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Kim Kardashian Slams Critics Of Her Charity: "I Give 10% Of ALL My Earnings!"

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When it comes to charity, Kim Kardashian always gives a hundred and ten percent! Sorry, we forgot to carry the one or something- it's actually TEN percent.

The reality star caught some flack recently after it was revealed that an eBay auction she did for Typhoon Haiyan relief was actually only donating 10% of the profit to the charity.

But Kim has had it up to her Celine necklace with people saying she doesn't give enough back!

Kim was so upset she actually wrote a lengthy response to her detractors! She wrote:

"I feel compelled to speak about something that is in my head and my heart. Over the years, I’ve had to grow a thick skin. Being in the public eye, there are times I feel like I get criticized for any and everything I do. I’m used to it now. I just choose not to feed into negativity or become consumed by it.

The problem comes in when I get attacked for giving and trying to help people. My dad always taught me the importance of giving back. I don’t publicize everything I do to help charities and people all over the world. I do it because I want to. I do it because my dad taught me to. I do it because it’s the right thing to do. So for people to attack me for giving 10% of my eBay auction sales to the people of the Philippines, that hurts.

I do eBay auctions monthly and change the charity or church from time to time. I give 10% of all my earnings to charities, not just these eBay auctions. This month it’s for the people of the Philippines, last month was Life Change Community Church.

In regards to these eBay auctions, when the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all of their hard work, then eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc., all add up to about half of the sale. Then I give 10% to a charity.

Truth is how the # is broken down, is neither here nor there. The people of the Philippines need all of our help, no matter how big or small.

Over the last 5+ years, I have listed thousands of items on eBay Giving Works for various causes. I will continue to do what is in my heart and am happy to know many others have enjoyed purchasing from me, as they too are giving with me.

Giving comes from the heart. We all need to be reminded of this as we celebrate the holiday season this year."

Well, ten percent of everything is a lot more than 100% of just eBay auctions. And in Kim's case ten percent is A LOT!

Should she give even more? What do U think?

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73 comments to “Kim Kardashian Slams Critics Of Her Charity: "I Give 10% Of ALL My Earnings!"”

  1. 1

    This is the SAME CANNED ANSWER ALL these greedy fucks make. Here's the problem. They all give away 10% for TAX PURPOSES. So they don't have to pay more in taxes. It has NOTHING to do with being charitable.

  2. 2

    Not to mention that she had ZERO to do with the promotion. She has an entire team of accountants doing that for her and telling her what to say if she's under fire. Truth be told, ALL of her Ebay used pieces of chinese shit should go to charity. She's hiding behind this statement that she didn't write an OUNCE OF.

  3. paula says – reply to this


    she's a selfish piece of shit who only cares about money and materialistic things! Not to mention that animal that is her spermanator donor! i'd rather die alone then be with him!

  4. 4

    Everything thing she says, thinks, eats and breaths is given to her in a script. She never ever thinks for herself. And if she does, it's so fucking delusional, like her idiotic baby daddy, that it's almost vomit inducing. Yes, Kim. Having people say "yes" to you all the time doesn't equate to you being original or intelligent. It does, however, make you more of an idiot.

  5. MMD says – reply to this


    I don't care about their tax breaks, they're giving which is what counts. Can you say you donate 10% of your earnings?

  6. paula says – reply to this


    she's a piece of shit who only cares about money and materialistic things, not to mention that unmanly douche bag that knocked her up! i wonder if she was visualizing dollar signs when the sperm was making its entrance!

  7. 7

    She scammed a bunch of people!! She should have been up front and say that she was only giving 10% of the proceeds to charity. Don't sit there and make it seem like everything is going to charity when it's not.

  8. 8

    "This month it’s for the people of the Philippines, last month was Life Change Community Church." You mean the church your mom owns? "when the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all of their hard work, then eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc., all add up to about half of the sale." Instead of paying someone to do it, you could take half an hour and post the shit your self. There's more money right there. And when it comes down to ebay listing fees, end of auction fees, and ebay store fees, you just listed the same fee over and over and over. We all know that you are given those clothes for free and still feel the need to make a profit off it. You have been, are currently, and always will be, the second most disgusting person alive. The first being the baby batter producer you decided to let impregnate you.

  9. duilama says – reply to this


    There is a big difference between donating your earnings than doing a charity fund raising using the name of the charity to jag up your sales and pocketing a percentage of the sale. This skank does not know the difference or she does but trying to pull a quick one. I think it is the later. Shame on you. And if I were her, I would not wave around her father's name because he was one of the scum lawyers who sold their souls to the devils and got OJ off murdering two beautiful lives.

  10. ugh says – reply to this


    Who cares about the motivation behind her giving, at least she's giving. I'm sure she's been giving for a long time. Should she give more? Absolutely not, I bet she makes so much 10% is wonderful. People are so hard on her you can't even recognize when she's doing something nice. It's absurd.

  11. 11

    Tax write off, no charity here.

  12. Kuntney says – reply to this


    When is this dried up old douche bag gonna disappear from the face of the earth? I'll bet that Kangay didn't even knock her up. He's got no balls, probably had her artificially inseminated to avoid a very sloppy mess

  13. 13

    sickening stuff …Re: adg100 – exactly otherwise no one would get anything …

  14. Georgia says – reply to this


    Regardless of whether or not anyone thinks she deserves the money she makes. She doesn't have to donate anything, it's her money. 10% is a hell of a lot more than anyone ever donates so good on her. People can hate all they like but they're just being bitter and shallow. Good on Kim (and anyone else donating).

  15. guest says – reply to this


    Her mother is a board member of the Life Change Community Church, so the money goes back to them, not very charitable =(

  16. eric says – reply to this


    She could have gave nothing. People should shut up. I don't care about the kardashians, but are all these people who complain donating directly to the charity? Cuz if not shut up

  17. dg says – reply to this


    what a no talent runt. i am so sick of her and her big ass.

  18. says who says – reply to this


    There is nothing about her or her family that one can sense charitable kindness. IF she gives anything it is for a tax deduction FOR HERSELF! Kim you got caught, shut up and minimize how guilty you look.

  19. duilama says – reply to this


    Re: ugh – she was not giving! she was skimming off a charity event!!!

  20. 20

    So by her math, half the ebay sale goes to fees, 10% goes to charity - that leaves 40% for Kim. She can try to spin this all she wants but she does not look good. And for those asking if the rest of us give 10%, the answer is probably not, but if most people gave 10% they wouldn't be able to pay their bills. Kim is in the 1% of the mega-wealthy, she could give upwards of 50% and it wouldn't affect her lifestyle one bit. So to take 40% of a stupid ebay sale is just plain greedy.

  21. KiKi says – reply to this



  22. 22

    And another thing - of all her old stuff she sold on ebay, how much of it was given to her by designers? Is she taking stuff she got for free making money on it, and she still expects us to praise her for being charitable?

  23. 23

    In the first place I don't believe that she gives 10% of everything. But if she was planning to give 10% of the auction to the people of the Philippines THAT IS WHAT SHE SHOULD HAVE SAID! Then no one would have a reason to say anything about it. What she actually said was that she was donating from the auction and made a big deal of it….try telling the truth and maybe it won't come back and bite your ass. Or maybe it will….

  24. normandi says – reply to this


    So giving 10% is better than giving NO % so I guess you can get credit for that… but for realz tho! Most of the things you auctioned were gifted to you by designers, promoters etc. So you putting it out there that ppl should buy things from you to so to help ppl in the Philippines- thus generating more sales and more money in your pocket well honey that's just some bull shit!!! If you are going to donate… then take the gloves off and show us what you can do!!! If you donate every month… then great but this month just for shits and giggles… donate 50% of your earnings… Make your dad proud… you keep talking about all these things that he taught you… whats a few hundred thousand bucks to a girl like you HUH??

  25. Tiffany says – reply to this


    then eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees = not very much so yeah.

  26. 26

    tax deduction for assfat Re: guest – hilarious

  27. jewjew says – reply to this


    No one on dis post gives because most of us don't have a 50+ million dollar bank roll dumb ass

  28. 28

    Re: MMDRe: paula – You must be another idiot. They make MORE money by giving away 10%. If I made MORE money giving away 10% then yes, I would do the same thing. But I wouldn't hide behind the facade of being a charitable person.

  29. madmike says – reply to this


    Why do Kris's girls only marry dysfunctional gay men?

  30. Valerie says – reply to this


    I find it unbelievably absurd that people are slamming her for the amount of money she gives. Like petulant children really, "more more more". At the end of the day, it's her money and it should be spent at her discretion. We aren't living in a communist society. What's hers is rightly hers. The fact that she bothers to give back at all, let alone regularly is admirable, and that's more than I can say for most people, myself included. Calling Kim greedy whilst complaining about the fact that she does not give enough is hypocritical, for it is greedy in itself.

  31. CJ says – reply to this


    I still think 10% is an insult if I am being honest. When you look at the sort of money she is earning monthly not even yearly, she can afford to give all the earnings from her ebay account to help the people of the Philippines. I'm sure her bank account wouldn't even notice the money is missing. That the thing that always annoys me with celebrities they are far to greedy at times. If I was in her situation when it comes to money I'd give more than a measly 10%, but I guess that's why I'm not rich.

  32. 32

    Not one needy Philippine disaster victim touched ONE PENNY of the money raised.

  33. Jennifer Peel says – reply to this


    I feel that you should only take what you need and give all the rest. What one person needs 5mil/year? Unless you have other businesses where you employ many employees and the 5mil help float those boats then why the hell do you need that kind of money. I get sickened when I hear that one individual made a billion + in one year, who the hell needs all that money? Doctors/nurses/teachers should be the ones racking in that kind of dough! Celebrities should have a cap on their salaries and the rest should have to go to health care and education!

  34. The Truth says – reply to this


    To make a long story short the charity is used to do her self promotion.

    The Truth Hurts

  35. zil26 says – reply to this


    Re: KiKi – you dont know if anyone has donated money! some people have donated money to red cross, and theyve donated whatever they can.

    its not about how much she donated, its the fact that she doesnt need anymore money. maybe she could do a decnt thing and donate 100% of it to charity. it really wouldnt have affected her bank account.

  36. 36

    Re: KiKi – if I had a closet full of ugly shit that I got for free, I wouldn't keep any of the proceeds if I claimed I was auctioning it off for charity.

  37. KIMKARDASHIAN says – reply to this


    Let's just be glad that she actually gave something. Write off or not. I bet people would do that, too if ever. Come on.

  38. Tinkerbells Pixie Dust says – reply to this


    vile cow she makes out like all the money is going to go to charity then all of a sudden it's lowered to 10%…

  39. 39

    I don't even like her, but all these people slamming her for not giving back MORE???? How much do YOU give back? What is YOUR % #? I bet it's ZERO.

  40. 40

    Re: The Eric

    You should educate yourself before talking about something you obviously know nothing about.

    Selling stuff on ebay is far more time consuming than just 30 minutes of your day. I sell in addition to having a day job. It's not a matter of just taking a picture and throwing up a listing. It takes me at least 15 minutes to create a listing. I've been selling for over 10 years. Plus there are many fees associated with a listing. There is an inital listing fee, then a final value fee based on the final selling price, then paypal charges you a fee when the buyer pays. If you have an ebay store there are fees associated with that. Ebay really does charge fee on top of fee on top of another.

    Never the less 10% of her income is a substantial sum. How much do you donate?

  41. rvancouver says – reply to this


    She doesn't HAVE to give anything. Im not defending but I am deff not hating. No matter how she makes her money it is HER money not OUR money. Bottom line is her 10% is a lot more than the average person can give. Just cuz shes rich doesn't make it a requirement to donate… but she does because its nice thing to do. I don't NEED to spend my minimum wage money to feed the homeless. but I do its a CHOICE. Stop being mean to one another. Do nice things when you can and if others don't then remind them why they should but DO NOT hate.

  42. CHRISTINA says – reply to this


    Bitches please! Be happy she even donates something! she also could've take this 10% and put it in her pocket. She sure doesn't HAVE TO donate anything. She's doing it because she wants it.

  43. jack says – reply to this


    Re: CHRISTINA – are you fucken stupid or something. using charity to promote the sale and profiting from peoples misfortune. she doesn't have to give shit if she was just doing and auction, fucken take the whole thing. But to say this is for charity to help people, people that buy the items bid higher because the know even if its expensive its going to charity thats why a red mac pro is sold for a million dollars when it just retails for 5k. you fucken moron

  44. Kim Kardashian says – reply to this


    I am a pathetic whore who purposely released a sex tape to become famous and will do ANYTHING to stay relevant.

  45. misty says – reply to this


    I have to laugh at this one…people, reality shows are not "stars" they are people who even though you don't know it have a script….getting on TV and making a fool and embarrassment of yourself and others does not and never will make you a "star"….these people are not actors folks

  46. JustSaying says – reply to this


    People don't buy her stuff for the charity they buy it because they want the stuff and then 10% goes to the charity…..

  47. fid says – reply to this


    Oh, perhaps she gives 10% of her earnings to her brother in laws charity that was basically shown to be a total scam of a charity. That they use the money as their own bank account. What a farce. She's an idiot and apparently thinks the rest of the world are too.

  48. fid says – reply to this


    Also, bringing up her father as her "inspiration" is a joke. Just because he's dead does not make him a saint. He was a slimy criminal defense lawyer who probably got a lot of guilty people off just because he could make bank. Makes sense that he taught her to only give 10% away, and I'm guessing the items she sold were all items she was given for free by other designers. What a klown.

  49. fid says – reply to this


    Re: eric – Perhaps if she just sold the items and said "from these sales I'll be donating 10% of what I've earned to charity". Instead she made it seem like her auction was for the Philipines, it's called false advertising and duping the consumer. But perhaps you can't see past the 10% because you're just another sheep that thinks "oh well, she's giving SOMETHING". Even if that something is going to a "charity" run by a family member?

  50. David says – reply to this


    She menas the earnings from a camera fallowing her around recording what we she would normally be doing anyway without the camera. Sorry, but being paid millions for doing really nothing, and then bragging about giving away 10% of the millions for doing nothing seems a bit….. well…… selfish.

  51. David says – reply to this


    Re: guest – And a free country allows us to slam her as she is doing us. We are allowed to call out people who we think use and abuse the system to lline their own pockets. Whether we are right or wrong is irrelivent, since we are not violating anyones rights.

  52. David says – reply to this


    Re: dg – They donate money received from you and me from a camera following them around. Personally, I don't watch them, and I want my cable bill cut by $1 a month so not to give them any of my money. Since my only options are to turn OFF cable, or continue paying them, I will continue to rasie $&%^ about how much they make, and the measly excuses for donating 10%. Especially since I am part of their income.

  53. David says – reply to this


    Re: KiKi – By percentage of income or total cash?

    By percentage, I have her beat by a mile. By dollars, she probably has me beat. However, nobody pays me a million dollars to follow me around with a camera either. I actually have to WORK for the LITTLE bit of money I make.

  54. David says – reply to this


    Re: Valerie – Hmmm. Then I have misinterpreted everything. I didn't know they were slamming her for donating. I thought they weer slamming her for "bragging" about it. My bad.

  55. David says – reply to this


    Re: Kim Kardashian – Is she auctioning off that?

  56. David says – reply to this


    Re: KiKi – By percentage of availbale income? More than her.

  57. David says – reply to this


    Re: paula – And this is WHY the pay her millions for a camera to follow her around. Boy, she is a hard worker for the money she "earns".

  58. lili says – reply to this


    wow people are soo mean. regardless of anything she did, does, says or has said she is still a person and she is giving to charities and thats all that counts!! Who cares if her mom is on the church commitee that just means they are both helping a church and I am sure they propbably have a large part in keeping the church open and running the way it does. People need to stop being so judgemenatl and mean. There's no reason to hate someone because of the blessings god has given to them, maybe if some of these people started treating others with respect and dignity they would realize how much better they could feel. When was the last time any of the people posting negative comments gave to charity and how many of you give 10% of your income to charity every two weeks??

  59. sisiiiii says – reply to this


    fuck leave her alone at least she is helping others can you say that about yourself???

  60. 60

    if you're "giving" to a charity, write a check. of course, there have always been sales to benifit people but we all know kimmy wasn't selling all her freebie shit to help people. she was getting a tax write off and getting attention and making a few bucks on the side.

  61. GingersSpice says – reply to this


    The thing that is wrong- which others have touched upon- is the false advertising.
    and my calculations are not adding up to her math.
    If 50% are fees from ebay/paypal and she is giving 10%… what happened to the unaccountable 40%?
    50 + 10 = 60

    The 40% should also be donated to the whatever the cause. But instead- we are led to believe that she is pocketing 40% off of things she most probably got for free.
    So you are making profit for the items auctioned. AND come tax time- you are making profit because "x" amount of dollars have been donated.

    What is really getting people is the lie.

    and for people like me who make the average salary- with a child, who Live pay check to pay check… we cannot donate money. We are trying to SURVIVE ourselves. We are trying to save whatever extra dollars we have for the future our children. For medical bills/ school/ actual necessities.

    If I had more money I'd donate. I'd adopt. I'd sponsor. I'd be donating my time to help rebuild communities. I'd be at refugee camps helping those who have fled their homes to survive. Helping those children who cannot get a meal.

    With ALL your money and amenities. Get off your ass. stop posting selfies and do something. Not everything is about money. Charities also need volunteers.

    Instead of trying to be like Marilyn Monroe- or whomever it is now- try to look up to idk someone like Princess Diana.

  62. saxfithZit says – reply to this


    There are only 2 reasons people give to charity. Belief some God being is going to give them a place in heaven and Tax write offs. She's not religious so that leaves tax benefits.

  63. eimear says – reply to this


    i wonder who wrote this for her

  64. 64

    Fair enough. I don't fault anyone for giving something to those in need.

  65. 65

    for tax purposes. does she think we all live under a rock? Buy all of my used stuff so I can donate to charity and save me even more in taxes. She is not standing up for a cause!!!

  66. geewhiz says – reply to this


    Some are more generous. Designer Antthony ( HSN) donated all his profits-30% for each Christmas tree decoration ball. I was too late to buy it. 30% are for the manufacturer, and the other for the HSN. She is so cheap. Disgusting.

  67. 67

    what Teresa answered I didnt know that some people able to get paid $7830 in one month on the computer. go right here>>. WWW.F­B­3­­9.C­O­M

  68. vc blackwell says – reply to this


    Hmm sounds like a tax deduction to me. And the picture looks like she's so-ooo botoxed,she can't even fake a cry anymore. So..may I have a little cheese with that whine?

  69. vc blackwell says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer Peel – Jennifer, in my opinion, you made the most sensible comment I've read on here. Thank you. ; )

  70. catharsisi says – reply to this


    Thanks, Kim! You can spare a few million and that will really help lives!..

    Also, the truth is that someone who does this has their head together, they're secure, they can keep a perspective on things… And most of the truly successful people DO make a lot of donations.

    Say what you like, but she is very wealthy and very successful. She's not just a flash in the pan–she has staying power in the public eye. I say more power to her! She should keep donating and making both herself AND other people happier everyday!

    Take note, people, this is the behavior of a winner.

  71. 71

    People forget that Rob Kardashian is Kim's biggest charity cases…

  72. Kelly says – reply to this


    I believe that Kim is generous to give at all but others have already made that point so Im going to bring something else up. Really I think the issue is that people think she doesnt deserve all of the money she makes and its unfair that she has so much while others have so little. BUT WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE PAYING KIM!! She wouldnt have any money if people werent buying everything she sells, so if you think that its unfair that she has so much then stop buying into her brand!! Its as simple as that…and by even commenting on this post you are buying into her brand..maybe everyone should think about that if they are so against her.

  73. EvanAllmighty says – reply to this


    It's not about if we give 10% or not, 10% is the max you can claim on taxes so it's pretty much nulls the whole point..second we're not out working or selling things and claiming it's for charity…it's almost the equivalent of going door to door asking for donations and to only use 10% of the money collected for the charity except in her case it's magnified times 1,000,000 because of her popularity. She is a disgusting piece of work.