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Beyoncé's Next Album Will Be "Monumental" Says Columbia Records Chairman!

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Can you expect anything less than monumental if it's from Queen Bey?!

It has been two years since Beyoncé released 4 and everyone has been on the edge, wondering when Bey will release her next album!

Thankfully, the Chairman of Columbia Records, Rob Stringer has the answer we've all been waiting for!

The chairman gives us all the breakdown of what 2014 is going to look like at Columbia Records, he said:

"At the beginning of next year we've got Broken Bells and Bruce Springsteen.

Then we've got Lea Michele from Glee coming, and we've got Foster the People up next. Then we've got Pharrell and Solange, and obviously, at some point Beyoncé will put a record out, and when she does it will be monumental. So we're in really, really good shape."


2014 is going to be AH-MAY-ZING year and Columbia Records is definitely on the right track by releasing Lea Michele's album at the start of the new year!

The upcoming year will be DIVAlicious!

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19 comments to “Beyoncé's Next Album Will Be "Monumental" Says Columbia Records Chairman!”

  1. 1

    She needs to get rid of that EXTREMELY CREEPY & TALENTLESS HUSBAND…NOW!

  2. 2

    wow, record company president says beyonce will have a big hit. did you think he would call it another stinker?

  3. 3

    wow, record company president says beyonce will have a big hit. did you think he would call it another stinker?

  4. 4

    wasnt the same thing said about '4?'

  5. br says – reply to this


    beyonces music is so bad like go back to destinys child she was better with them

  6. 6

    Which means mediocre, at best. She's had her time. Her peak has gone. She'll continue to produce decent, albeit stolen material, but her peak was gone a while ago.

  7. The Truth says – reply to this


    Sony's chairman said the same thing before her sales bombed, lost them $100 million and they dumped her.

    That is the actual facts, Sony dropped her.

    The Truth Hurts

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Monumental defined means 'very large or impressive.' So how would he know if it will be large or impressive ahead of its release? Crystal balls?

  9. emily says – reply to this


    4 might not have been a huge hit in sales but the critics loved it.. Your ass can't even sell girl scout cookies.. Leave Beyonce alone..

  10. mlyjn says – reply to this


    Oh Beyonce. I'll believe it when I hear it.

  11. mya says – reply to this


    4 didn't have any hits. I hope this album racks up with the #1's and hits. So many people have wrote Beyonce off (chart wise). She needs to come big. No Run The World (Girls) or Grown Women. I love Beyonce, but 4 was boring. people didn't connect with it because of the music.

  12. 12

    Music is a mess and needs a big revolution. It's been reduced to 5 musicians (Beyonce is one) that get most of the coverage: This is the biggest story in music PH First Tier: Beyonce, Beiber, Gaga, Perry, or Swift. (and maybe runnerups 1D, JT, and Miley).
    Second Tier: 1D, JT, and Miley)
    Third Tier: Rhianna, Britney, Selena, Carrie,
    Fourth Tier: Thousands of good musicians outside corporate music - often as good or better.
    (Note we run out of major stars very quickly)

    Music and the music business, has been reduced to 5. These 5 get more media attention than all the other musicians in the world, combined. Corporate music has marginalize the best of the rest into footnotes. It has been decreed by the suits that you will not have any real career in music unless you are Beyonce, Beiber, Gaga, Perry, or Swift. (and maybe runnerups 1D, JT, and Miley).

    Hunkasuarus = One standard guitar, one voice, and one revolution.

    Never in history have 5 musicians got more press than all the rest. Never in history has the music business been mostly 4 companies. Never in history has the major media companies owned the music companies too. Now that's music news every media should be covering!

  13. 13

    Re: Hunkasaurus – you got it totally right. there is more talent in the general population then you will ever hear on corporate radio.

  14. charlotte says – reply to this


    This is why I enjoy old school music. Old School had a message, this garbage they are making now days is nothing but no singing rap, filthy language, half nekkid singers, and sex, sex, sex. Digusting!

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Hunkasaurus – Some of the best musicians/vocalists also played an instrument. I can watch David Gilmour performing over and over and never fail to be awed.
    Corporate took over, controlled and spoiled it…mainstream, anyway. They will rise.

  16. LeHollywood says – reply to this


    ew ew ew @ all these comments, i remember why i stopped coming on this website cuz perez needs to monitor his comment section. Every single one of you people have NO CLUE what you are talking about. Beyonce has cranked out 4 consecutive #1 albums, there were NO flops, every single one of them has gone platinum. im sure this one will be no different. u ppl need to let the whole singles thing go. And i connected with 4, that album sold 100,000 copies more than any female artists did this year in their debut, so yeah. yall are going in for no reaosn. Leave Beyonce Alone

  17. YouSuck says – reply to this


    Re: Hunkasaurus – The definition of insanity is to repeat what previously has been done & expecting different results. Times change, people change, things change. Get use to it, its the way of the world. You sound like an old fart.

  18. PineappleLadi says – reply to this


    IM SO EXCITED FOR IT! LOVE HER! Shes amazing and sooooo talented, more talent in her pinky than all these trolls on this thread COMBINED DAYUM!

  19. Holy Schnikes says – reply to this


    all I can ever focus on are the two grapefruits stuck to her chest.