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Paul Walker Miraculously Survived Horrible Accident 5 Years Ago! Read His Horrific Tale HERE!

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This totally gives us goosebumps!

Before his tragic and untimely death, Paul Walker actually had another high speed vehicle crash back in 2008 that almost took his life.

Below is the account of that harrowing tale given by the late actor himself:

“It was pretty bad, I ran into the back of a car about 50 miles an hour. This guy was up from San Diego State, college student visiting his friends in Santa Barbara, on his cell phone, in the far right lane. Then right in front of me another guy on his cell phone talking. I’m on the motorcycle so I slow down and back off, the student that’s in the far right lane is getting directions from his buddy that lives in town who tells him that he just missed his left hand turn, makes a left hand turn right in front of the car that’s in front of me. He locks up his brakes, doesn’t have his ABS. I hit the trunk. I’m right over the top. I didn’t hit the car, but my bike did, and I flew clean. The thing that was so crazy is I went to the gym that morning, wearing full leathers in my backpack that I had on, I had my gym clothes. I went to the gym and I trained legs. When I train legs, I train them really hard. I was feeling really nauseous. So at the end of the workout I was like, oh I only live four blocks away; I’m just going to ride home with my gym clothes on. The thing that saved me was my backpack. I mean you can see a little road rash here. I got hit badly. Going through an experience like that, having made all these movies where there are car crashes, but they’re choreographed and everything’s contained, is it a surreal experience to have that comparison of knowing you’ve been in a real accident versus all these celluloid crashes? It happens a lot faster. You know what’s funny about car accidents and motorcycle crashes, in actuality, it always seem like it’s in slow motion? It happens fast. I don’t know, to me everything seems like it’s in slow motion, you see it developing. It’s like your mind kicks in and knows you’re screwed, it’s like all of a sudden, ‘I’m screwed.’ Everything just goes slow!! And no matter what you do, there’s no getting out of it.”

It's eerie how reading Paul's version of this story is almost like listening to him talk beyond the grave. Just so sad.

How we wish Paul had been able to walk away from his latest accident. Rest in peace!

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3 comments to “Paul Walker Miraculously Survived Horrible Accident 5 Years Ago! Read His Horrific Tale HERE!”

  1. Maggie says – reply to this


    Now we know how he felt in the car accident, I hope he´s in a better place and in peace.

  2. Jody says – reply to this


    Why are you not reporting that after that accident, in 2011 he was ticketed for Texting and Driving himself? If you are going to report this you need to tell the whole story. The man KNEW texting and driving was illegal in California and was nearly killed because of someone doing it and we now find out he has a history of driving and texting himself!

  3. Taylor Steele says – reply to this


    Maggie is right and now we can be sure of what his last moment was like, but sadly it's like that for anyone in an accident where suddenly your brain understands your body is in danger of suffering great physical harm.

    I have had this experience at least once in life…. and it is followed by the most beautiful calm and serenity a person could image. Sort of like, "it's okay to let go, everything's going to be okay" feeling. I'm sure that's what he felt if he was conscious.

    I think Paul Walker was a good man, but in the end he was only human…
    And even some humans aren't smart enough to realize they shouldn't do something (like text) when someone else doing the same thing nearly killed them at one time.

    RIP Paul, you owned the world unlike most ever will.
    You lived more days in 40 years than most ever will.
    But you paid the high price a risky life style such as your demanded.

    I hope your legend lives on for many years to come… RIP Paul Walker