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Carrie Underwood Wasn't Sound Of Music's 1st Pick?! The Original Von Trapps Wanted A DIFFERENT Actress!

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Carrie Underwood Anne Hathaway isnt fair

Uh oh! Maybe they SHOULD have given them what they wanted!

Last night's broadcast of the Sound of Music LIVE was met with mixed reviews, Carrie Underwood's vocals were AH-MAZE but her acting was…not. (Just take a look at the live tweets from last night!)

However, it's coming to light that the original von Trapp family was NOT on board with Carrie's casting as Maria! In fact they wanted someone COMPLETELY different to play the role!

According to Myles von Trapp Derbyshire, who is the great grandson of the OG Maria von Trapp, the family wanted none other than Miz Anne Hathaway to play the role!


The 28 year-old New-Yorker said:

"[Our family has] had the conversations of who could play this role better and it was Anne Hathaway, for example. Here's someone who just won an Oscar for a similar situation [for Les Miserables]. She was able to act and sing."

WHOA! That's definitely a totally different casting choice than Carrie!

Anne ALSO gets points because she actually knows Julie Andrews and could totes call her up for advice!

Myles also went on to discuss the family's apprehension about the casting choice when they originally heard!

He said:

"It's just upsetting that this could potentially be the final broadcast of our story. Although her voice is amazing, she doesn't have acting experience. It's just the overall image, she's a country star, she won 'American Idol,' she's very public in kind of a tabloid way. Now we have this very glossy, tabloid figure playing this role."

Francoise von Trapp, who is Myles' aunt, took to her blog when she first heard and said "Carrie Underwood as Maria? Seriously?"


While we think, Carrie did only okay, we're interested to see who U think would have played the role better!

Which Actress Do U Think Would Have Been A Better Casting Choice For Maria von Trapp?

View Results

Which Actress Do U Think Would Have Been A Better Casting Choice For Maria von Trapp?

  • Sutton Foster (7%)
  • Anna Kendrick (12%)
  • Kristen Chenoworth (15%)
  • Idina Menzel (14%)
  • Anne Hathaway (52%)

Total Votes: 3,022

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17 comments to “Carrie Underwood Wasn't Sound Of Music's 1st Pick?! The Original Von Trapps Wanted A DIFFERENT Actress!”

  1. Sean says – reply to this


    This was basically a Broadway show on TV - well-produced. However, the inevitable comparison with the 1960's movie leads me to opine that it is not as heart-warming. You could almost believe the 1960's movie was based on reality but not this show: first, a mother superior who was Black in 1930's Austria; then, nuns with full face makeup; followed by untrained novices who hit all the right notes at once. The accents also didn't jive with the nasality of some of the children so un-Austrian that it took away from the suspension of disbelief. It was well-made but not in any way better than the original and, if anything, even more cheesy and unbelievable. The reality, for those who wish to investigate, is that Maria was a plain country girl who was a tough disciplinarian and the Captain was in a downward career spiral anyway as Austria, a land-locked country, no longer had much of a Navy since losing the Adriatic port of Trieste. The Von Trapps now have a lodge in New England where they ply their name.

  2. kfddkldkl says – reply to this


    Perez why are you so amazed by this? Of course they would have preferred someone else. They should have went with a a well known Broadway star.

  3. 3

    Why not an unknown, and not necessarily an American? And I agree with Sean about the make-up and the accents - and along the same lines was Carrie Underwood with the perfect, unnaturally white veneers.

  4. Brooksie says – reply to this


    I loved the fact that Carrie is not an actress. She seemed to warm up a bit as it went on. Anne Hathaway's voice is nowhere near as good as Carrie's. I enjoyed it for what it was. A LIVE play on television. It's a great story and I thought it was done very well. Kudos ot Carrie!!!

  5. cris11 says – reply to this


    I did like Carrie… but if you're asking who else could have done it I have to say I would like to see Laura Osnes as Maria someday

  6. 6

    Re: Sean – That was kind of the point. They weren't taking the film and turning it into a live stage production. The stage version of it is the original, it came out six years before the film and is very different from the film. They stressed that fact on multiple occasions before it aired so I'm not sure why so many people are still bitching about this version in comparison to the film.

  7. pail says – reply to this


    Carries sucks in the role

  8. says – reply to this


    Carrie was horrible

  9. 9

    anne hathaway I guess they dont realize no one would have watched. at least with carrie 19 million people bothered to watch. nice how they turn on carrie when its over.

  10. Lisa says – reply to this


    A tabloid kind of way? Shame on them for being so snobby! I don't think her acting was good enough for this role. She definately had the voice.

  11. sakey_love says – reply to this


    Anne Hathaway would have kicked ass too. Plus she has acting experience.

  12. 12

    anne Hathaway do they have ears ? yes she can sing but its not a noise I ever want to hear again…

  13. jm says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309

    shaygirl1309 , Anne Hathaway doing a live t.v. version of Sound of Music is a step down for her because she is a A-list movie star. I am sure the producers went after Hathaway and she turned them down.

  14. jobo says – reply to this


    IMHO, the live broadcast should be taken for what it is, a broadway play made for television and not a remake of the movie, two very different things. carrie underwood definitely needs to hone her acting skills more, but in fairness, what she did was no small feat and we should give credit where credit is due. her voice was amazing as usual and she does have that innocence which is needed for that role. i think she's one of a few artists who could have pulled off 3 hours of live singing on national television without the aid of autotune. while some may want anne hathaway for the role, i disagree. her role as fantine in the movie version of les miz was heart wrenching but her singing leaves a lot to be desired. i dont think many broadway producers would hire her in a broadway musical because her vocals just dont make the cut, IMHO. she was even humble enough to ask not to be compared to patti lupone or lea salonga. to quote "First of all, it could never have compared with Patti LuPone or Lea Salonga or even my mom, really: powerful singers with big, beautiful voices. I knew I couldn't offer that, but I also knew it wouldn't be appropriate. If I went for sounding beautiful while looking like this tragic wreck, it would be ridiculous." carrie underwood mimicking julie andrew would not only have looked ridiculous but would also be almost sacrilegious and certainly disrespectful to the iconic role. carrie underwood is not julie andrews and i dont see anything wrong with that.

  15. princess says – reply to this


    I loved every minute of it Carrie did a fabulous job

  16. NOYB says – reply to this


    Carrie sucked balls!!! Of course she can sing. But she just sounds so nasally all the time. And obviously she cannot act to save her life! I'm curious why she took the role? Was she a huge fan of the movie growing up? Highly doubt it. Oh wait…. I bet it's because she's trying to keep up with Miss Swift. She figured, ok, my concerts aren't selling out like they should be and I'm getting sued and I'm getting caught up in an emotional affair with Brad Paisley and I'm getting bad press, and Taylor Swift just keeps winning award after award and selling out. Oh shucks me :( And before any of you send me responses of hate, listen up. Carrie is way out of Taylor's league and always will be. Instead of finishing school in which she majored in journalism, she thought, oh, let me see if I can get on American Idol? Well, she did and won the hearts of America. So some credit is due there. But she didn't always have her heart set on singing. In fact on American Idol I remember she was asked by the judges, what will you do if you don't win. She said she would finish school and become a journalist. Now she wants to take on acting roles? Please. INDECISIVE. She doesn't know what she wants to do. Because the only talent she has is singing. That's it. She's boring and doesn't have a personality. She has a reputation for being rude.

  17. NOYB says – reply to this


    Taylor on the other hand has always stayed true to herself and set out to do what she always wanted to do and on her terms. She can obviously write AND sing. For all the critics out there who say, oh, she can't sing. Yes she can. If she really couldn't sing, she wouldn't be making record breaking albums! She can sing. She can play and of course write music. It's what she's always done. And she can also act and has a ton of personality. She's very animated. She gives great interviews. Carrie on the other hand… mmm…. nope. She loses there as well. She's dull in interviews and just seems fake. How much you want to bet that she and Kimberly Williams Paisley are NOT friends?