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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Blasted On South Park! See The Bound 2 Animated Parody HERE!

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James Franco and Seth Rogen aren't the only ones who can spoof!

Kanye West's Bound 2 is getting another comical makeover by the HIGHlarious masterminds of South Park.

One joke in the episode has Kanye fighting rumors that his wifey-to-be is NOT a hobbit. Yes, really!

At one point, the animated version of the rapper yells:

"She's not even in that movie. That movie is just loosely based on her television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which is a show about short loud little people who living in a fantasy world … HOLD UP!"

Kimmy fighting outrageous rumors??! Kanye going on a rant??! Why is this scenario so eerily believable??! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the giggle-inducing clip (above)!!

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19 comments to “Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Blasted On South Park! See The Bound 2 Animated Parody HERE!”

  1. whateveryou says – reply to this


    As always, Parker & Stone are ahead of the curve. There is an intelligence there that you don't see anywhere else in Hollywood today. They're not only smarter than pretty much everyone else connected with the entertainment industry but they have a talent that others have tried to copy & failed everytime.

  2. annainparis says – reply to this


    Kim is much much prettier than Beyoncé and she doesn't need to be a musician, her father was one of the most recognized lawyer (maybe controversial but one of the best). She is not just any girl, she has pedigree and as far as power couples go, Kim and Kanye are more with their time (than jay z and bey)

  3. ÑeñeAntigüedadNickW says – reply to this


    I never thought about Kim Kardashian being a hobbit, but now everything makes sense.
    I just wish she has appeared in this SouthPark chapter too, with her hairy & full of psoroasis little fat feet in some Channel chanclas.

  4. ÑeñeAntigüedadNickW says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – Pedigree? hahaha, yeah, she's a dog (or a bitch, just as Kanye said), we already know she's just a fine dog. That's why she was Paris Hilton's pet.

  5. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: ÑeñeAntigüedadNickW – You can actually use pedigree. What I am saying is that Kim doesn't come from a "self-made" family, her dad was an eminent lawyer, she is not just anyone!

  6. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – kim is no shape or form better than anyone who has actually worked hard for their career and earnings. No matter what her fathers career was, she still got famous from screwing brandys z list brother on camera and dated countless men and pulled publicity stunts with the other members of her talentless family to stay relevant.

  7. 7

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  8. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Then she must be the best "celebrity stunt" ever for being around for so long. Regardless of what you strive for (and she has done a pretty good job lately settling down), family history matters and she is not just anyone's daughter.

  9. Devin says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis
    Hey, didn't you watch the video??? kim is a short fat little hobbit. She is a photo shopped joke! kanye has even admitted that she will never be Beyonce, despite all the face lifts, depilatory operations, weight reduction procedures she will ALWAYS be a hobbit!!! OMG! and I thought she was just a 3rd rate wanna be porn queen!!! OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!

  10. 10

    I love South Park.

  11. Hobbitshavefeelingstoo says – reply to this


    Oh annainparis, how simple you are, perhaps you are a Hobbit too? 'she is not just anyone's daughter', what are you on about? The facts are, both Kim and Kanye are complete talentless trash, did you hear Kanye comparing his work to being as dangerous as a police officer or that he is a genius who should be compared to Nelson Mandela! Hahahahaha, these people are delusional, crass and common…. I have met some of the poorest people in the world who are far nobler, more talented of higher intelligence and richer in spirit than Kanye and the Kartrashians combined, in my eye's the poor people will always have more pedigree than that shameless vanity obsessed bunch!

  12. 12

    Didn't you already post this story? Maybe I am confused.

  13. 13

    hairy hobbit needs to stop pushing the fat ass on our screens

  14. just saying says – reply to this


    And imagine how ashamed must be his dad about the prostitute that she became as soon as he passed away. How she got famous, is something that a good father would never ever want.

  15. just saying says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – And imagine how ashamed must be his dad about the prostitute that she became as soon as he passed away. How she got famous, is something that a good father would never ever want. It;s a pity that having a successful dad, she took the easy and ashamed way.

  16. Maura McDermott says – reply to this


    So why doesn't she become a lawyer? Like her father.

  17. 17

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  18. Agerman says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – I was taught that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you find people who have had cosmetic procedures performed on their face and body attractive then that is your prerogative. Others do not agree or for that matter care one way or another. I personally do not find oportunistic women who cake on makeup, film and profit from porn and Playboy all while claiming to be shy even if it is the cool thing to do these days. A woman who film sexually suggestive videos with her egotistical, prideful boyfriend is not classy. She has no talent except that which involves exploiting herself for riches. I realize a lot of men like looking at the flesh and no I have no hangups about sex or sexuality, but If I were her father I would be ashamed and disappointed. And that is my opinion. Kanye and Kim deserve each other because they are narcissists.

  19. Aleman says – reply to this


    "B! How you not a hobbit again?" lol