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Jennifer Lawrence Likes When The Buds Are Ever In Her Flavor! J.Law's A Brewski Babe!

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Whassup y'all! It's official. Budwesier is officially cool!

In a recent sit down interview, Jennifer Lawrence was asked by a waiter if she wanted a fancy artisanal beer, which she told the interviewer was not really her thing:

"I'm a Budweiser person. So I don't really understand."

Uh, congrats Anheuser-Busch on having Katniss' official endorsement for your brew! Looks like that will soon be selling out at the Hob! LOL!

Give yourself a three fingered pat on the back if you got that reference!

Enjoy your Buds, JLaw! Choosing this as your beer was a weiser move than some other brew!

Just don't enjoy them too much or you'll have to survive the Hungover Games: Retching Fire!

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3 comments to “Jennifer Lawrence Likes When The Buds Are Ever In Her Flavor! J.Law's A Brewski Babe!”

  1. louisedstrain says – reply to this


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  2. 2

    If someone asked her what her favorite strain of weed was, people would be flipping their shit, calling her a bad role model and everything else. Why is it drinking a-ok, but weed smoking (which is nowhere near as bad) = BAD?

  3. trini.poilti says – reply to this


    Lol! Lawrence's choice of Budweiser shows what bad taste she has in beer! But it's not her fault. I think everyone under 25 thinks shit beers like Bud are good. It's the first beers we buy in 7-11. Those stores mostly carry shit beer. Unless it was the producers who told her to mention Budweiser. One can never be too sure when dealing with a bullshit system. Like you Perez. You are a part of the system of bullshit.