti-semitic. He's saying Jewish people have wealth and solidarity. Jewish people on average are wealthier than black people. Are they really trying to suggest otherwise? Why should Jewish people be ashamed of their wealth. It's incredible that they have been able to accomplish what they have after what they went through. And they did it by helping one another. I think he was complimenting them, not defaming them. And I don't even like Kanye

  20. barry says – reply to this


    Re: Chrisy – Chrissy, you are too stupid to realize what goes on in the real world. I'm Jewish and slave at 2 jobs to meet my expenses. I pay for my son to go to college and study so he can get a great job. What has this black man done? he can't even speak English. But the media idolizes dumb fu-ks, and I hope you idolize a jerk like him. Why didn't Jay Z quit the barneys clothes line? because he likes $. Is he Jewish??? And you think you are smart?? But I guess you are black so it's OK. BTW, I moved out of the NY ghetto years ago to live a normal life in a great area.. I couldn't stand looking at black girls 16 years old with newborns,/ traveling to doctors/subways/buying groceries on my dime. That's the difference. They is the market for all the rappers. Uneducated, like you!!

  21. Augu says – reply to this


    This is simple: if the medias all suddenly attack him and his carrier his ruined, it proves that he's right