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Jennifer Lawrence Having "Trust" Issues Over BF Nicholas Hoult Working With Kristen Stewart?!

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Jennifer Lawrence Hugging Kristen Stewart

Honestly, we're both surprised and not surprised at this news!

Jennifer Lawrence is madly in love with her adorable boyf, Nicholas Hoult, and with rumors that the two were engaged (sadly, they're not, but we're still hoping!) there's no doubt in our minds that there won't be ANY cheating scandals in their future!

However, the Hunger Games actress has supposedly become worried about her relationship because her boyfriend will be working with another young starlet, Miz Kristen Stewart!

Nick and the Twilight actress will be working on the upcoming sci-fi film Equals, and sources are reporting that JLaw ain't too thrilled about it!


“She doesn’t trust her."

Well, really, that is pretty understandable when you look at Kristen's track record with married men!

Let's just hope those relationship reunion rumors of KStew and Robert Pattinson are true!

PLUS, we're pretty SURE there's no way Nick would stray from JLaw! We mean, come on, JLaw is the queen of quirky and is pretty much perfection!

He'd never cheat on her!

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13 comments to “Jennifer Lawrence Having "Trust" Issues Over BF Nicholas Hoult Working With Kristen Stewart?!”

  1. Sam says – reply to this


    Track record? She cheated once

  2. Ray says – reply to this


    Once a cheater, always a cheater…

  3. jo says – reply to this


    god stop pitting them against each other, they have no beef at all. and by the way perez, anybody has the capability of getting cheated on, even if they're good looking, it never stops a guy or girl from betraying the other.

  4. br says – reply to this


    omg she cheated once and was so blown out of proportion…

  5. DeeZ says – reply to this


    It takes two to tango…

  6. 6

    "Reportedly:" You fucking hacks make so much shit up it isn't funny. You have no sources. You have no reporters. You make shit up and hide in the shadows. Pigs.

  7. fid says – reply to this


    What is Kristen Stewart supposed to be some siren that no man can deny? I doubt Hoult would be tempted, even if there was an ounce of truth in this ridiculous story. Your "sources" are just your own idiotic brain.

  8. 8

    Made up story. As usual.

  9. eazabella says – reply to this


    who whrote this article is soooooo mean and bully so fuck offffffffffffffffffffffffff

  10. 10

    you are soooooooo mean and bully
    oh my soooooooooo chidish
    are you happy now
    or i hurt your ego

  11. KB says – reply to this


    Okay we get it she cheated but usually when someone cheats there is a reason behind it even though it doesn't excuse it. Something was missing in the relationship that caused it. As for JL having trust issues, that should say something right there. I'm the type that if you are going to accuse me of something, hell I might as well go ahead and do it.

  12. Diana says – reply to this


    Jennifer should be concerned because Nicholas is English and he is Sagittarius. Kristen is Aries and we know that Sagittarius and Aries is perfect zodiac match. Also I think Kristen is jealous of Jennifer so I wouldn't be surprised if she goes for her man if nothing else then just to hurt her. I don't think Nicholas would stray but you never know. It seems men really like Kristen for some reason. so if I am Jennifer I would not let NIcholas to work with Kristen or make sure to be there during the entire filming. Although even though Liberty was there too it didn't stop Kristen and Ruppert to you know what… :) So to be on the safe side if Jennifer wants to keep her BF, she should not let him work with Kristen, period!

  13. smoof says – reply to this


    hhmmm…boyfriend drama and indiscretion are always swirling around jennifer lawrence–and curiously, the sources and leaked stories are always from her point of view.

    you never hear anything from nicholas's point of view. that's not any accident. she's the one milking the drama–she doesn't seem to be able to stand not being talked about. but poor girl's life is pretty boring scandal-wise, but now she can ride on kristen stewart, a true scandal queen's coat tails.

    don't feel sorry for her. celebrities use the paparazzi and tabloids.the "i'm being exploited by fame-parasites" is all part of the game. look at celebrities like jared leto, you almost never hear anything about him, and the paparazzi shots are just those chance moments where he's walking down the street or grocery shopping. he doesn't play the game–he doesn't care. he'll likely win a best supporting actor award next year, for much better performance than the one she won for this year, but you'll barely hear about him, because he wants it that way. but she'll do nothing but crap films like x-man, and never be out of the boyfriend drama headlines.

    ahh nick, what do you see in her? that whole first love thing is a mirage, move on love…