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14 comments to “12 Days Of Perezmas! 10 Terrible Twitter Feuds!”

  1. MB says – reply to this


    I think if I were a rock star, I'd feud with all the young pop girls. I'd be Kanye x10. I think it would be entertaining. I wouldn't even have to be liquored up or baked.

    Somebody make me a rock star! I can play drums a bit!

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    punk is dead
    mainstream employees
    of baby geffen
    go f yrself
    after you get my latte
    ive never felt this close to you
    on my elevator
    captain benjamin is ready for takeoff
    sluts love the fame + the cash
    how do i make a more valuble souveinier
    i think ill sell drugs to the children
    im so gay id call the police
    + tell on myself
    what do you mean i cant abduct people?
    im going to fly into a big black hole
    in a spaceship w a little grey man
    thats a 3 foot cat!
    + why not
    scream at my a
    teach the homeless to dance for pocket change
    get the f away from me
    christmas eve 2013

  4. 4

    were all
    happy americans
    we believe
    in our homes + lives
    we have
    jobs + children
    we love our land w pride
    join w the workforce
    for the economy
    a car + a house
    for anyone everyone + everybody (everyone anyone)
    that red white + blue
    flies for freedom
    with liberty + justice for all
    god bless america
    god bless america
    + for all the american dream

  5. 5

    sometimes i defocate so hard
    i brace the side of the bowl
    the impact is so fierce
    i have an orgasm

    rapid bowel evacuation
    time to f the gorilla
    its a death sentence
    no, its a gorilla

    i turned on yr tv
    wearing yr pajamas
    eating a bananna
    covered in saliva

    i travel into yr stomach
    i rest against yr feces
    which im slowly becoming
    to repeat the process

  6. 6

    i get high on research chemicals. word to tha funky.

  7. 7

    i do not like where i live.
    i would like to leave.
    i was thinking perhaps you could pick me up.
    i do not want to be a slave.
    im against have sexual relations w dogs.
    i wont do anything.
    not that im trying to stiffel yr game,
    its more all things considered,
    not many things decided.
    my music is good.
    you should look it up.
    the band is the vandal poets.
    i committed laptop sacrifice when i completed the 13 hour record.
    i was stone face poisoned.
    poison is fierce.
    the laptop was sacrificed by hackers after i removed all of my firewalls.
    please send the police.

  8. 8

    in our minds
    are the sides, are the skies
    of our souls
    of our lives

    all will live
    none will die
    + we wait
    for the come of christ

    let the show begin
    we pray, we party
    for the contest
    come our heavens
    come lord jesus

    i can say
    i have lived
    i have lived
    without sin

    come to earth

    they fly to show
    the above, the below
    + the awe, of all people
    + promise, for all people
    there shall be the come of god

    if i stand
    for whats right
    i make good
    w my life

  9. 9

    ive been
    listening to
    punk rock im 12 years old
    the path of punk

    makes me
    feel free
    im not part of them
    im one of me
    i am just as good as f ups i look up to

    i begin as a secret punk
    i care i mind i give a f
    + when the end all goes down
    ill be in public freaking out
    screaming melvins! all over town
    now im old, age 29
    im a head, i get wild
    i don't feel pissed off as i once did
    speed + pens kicked my ass
    i look forward to my death
    i am in terminal pain
    punk killed me
    the meaning of life
    it's fullfillments,

  10. 10

    this was once a song
    my lungs are gone
    now that i said im not high
    a waste of a song
    to not trip + describe
    must. leave. hospital
    ive been making deals
    auditory silence is a lie
    so quiet that i died
    + never shared the room

  11. 11

    all you have to do
    to be happy
    is laugh
    all you have to do
    to cry
    is frown
    PBA is the new syndrome
    try not to do them back + forth
    its impure
    make sure
    you keep yr PBA regualation
    do you have the syndrome?
    do you?
    do you.
    do it.
    dont know why
    or know why.
    + dont tell people.
    do it.

  12. 12

    i believe in suicide rights
    decriminalize non violent drug offense
    the one percent ends poverty

  13. 13

    esp no false imprisonment

    making a name for myself.
    fkng around.
    sincerely making punk rock music.
    hating thought.

  14. 14

    im out of poetry, peace.
    have fun everybody.