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This week in One Direction news: THE BOYS MAKE ITALIAN GIRLS SWOON! Not that we need to state the obvious...but we will anyway! LOLz! Louis TomlinsRead more…

4 comments to “One Direction's Liam Payne & Niall Horan Have An Evita Moment With Fans In Italy!”

  1. Mrs. Greer says – reply to this


    Please, for the love of God, learn how to use "there, their and they're".

    "The guys made it there mission to greet hundreds of screaming fans outside their hotel in Milan "

    THEIR mission, THEIR.

  2. 2

    What the heck has happened to gorgeous Zayn? He looks anorexic. Louis looks a bit rough too. Beware guys, it all catches up to you eventually.

  3. W says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – bet he has problem with drugs

  4. rorii says – reply to this


    they look gorgeous ,,i have a lot of respect to this boy's they deserve,if you want to be like them …better
    (work bitch)