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Pope Francis Named Person Of The Year By LGBT Magazine The Advocate! Good Choice Or Epic Fail?!

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To pick one person as the most influential individual in the fight for gay rights in 2013 seems an impossible feat. History was made countless times this year by so many remarkable men and women.

But gracing the cover of The Advocate this month as their 'Person of the Year' is a man who is not only NOT gay himself, he may not even be an ally to the LGBT community at all!

Pope Francis I assumed the papacy in March and went on to make many changes around the Vatican, including the rhetoric being used on certain issues.

He addressed the issue of gay catholics while on a flight from Brazil to Rome earlier this year, saying:

"If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?”

His comments made international headlines and left many wondering if this was the start of a shift within the Church in regards to how they view homosexuality.

Pope Francis similarly spoke about gay rights in September, after being asked if he approved of homosexuality or not. He replied:

"Tell me: when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person? We must always consider the person.”

To say the Pope has turned a new leaf in 2013 would be putting it mildly. It wasn’t long ago that Francis was still serving as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, Argentina’s archbishop who publicly opposed marriage equality, opposed same-sex couples adopting children and even called laws bestowing rights to LGBT individuals as, “a destructive attack on God’s plan.”

This is the man whom The Advocate has named their ‘Person of the Year.’ And we can’t help but wonder why?

The direction in which the Catholic Church is now headed is undeniably a good one, thanks largely in part to their new Holy Father. But are the words of Pope Francis so worthy of this title? Has his condemnation of hate changed the Church and the world that much already? And what’s more, has it erased his past views on gays?

What do you think, Perezcious readers???

Did 'The Advocate' get it right in choosing Pope Francis as their Person of the Year?

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Did 'The Advocate' get it right in choosing Pope Francis as their Person of the Year?

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9 comments to “Pope Francis Named Person Of The Year By LGBT Magazine The Advocate! Good Choice Or Epic Fail?!”

  1. Calvin says – reply to this


    It's interesting because I agree (as a non-christian) with his statement, but I also think what he said applies to those of non-religious beliefs and backgrounds: if someone is a decent, kind hearted person, should they really be condemned to hell for not worshiping God or being gay? I just think it's a bit weird considering the reputation the Catholic church has with homosexuality and little boys…

  2. sants says – reply to this


    he worked under someone that had anti-gay views…they were NOT his views. that is unfair to say.

  3. iS part of the show says – reply to this


    is smoke screen Perez, If you Have Brain You will Realize ,The Gay Community
    are the Crash dummies of any one Running for Office , inn the middle of fog scandals Here in America .,
    They are Trying to Tap inn to that anger so they can stay relevant ,
    But the country is inn decline .
    Gay marriage or not .

  4. 4

    He has so much power in this world, and he is using it to STOP the hate that some Christians shell out to gays. He's doing a WONDERFUL thing, and putting his reputation and job on the line to do it. SO many people were pissed at him for saying that.

  5. karen says – reply to this


    He fought tooth & nail to keep gays from marrying in Argentina. People need to get it through their thick heads that just because he isn't ranting about how evil gays are or how sinful abortion is, doesn't mean that he believes it's OK. His attitude isn't gracious, it's insidious.

  6. Jolene says – reply to this


    I am not a Catholic, but I have to say Pope Francis has truly impressed me! He leads with love and not condemnation and I think he is doing a wonderful job of reminding the Catholic church that theirs is a vocation to help the poor and downtrodden. He is like a breath of fresh air and I admire his social activism. And he is right; it's about the person, not the sexual orientation! However, I think anyone whether they are whatever faith or agnostic or atheist can believe in compassion and love towards others and be a great person.

  7. fid says – reply to this


    Is it like how Perez jumped on the "it get's better" bandwagon and said he'd stop bullying, yet continues to do it to this day? People can change, people say things all the time. If we look at someones history, I'm sure they'll be embarrassed at what they once thought. As someone who is non-religious, I think a Pope saying something positive about gay rights is a good thing. His voice carries much further than any regular person. And since it is mainly the religious sector that has a problem with this, why am I going to bring up things he said in the past?

    Stop picking apart his words and take him for what he is now, not what he was years ago. You're such a friggen hypocrite.

  8. 8

    He'll get my vote once he says you can use freaking birth control !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    All he's done is say what people want to hear. He's yet to actually do anything to change the way the church treats people in the LGBT community.