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James Franco Posts The Shirtless Selfie To End All Shirtless Selfies On Instagram!

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Move over Justin Bieber, because this shirtless photo means this is the end…of Instagram as we know it! #gamechanger

James Franco posted a seksi selfie to his account that literally should be included as an example for the Oxford English definition of the word "selfie!"

With this pic that makes our salivary glands go crazy like we just had Pineapple Express, James also added this caption:

"#Almostnude - YOu ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT it. Tryna work that body, tryin', tryin'."

Tryin'? More like succeedin', you sexy beast you!

Although let's change the hashtag from #Almostnude to #Fullynude, yeah? Keep up the good work!

[Image via Instagram.]

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44 comments to “James Franco Posts The Shirtless Selfie To End All Shirtless Selfies On Instagram!”

  1. 1

    Ugh…this narcissist needs to just go away

  2. ORIENTALS READ MINDS!! says – reply to this


    They can hear, and see what you're visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    Orientals hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don't accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don't like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Orientals segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Orientals also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Orientals are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don't want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Orientals, and look for Orientals who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  3. 3

    mmmm ty god

    btw perez has a better body than u

  4. nope says – reply to this


    he doesn't have a nice chest

  5. nasty says – reply to this


    he has only two facial expressions: the fake smile phony and the pissed off jerk.

  6. NoOne says – reply to this


    Abs? what abs?

  7. more says – reply to this


    ah, how can someone be that self centered?

  8. doupo says – reply to this


    his failure at the oscars really affected him.
    He looked funny as a drag though.

  9. bad says – reply to this


    He will forever be remembered for his "performance" as oscar host.

  10. too high says – reply to this


    Can anyone tell me what he should be proud of in this selfie? I don't see it.

  11. stoop says – reply to this


    Isin't he, like, 40 years old?

  12. yert says – reply to this


    I've seen pics of his mom, they look the same, check it out, same face, same expression. genes…..

  13. dout says – reply to this


    yuk man I've seen videos of him in some interviews: he has long hair, looks freakin tired and seems like he hasn't showered in ages.
    I think he's trying to be sexy and wants to erase that phase of his life where he simply looks shitfaced and constantly hung over….

  14. 14

    he should be in 50 shades of grey instead of that other flat face guy

    me, u , washing machine NOW !

  15. feelings says – reply to this


    he's signed a pact with the D….?

  16. dream says – reply to this


    Getting older, getting older…..

  17. 17

    I think the Jamester has a few screws loose.

  18. get it says – reply to this


    he's annoying as usual

  19. Honest Sally says – reply to this


    He must be really bored shooting that movie in Vancouver….because Vancouver is a really boring place.

  20. no thank you says – reply to this


    no, we didn't ask for it, no, we don't want it.

  21. notes says – reply to this


    wow, how original

  22. 22

    Re: bad – I know, one of the worst cohosts ever!
    By the way, this may just be my computer, but the picture looks kind of dark, cannot see too much. Anyone else having this problem?

  23. surprise says – reply to this


    he's caught up in the net and web thing, that whole internet trash where nothing is meaningful anymore.
    He's completely glued to phony virtual images. they are full of vulgarity and meaningless violence. Such a dry human being, tired of such superficiality
    He's so caught up in that whole artificial world that he can't see anything about the real world.

  24. apprends says – reply to this


    that guy is just some random person who got famous because of a sucky role in spider man. Don't forget where you come from. get real, and get yourself together, talk about something intelligent.
    The more people like you send these kinds of stupid messages into the world the less artistic and intelligent work is showed….

  25. ojoli says – reply to this


    he makes everything gravitate around himself. I cannot phantom how someone can be so self centered. it's embarrassing.

  26. hair now says – reply to this


    his forehead is getting bigger. he's starting to lose his hair

  27. mo says – reply to this



  28. jerk time says – reply to this


    shame on him for the stupid critics that he makes of other artists, directors, actors etc….
    take a look at your own things before you trash other people's work.

  29. Bette says – reply to this


    He's gotten fat! I see a little pot-belly. Must be karma.

  30. really? says – reply to this


    Devil's sign.. Meh? Wt..Hell!!?

    You suck ((Jame)) !

    For the Lord sake…devil's minions aren't brillants!

  31. wonderful says – reply to this


    His point is to make as many things as possible and as shitty as possible. that's today's society folks. Do it fast and make it ugly.

  32. hey now says – reply to this


    he's careless. look at his work.

  33. firgu says – reply to this


    the girls who told him he was gay in high school were right.

  34. name says – reply to this


    he's gonna end up in porn with soap opera type of acting and narrative…great!

  35. all says – reply to this


    he lives virtually through hardcore porn. he can't connect to his own feelings and other human beings.

  36. forget says – reply to this


    i think he should analyse his own childhood and see why his mind is so messy. It's like he doesn't know what to do with what's in front of him. Anyway, everybody knows he's trying to accept his own homosexual feelings through his work. everybody knows that.

  37. shadow says – reply to this


    He's gay and that's what tortures him. I feel bad for the guy. He can't admit it to himself. the way he puts it out there in a scattered and obsessive way if the fact that he has a hard time dealing with his urges. it's sad. must be though to be sexually confused.

  38. ruyt says – reply to this


    he always looks sad and depressed….

  39. foxxx says – reply to this


    james franco get your brain cells checked, please

  40. Melly says – reply to this


    He is sexy. I would fuck him hard. Yum.

  41. MichJB says – reply to this


    Over exposed - under talented.

  42. noellll says – reply to this


    No talent at all.

  43. Colleen Phoenix says – reply to this


    Beautiful, humble guy. You all do not know him so stfu

  44. youe says – reply to this


    mcdonald's really took a toll on him.
    He's from that culture: typical american suburb peanut butter and cheese culture and he's ashamed of it and tries to make it artistic.
    The guy isisn't creative and artistic and his family has no valuable culture. look at the stupid books her mom writes. that's not litterature, it's for retards.