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Beyoncé's Surprise Album Sold 80,000 Copies In Just Three Hours And Is ALREADY Set To Debut At #1 Next Week!

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Beyoncé is the queen of all


No? OF COURSE NOT! She's Beyoncé! She's the Queen!!

In case you've JUST woken up, Beyonce surprised the ENTIRE WORLD by releasing 14 songs, and 17 videos last night! We're still recovering from it, but now there is an extra layer of sweet, delicious frosting on top of all these goodies:

Billboard is predicting that she's ALREADY on her way to a #1 debut when next week's Billboard 200 will be released on the 18th!!!

Reportedly, Queen Bey sold 80,000 albums in THREE HOURS! Not only this but the album is an iTunes exclusive!

We'll have to wait til the 18th to find out how many albums she'll sell in her first week, but there is one thing we know for sure…

Beyoncé is Queen, simple as that.

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30 comments to “Beyoncé's Surprise Album Sold 80,000 Copies In Just Three Hours And Is ALREADY Set To Debut At #1 Next Week!”

  1. HaveaSeat says – reply to this


    She already sold more than Britney spears with no single….. that's says a lot!!! And Perez had yet post about Britney bad sells, but if it were Gaga's bad sells, you would see it everywhere on his site…..

  2. mlington says – reply to this


    bey i great but not THE QUEEN. stop saying that. she has a good album just that. she doesnt has madonna impact. not at all

  3. 3

    Wow!!! this is actually awesome!!!!!!! Much more than just manufactured pop crap! I always though Beyoncé was talented but in the last few years she has just KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! :D

  4. nicole. says – reply to this


    It's a cheap way to get sales. No promotion, and when the hype is that you've released an album and EVERYONE is focusing on that fact, they'll go and buy it, especially since they couldn't preview it. She knew that if she did promos and released a single, it would be badly reviewed (which no one will say how bad the songs are, because they're impressed with the marketing of the album, so it eclipses the actual work..) and the sales would dip, on top of people anticipating it and just waiting to download it illegally / trying to leak it. It's like Miley Cyrus: smart way to get attention and sell your music, but a VERY cheap way to do it. No faith in herself. It's kind of pathetic that she's so out of everyone's grasp for music now that she has to bombard the sales by surprise. It's tacky. But, whatever sells, I guess.

  5. 5

    Re: Antony – How does a fan determine if a pop artist is "manufactured" or not?

    Don't most if not all musicians get help from producers and other musicians when they create their albums?

    In order to NOT be labeled as "manufactured" does the musician have to play ALL the instruments, write every note of the music and write every letter of the lyrics?

    Does the musician have to do all the production, mixing, engineering and promotion stuff themselves? Do they have to manage concert events and dance all by themselves? Do they have to show up onstage with only a microphone and an acoustic guitar?

    I suspect people call a musician "manufactured" if they simply don't like the musician or they don't like that genre of music.

    All I care about is the end product …. what comes out of the speakers or headphones. The music videos matter a lot to me also since they often bring the song to life in a powerful, visual way.

    If a musician needs help fleshing out a song by getting other songwriters then that's fine as long as the song still feels like it comes from the bandmembers in the group. If the song is really good then it will speak for itself and I don't really mind if the artist and the song gets hyped up a little too much.

  6. mlyjn says – reply to this


    No one is considering the individual singles aren't available for purchase yet. It was an all or nothing deal, and the surprise and the desire to hear more made people buy the entire album. So yeah, it's still an impressive number, but use your critical thinking skills here. Had individual songs been for sale, this number wouldn't be so high.

  7. Condonlences says – reply to this


    RIP Lady Gaga & ARTPOP !!!!


  8. Lakas says – reply to this


    Re: HaveaSeat – stop trying to make gaga happen. its not going to happen. her 15 minutes are over. every other artist in pop culture these days cant even come close to this …now, let us all enjoy a true beauty of pop music.

  9. 9

    This is a huge amount of work - all those songs, all those videos. Add a tour to that schedule and you have what must be the hardest working person in the business. I know some people will hate me for saying this, but I feel sorry for her baby - raised by nannies while both her parents work, work, work.

  10. HaveAseat says – reply to this


    Re: Lakas – Perez please, I know its really u LoL…… come again!! lady gaga is here to stay……. Cause she's a boss, just like beyonce!!

  11. pan86 says – reply to this


    Besides the obvious sales of marketing shock tactics like this the songs are SO BASIC! Nothing stands out! So bland and boring! Nobody will bow down to this mess Bey…

  12. KC says – reply to this


    Re: nicole. – People can preview the album on iTunes before buying it. I doubt people are just purchasing it without hearing how it sounds first. You may call it cheap tactic; I call it brilliant. All these other divas have been promoting their respective album for months, talking about how "deep" or "personal" or "artistic" it's going to be. Then the album drops, and it's nowhere near as good as it's been hyped up to be. She's changed the game, and I'm not even a fan of hers.

  13. 13

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  14. 14

    same shit, different day. i'm sure does alot of humping in her videos.

  15. jsqtsa says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Say whatever you want gurrl, you're entitled to your own opinions and don't have to like the same people as they do.

  16. DiRTyDee says – reply to this


    Re: KC – completely agree! Slay that hater!

  17. 17

    yup miley begone this is much better than having to wait for something this is fantastic ..

  18. ReyRey says – reply to this


    nope i'm not surprised, the album is THAT good.

  19. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – When her hair doesn't gey caught up in the ventilator! Mel B has passed down her crown.

  20. 20

    Re: nicole. – THANK YOU! YOU'RE SO RIGHT! Now the bey stans are gonna come for u and me.

  21. 21

    Re: mlyjn – EXACTLY!

  22. 22

    Re: mlington – In my opinion, i think that Beyonce is much better than madonna. Sure she had the style, but thats all marketing. Beyonce has the moves, and she has a much better voice. But ive been raised around when beyonce was just coming up with destinys child.

  23. The Truth says – reply to this


    Beyoncé's label just announced that they purchased the first 50,000 copies of the album and are planning on giving away 1,000,000 copies like Jayz did for his album.

    So in the real world she sold 30,000 copies. Pretty good.

    It was a good PR stunt to not let the critics hear it until it was released so it would not fail like her last album that got her fired from Sony.

    Now to see how far it drops the second week when people have a chance to actually hear it.

    The Truth

  24. 24

    better than a slow stinking turd like lady gagas crap

    beyonce 'queen of everything
    Madonna queen of the universe
    lordes princess of everything
    Britney princes of pop and everything
    miley court jester of everything
    eltonjohn king of the universe

    gaga yesterdays turd paper lying in the ny sewer with the rats

  25. TheTruthIsFullOfLies says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth – the label just announced that? Shut the fuck up lying sack of shit. that makes NO sense whatsoever.. btw 30,000 in 3 hours is pretty amazing as well. Get a clue
    The Truth Is Full Of Lies

  26. Fuck You Haters says – reply to this


    Re: kwizletk – i dont agree with either of you! hahaha ur both WRONG! and know nothing!!! hahaha loooooserrrs

  27. jack says – reply to this


    NOOOOOOOOOOOO - please NO.

  28. amber says – reply to this


    fall out boy did a very similar thing to what beyonce did. They released an album in relative secrecy and made a music video for every song on their album.

  29. Sarah says – reply to this


    Amazing !! And She didn't even have to twerk on a married man on live television like Miley Cyrus, say a thousand shocking comments in a week like Kanye West, or wear a dress made of raw rotting meat like Lady GaGa, but Beyonce still sold a boat load of copies of her new surprise album within three hours. Again, Amazing !!

  30. franciscoeg3 says – reply to this


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