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37 comments to “Justin Bieber Tweets Vague, Possible Apology Over "Beached Whale" Comment! Check It Out HERE!”

  1. 1

    Who are these extremely mentally ill people that actually pay to see him/& buy his worthless CD's?

  2. 2

    Hillary - adolescence is not a mental illness. It is more like a fever - it will pass. And when it does, Beiber will be without 90% of his fans.

  3. ivan says – reply to this


    this does not mean he actually said that to a girl for he has said the same thing before. Also, some question weather he really said that to anyone- it's either an embellisment or a lie like the previous accusation in the same hotel of a father's being thrown down the stairs by his bodyguard. This is in the same category as the accusation by a girl that Chris Brown hit her in a club when witnesses there said it did not happend

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  5. df says – reply to this


    pretty sure its made up and no one is talking about how he went to phillipines to help the victims and raised 3 million

  6. Zoey Graham says – reply to this


    Remember that time when a really atrocious and ridiculous story that was written about kanye west that one about him saying that he was the next Nelson Mandela. That was a story they had the name of the radio station and even quoted kanye saying so. That story had everything proof wise aka everything that was stated made it seems true. Too bad that the story was utter lies. Not that anyone bothered to fact check. Or remember that other story about bieber and one of his bodyguards where apparently a father of a fan was thrown down the stairs and that the police were called. And then the police didn't know anything about that the story even had the name of a witness and how far away she was standing from the whole accident 100 meters said the atircle. And then police said that they never recived such a call. Ok Den. Anyway this story must also be true right I mean the stories I mentioned above were are all true. I mean they have a witness who they named just like in that other story

  7. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    Wow he really has done it now. This is being reported all over and I didn't by the dad being pushed down the stairs thing, but this is seeming very credible. He could make up for all the other stupid antics (which can't be blamed on him being 19, he's rude and immature) with PR forced charity events, and with the backing of his fans, who he apparently holds in such high regard? BS! Now it's been shown how he really is to them (time and time again, spitting, overcharged rip off meet and greets, late shows on school nights) he's done, he has nothing. As a child he was seen as talented, he hasn't improved, his voice is weak now, his dance 'moves' are well just not dancing, and he has no critical or professional respect or fans, see ya Bieber! Has anyone ever been that rude to a teenage fan?

  8. Bongo says – reply to this


    I give him a few more months, then when his teenage fans are sick of him and he has no reason to keep his security or paid friends around, someones going to give this kid a slap, not promoting violence, but he's got away with a lot because he's had his goons to fight for him. If he treats people like crap it'll eventually come back around to bite him.

  9. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    I don't know if anyone else has seen the photos of him pacing around the pool, but looks like odd behaviour to me, probably on something. Would explain a lot.

  10. Natasha says – reply to this


    This does not make him look guilty at all in my eyes. I'm not a fan of his but I highly doubt he'd be stupid enough to say that just some idiots trying to get attention.

  11. spur says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – no…there is something mentally wrong with these 65,000 kids who retweeted his message. it's adolescence + complete mental instability.

  12. 12

    Well the good news is that we are on minute 14 of his 15 minutes. Douche…

  13. 13

    Perez, it is he thanked you and your girlfriends for last night. He did not even read all this nonsense

  14. jessica says – reply to this


    Perez's blog is getting worse….seriously, this is not a story. He took a stupid tweet that is super generic & posted it with a theory on what it COULD mean..so dumb. Even if he said, "I'm sorry that I called someone a beached whale" it still wouldn't make it better. Justin is just a scrawny dorky kid that can dance & sing. He's a complete dork..I really don't get why anyone finds that short little scrawny boy hot.

  15. jessica says – reply to this


    Justin is just a scrawny dorky kid that can dance & sing. He's a complete dork..I really don't get why anyone finds that short little scrawny boy hot.

  16. Cate says – reply to this


    Why does that tweet (I love you all) make him look guilty you idiot? He stated how great the fans were down under. He is giving a concert there. If this story were true, it would have spread everywhere just like all the TRUE things that he has done.

  17. Steve says – reply to this


    Re: df – Who cares? He's a douche.

  18. Aussie Mum says – reply to this


    The Australian love affair with Justin Bieber is OVER!

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    An actual apology would have been better, IF he said it.

  20. 20

    not cool at all. Six years ago he was a nothing. Thanks to his mommy for posting the videos on youtube or no one would even know about him.
    What a loser!. This guy is a total joke.

  21. AllegedCriminalConduct says – reply to this


    Guys one thing about alleged criminals, and people who aid and abet criminal behaviour is that they may get away with things for sometimes, but eventually they will make a mistake. And when that occurs all the tactics that they use to get out of the previous crap, fails to work. They usually use things like asking for further evidence, or staying silent, or trying to cover it up with good deeds. This is nothing new, even though the alleged criminals think they are clever.
    Sometimes you wait 10 years for the mistake, sometimes one, but EVENTUALLY it does happen, and this is a prime example of such arguably.

  22. AppalingBehaviour says – reply to this


    Re: Lady_Says
    They story was they "escorted" him out.
    This is abuse of legal process and legal terminology to weasal out of being accountable.
    We need to hold these people to account. Absolutely APPALLING behaviour.

  23. GoogleLawdegree says – reply to this


    Re: ivan
    Keep covering it up with more legalese, and your Google law degree.

  24. Sigh says – reply to this


    Re: ivan
    Ivan get Bieber on camera right now and get him to go on record saying he didn't do this ?
    Then if it is true the credible witness can be struck out, and case closed. Independent witnesses are important Ivan, but the credibility and character of the witnesses impact the balance of probabilities in terms of the associated guilt on a civil level and beyond reasonable doubt on a criminal level. I think from his standpoint given multiple people have seen it, it would not take much to flush out those witnesses if this did go to trial. Also was there camera equipment recording the incident with sound ? Does this person have a track record of this in the past ?
    If the person has APD, or any other criminal conducive psychological issues then this will also impact the case. Ivan please stop asking us to wait for facts when it is obvious what has occured.

  25. Polygraph says – reply to this


    Re: ivan
    Do the right thing and get him to apologise to her. If you really need to know the truth get Bieber on a polygraph in private and find out yourself, then go apologise.
    Polygraphs are great things, it cuts a lot of time and bullshit out (and fancy legalese).

  26. lol says – reply to this


    i have a feeling if you put Bieber on a polgraph it would blow up, just kidding.

  27. sadjkjs says – reply to this


    Re: Natasha
    PR team ?

  28. saldsk says – reply to this


    Re: df
    pr team ?

  29. JH says – reply to this


    I have lost a lot of respect for social media marketing if this is how it is done, just kidding.

  30. Hillary says – reply to this


    "A small lie, if it actually is a lie, condemns a man as much as a big and black falsehood. If a man will deliberately cheat to the amount of a single cent, give him opportunity and he would cheat to any amount." Oliver Goldsmith

  31. Christmas says – reply to this


    i can't believe they think people are stupid enough to believe they can be this sneaky and not appear so.
    Parents vote with your wallets this Christmas in protest for the abysmal way this 14 year old has been treated.

  32. Nikki says – reply to this


    Sorry no, i dislike the last comment in this artical "Although, maybe he's just being a boy.".

    No, plain and simple Justin Bieber is a absolute wanker and his little die hard fans are to stupid to see this. He thinks because he has money and fame he is better than everybody else around him. Some one needs to knock him on his ass and many have tried. Not surprised he needs so many body guards, the little bastard is asking for it.

    And even if this isn't true (i don't doubt it is) he is still a total asshole for all the other stupid ass shit he has done.

    Every country he goes to they host him and end up trying to drive him out from his lack of respect to his fellow human beings. Thats another country on the "fuck you" list Justin. The aussies don't want you!

  33. zoey_graham says – reply to this


    lady says the story about kanye seemed very credible too. Look what happened. Love how rose dedicated hater budd or any of these other constant haters have seemingly passed right over my comment. Just because its being reoorted everywhere doesn't mean its true. The kanye story was everywhere even on TimesLive Wich is one of te proper journalist sites much like the CNN. Even they were reporting on the kanye story just goes to show no one ever fact checks stuff these days.

  34. ToughLove says – reply to this


    Consumers also have to know that if Bieber does have Antisocial Personality Disorder (and look we can't be 100% certain but a lot of symptoms are there), the only way to get them to change is to break them. If you keep giving them chances over and over it doesn't work. So unfortunately tough love is the only medicine.

  35. cee says – reply to this


    Yeah I am sick of his everyone makes mistakes crap? This is basic simple manners you learn before you even start your first day at school. And really biting the hand that feeds you Justin? You are ungrateful if you are done entertaining than just retire with whatever dignity you have left. He really thinks he is invincible. Its funny. There will be a day when you lose everything for your actions, and yeah people make mistakes and people also pay for them which you have avoided doing already but the day WILL come.

  36. ramona says – reply to this


    Re: spur – he is rude crude and mighty uncouth, to behave like that is disgusting and his entourage are none better you may get away with that in the US but here in Oz we dont put up with this shit

  37. alyssa says – reply to this


    he never called someone a beached whale so he wasnt apologizing to anyone when he tweeted this like get out